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  1. Or maybe just setup a mandachord system to play songs back to back? like when one ends it starts the next one you selected and it loops like that? it would make mandachord songs longer and more bearable bcs it would repeat less, imo
  2. I laughed WAY TOO HARD at the freaking wall of octavia noggles!!! My 2nd favorite warframe! I am thankful for all those freaking noggles
  3. Why tho? I mean- isn't fashion frame suppose to be to also show off how cool/funny your warframes can be? if you can just add options to hide fashion then what even is the point of having those cosmetics in the first place? I mean, I see how adding that option could help but if we're gonna hide stuff like that why not just have everyone be the default colors with no armor to eachother exept themselves? If I know a ton of people won't be able to see the cool event cosmetics I got then what even is the point? kind of like dressing up irl, imagine getting some super nice clothes to them have h
  4. Compare that to your much more respectful comment of I'll let you figure out which one is the better way of expressing dissatisfaction I don't like the pink rhinos pooping out flowers either, but I am ok with putting up with them because I don't care what other people's fashion choices are, tho an option to hide ephemeras woult be great as well, my problem is with how OP worded their comment, even tho I agree with some of their points One thing is to say "I don't like this thing, can we get this thing to fix it" and anpother is to say "This thing sucks, flocks of seagulls, they'
  5. I wasn't disrespectful tho- OP was disrespectful and aggressive in their wording, that's where my problem lied
  6. Cool, can't wait for more info on update 30, I'm really exited for sevagoth also- will the queenpins be coming with update 30 or will they be a later addition? they weren't mentioned in the last devstream...
  7. I'll say 3 things: -You don't like the wings? that's ok.Just don't get the wings, it's fine, noone's forcing you to use them but please let other people enjoy their fashion frames, I personally love the wings and they really fit my zephyr but if you don't like it it's fine -If you're getting this worked up over a pair of WINGS and BATS I think it's better for you to go solo anyway so you don't ruin anyone's day -The warframes are not alive, yes they are war machines but they're controlled by CHILDREN, idk about you but as a kid I personally would totally use wings with my war machine
  8. Ok thank you, will this issue be fixed at some point? because I wanna remove the infested room later on after I've moved some of the things from there and linked the corridor from the old orokin chamber, and having to send a ticket every time this issue occurs will suck...
  9. I built this orokin chamber (the one I'm in in the picture) but I later regretted it and wanted to replace it with smaller corridors so I have more space for the dueling room but the game says the rooms will be unlinked even tho they clearly connect to the other side on the infested chamber... do I have to build my dojo from the ground up just to replace this one room now??? is there a way to not have to build the dojo from the ground up just to replace one room that wouldn't even have caused issues since it connects to the infested room anyway? or am I doomed to destroying the entire dojo now
  10. Thank you, I was so confused at first
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