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  1. How do you keep from running out of credits all the time? I notice in YouTube videos that players have tens of millions of credits. I know they are long time players, but I can’t help but feel I am doing something wrong. I tried running The Index, but I lose most of the time, so I end up with less credits that way. I use Rhino and arca plasmor, and don’t really die much, but I run out of time a lot. If I had lots of credits it wouldn’t matter if I lost, but when you are down to 50k it’s hard to risk losing it. If I run a Dark Sector every day, with the first mission bonus. That gets me 50,000. That might sound like a lot - 350,000 per week, but it soon goes because almost everything I have to make costs 25,000 and up. The only way I seem to make money is to not play. Log on, do one Dark Sector, log off. That can’t be right. Is there something else people do that pays reasonably well for the time invested? Or do players just grind The Index? (I am always short of endo too. )
  2. I agree about how poor this weapon is. I think every new weapon released should be better than other weapons. This is hot garbage for several reasons: 1. It has less damage than some other weapons. 2. It fires slower than some other weapons. 3. It lacks any sort of realism for a sniper rifle. 4. It needs ammo, it can damage allies, you have to aim it, it makes noise. 5. It has a worse riven disposition than some other weapons. All in all, it’s very disappointing.
  3. I’m in the disagree camp on this one. With 4 abilities, having a frame be super specialized usually means there’s one or two good abilities and the rest are bad. Let’s be real here, when you ask for a frame that is as good as Mesa and Saryn, you are really just wanting an op easy mode frame. Mirage is a great damage dealing frame, as is Banshee and Chroma, but those are not the examples used because what the ask is here is for more easy mode. Personally, I am less interested in the power level of frames and more into the theme and the synergy of abilities. I’d rather have 4 abilities that are worth using than one super op ability, even if none of those 4 abilities are as good as what other frames can do. With 40 frames, it’s impossible to make each frame be the best at one thing. Plus the sooner we can get away from groups “needing” a particular frame, the better.
  4. I used to like the combo my staff zaw had while blocking, so I would like a manual block.
  5. I think 2% is low for an essential item, but with cosmetics it’s not a bad idea to try and have it so not everyone has the same gear. If everyone has a wolf mask, what’s the fun in having a wolf mask. The riven system is not designed to allow us to get the best possible stats for a specific weapon we want to boost, so claiming the rng for doing just that is bad doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Instead, the idea is that everyone will get some decent stats for some weapon and that will encourage the use of that weapon. For example: I got a god tier akmagnus riven. I didn’t use akmagnus much before, but I do now. Enabling everyone to get godly rivens for every weapon will just shift the power curve even more and not encourage people to diversify their weapon choices. You may not agree with me, but I think one of the fundamental problems with Warframe is not with the game itself but with how people play it. Your hardcore players seem to be goal fixated. Focus farm. Kuva farm. Platinum farm. Gold farm. Endo farm. It’s mostly self-induced grind in my opinion. As an example, let’s use the mod Condition Overload. I have a pc and a PS4 account. I never tried grinding for CO, and then found it by chance on my pc account but I never got it on PS4, even though I have more than double the hours on PS4. So one account has CO builds and one does not. Neither account is worse than the other, it’s just one has different weapon choices. My point being, if people expect to get to do everything and acquire everything in 100 days then the rng and grind is going to look crazy, but someone who plays for an extended period is going to find that they can get most things without a lot of grind as long as they don’t choose to fixate on one item.
  6. I don’t find Warframe too easy. I don’t find Warframe too hard. Honestly, there are very few games where I can say both of those.
  7. I find those low health situations to be quite exciting, requiring thought. I wouldn’t like the Call of Duty just hide behind a wall to recover from that head shot thing. There are health orbs, and healing is an advantage to some frames, and there are various other sources of healing including health restores. Also, if the passive healing were to be so slow there is no real advantage to it, then why even bother?
  8. I am looking at Nightwave from the perspective of someone who has not completed the star chart, who makes steady progress by playing maybe 10 hours a week, usually in 1 hour blocks. I mostly didn’t like Nightwave but my feelings are mixed. Good - General concept and story. - Wolf model - Daily challenges that give you 3 days to complete them - Challenges not tied to any particular quest or mission - Rewards, notably Warframe/weapon slots, forma, kuva, potatoes - all the non wolf-credit items Neutral - Nora. I found her kind of annoying, mostly because she makes the same comments over and over on fugitive capture. - Wolf credits and what you can buy with them. Sorry, I am ALWAYS going to buy potatoes and Nitain. The blueprints and helmets are really not on the same value scale. - Most challenges. Yeah, they’re okay, but not great. I would rather get challenges that are challenging but not grindy. Sort of like riven challenges. Bad For me, as someone who has tons to do in Warframe and in real life, I hated how Nightwave took up almost my entire play time each week. I couldn’t complete the quests or star chart. I could only get faction standing when it matched a Nightwave challenge. I hear a lot of experienced players say that Nightwave only took them a couple of hours each week. Well it took me all week. That seems the wrong way around if you ask me. Those guys are looking for something extra to do. I am not. - Grindy challenges. When a challenge matched something I needed to do, it was great. When it didn’t, it sucked. The 60 minute ones and the friend/clan ones I didn’t even touch. Many of the others just seemed a little too long. I think the best idea I’ve seen people suggest is to make more challenges available and let people choose up to N of them each week. - Wolf fight. I killed him once or twice but mostly his indestructible goons killed me. He ruined quite a few missions for me, which sucks when you can only play for an hour. It forced me to play certain frames because otherwise I was dead, and forget trying to rank up weapons. I rank things up as I play. I don’t go to that node everyone goes to farm affinity. I feel like Wolf punishes me for playing the game a non min-max way. - Time pressure. The whole mechanic caused me stress. All week I am wondering whether I will have time to get enough challenges. I’m thinking about it at work, I’m thinking about it when doing stuff with the kids, I slept less because I stayed up late trying to make some progress. This was by far the worst aspect of Nightwave. Overall Well the bad outweighed the good. I didn’t dislike the concept or the awards, just the grind and the time component. Simple things like having more than a week to do a weekly would help. However, I would prefer no time pressure at all. I don’t want Nightwave to be easier. Just less grindy and less intrusive. Challenges should challenge ability not time commitment.
  9. Five minute rounds. Enemies scale double normal. Permadeath.
  10. - More open world. Mars. I love Mars. With active volcanoes, somehow, and big Grand Canyon style fissures. - More ability to play how I want to play, rather than having my play dictated by timed events (including Nightwave). - No dumbing down of solo difficulty. The solo experience is the one thing that makes Warframe for me. I can get the other stuff elsewhere. - No “forced grouping”. With the removal of the inability to equip more than one Orokin Vault key Warframe is generally solo-friendly. Hopefully this will stick. - More tileset variation. Just add a few more segments to each tileset. Right now I feel the game has the bare minimum. - Rare tileset segments. With more segments some could be designated rare. This injects a much needed occaisional surprise. They could be more extreme things like a crashed spaceship, a volcanic crater, a giant tree. (This idea inspired by the mooshroom biome in Minecraft) - Some better landing craft. I like the default one but I dislike all the others because the exterior doesn’t seem to match the interior. - More main quest. The Second Dream and The War Within are amazing. I am not expecting that level of reveal, but I want to feel like we are still going somewhere rather than just treading water. Go read some Douglas Adams and watch some old Doctor Who - there are more than a few ideas in there that would inspire Warframe content . (The Rassilon Robot in The Five Doctors is basically a Warframe waiting to happen. And you could do a lot with concepts from The Ice Warriors, The Deadly Assassin, Castrovalva, The Pirate Planet, The Pyramids of Mars, The Invasion of Time, Genesis of the Daleks, Nightmare of Eden, The Tenth Planet. Etc. ) I guess, overall, I’m not looking for anything radical. I think Warframe is very good, my second favorite game of all time (1=Shadow of Chernobyl) and I am fine with more of (almost) the same.
  11. Feedback: Note: PS4 controller I like the easy switching from melee to weapon and back. However, I find when I go from melee to ranged I often have the other gun active, not the one I used before melee. This has led me to only equip one gun for hard missions so that I never need to swap guns. I don’t know what causes this. I swap from melee to gun by aiming. Somehow my gun switches behind the scenes while my melee weapon is out. Controllers use many buttons for different purposes. For example, the use ability command also makes use of the weapon swap button. I like the aerial melee slam attack. I am not sure how to land an arch wing now without ground slamming.
  12. Since I have a clan of one and no friends I appreciate the change. Went from impossible to easy. Thanks!
  13. Me too on ps4. Very annoying. Eye just sitting in one place not doing anything. Two pendula remain.
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