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  1. Na have u turned on friendly fire in the simulacrum most weapons on almost every warframe. Even if it doesn't damage the warframe and maybe just staggers like in mhw, I would still kind of be a gimmick that I cant see adding any sort of challenge
  2. How is I liked this, do more of this not feedback
  3. Far better in what sense cus am pretty sure weapons are meant to out scale damage delaying abilities
  4. At this point am convinced u are troll baiting, cus I dont know how u can say his trash when his performance literally is the same for as long as ur weapon can take u.
  5. Whilst am fyn with the way it currently works would never say no to buffs
  6. I really dont understand y u hate rev so much Sure I wasnt the the frame that what promised but I dont see how that make him bad
  7. His banish current works in a radial wave so u hit multiple enemies, making it a single target ability would therefore be a direct nerf
  8. The main problems are his passive, first and fourth. Passive his simple remove the portal it leaves behind. First, i would say may be make it more me targeted, but that would just nerf the ability(so I dont know) Fourth is fine the way it is even it inconvenient when inexperienced players are using it When I say quality of life changes I meant with enemy interactions
  9. Na is pretty good the way he is right now even if cc is not meta in the current state of the game. All he really need is a few quality of life changes.
  10. He is pretty fun in other game modes, Tho it might be challenging at first especially survival
  11. I know right av never chosen volt when in need speed when frames like nova, wukong and zephyr exist.
  12. Rolling Guard is not mandatory on him just like it not on invs frames, literally u saying the ability that gives u invincibility is trash cus u have to play smarter. I dont get how av a different healing mechanic makes an ability trash
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