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  1. - DE, can you please reduce the cost of the BP and parts of warframe from simaris when heart of deimos will be released ? I don't think many people want paying 1.850.000 standing in simaris shop (price of every warframe bp and part) just for sacrifice them. - Reducing the cost by 2 would be a good start 🙂 cordially
  2. I have tried with weapon (staticor and ignis wraith) but the max I've got was around 50 in the lowest difficulty in solo. It's possible with weapon but only with 2 or more people, or solo but with luck.
  3. - If you have difficulty to kill 75 errant specter/specter particles, here is a simple tip : used mesa /mesa prime (with arcane velocity if you have it) and used peacemaker on the target. - Here is the result done in solo and in the highest difficulty : Hope this help you 🙂
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