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  1. Thank you. This is a strong, objective and personally satisying argument and something I was looking for. Many a complaint in the runs I've done with various random cells as well as region chat. Of course those are included in the insufficient data. I concurr, I should've emphasized that I strongly doubt my concern myself. And while yes, expectation has nothing to do with how the game handles RNG, vice versa does hold true. All I tried is to get some more insight to likely deny these doubts, which I've gotten.
  2. I do. I also specifically said that I don't have the source code. I may have forgotten to mention that I strongly doubt this would be how it is actually implemented. I don't doubt DE's collective ability to program, the guys can probably program better than me. But parts of the game are quite old by now, and as with any long-running projects, not every single part is always perfectly maintained. All it takes is an unpaid intern. I frankly wanted to figure out that this is not the case. Given the means I have available, there isn't much else I can do. Sometimes we just see what we want to see, and often you only hear the loudest ones screaming about injustice. Those are two factors contributing to my belief that this topic is likely incorrect anyways.
  3. You seem to be interpreting all the wrong things into what I say. I briefly looked it up again, and indeed, it is about the false belief of seeing patterns in random chance where there are simply none. When I said that I am not a Gambler, this is precisely what I meant I do not do. I am fully aware that "randomness is truly random" and that you cannot trick the system. The vital difference between actual random chance and games is that games are controlled by another entity that has the ability to influence the outcome. This is why serious Casinos are also certified. Do you still want to blame me for not understanding the Gambler's Fallacy?
  4. I quite frankly didn't know where to post this and didn't see the feedback section. My bad. I also had no intention to farm karma. I don't care about karma. I'd move the thread if I could. I am well aware of the Gambler's Fallacy. I am also not a Gambler. I had hoped it would be enough for me to mention "given the nature of stochastic, naturally randomness is truly random." I know that there is no pattern (or shouldn't be). I also said that I don't have any statistics to further check up on anything. If it was the last item that dropped, you'd be right. But I'd rather suspect it to be the first. I'm also looking at the Pathocyst wiki entry, where the Subcortex is the second item. Regardless, if the official drop table dump lists it as the last, then all of this is non-sense and can be forgotten about immediately.
  5. Update: Various counterarguments were presented in denial of this concern. I am happy. Dear DE, I should first mention that I highly doubt any of this is true anyways. For several factors. Nonetheless... In light of the ongoing Infested Invasions as part of the Nightwave, it would seem many players complain about the unproportionally high chance of receiving the Pathocyst Blueprint. In the first week many players had several blueprints, yet not a single of the remaining two parts. This skew of the drop tables was further supported by the unproportional price of blueprints versus blades, which was at around 5 plat versus 50 plat (it has now decreased to around 35 plat). Even considering the double requirement for blades, this seems out of whack. I myself am the proud owner of 9 blueprints, 6 sub-cortexes and a mere 2 blades; a relation of 4.5:3:1 versus the expected distribution nearby 2:2:1. Next, the current Razorback Armada has a chance to drop the Gorgon Wraith set. While all components have an equal probability, I can't help but notice that I have 3 barrels, 2 blueprints, and nothing else... Now, given the nature of stochastic, naturally randomness is truly random and there is an sub-atomically small chance for the entire playerbase to predominantly drop Pathocyst blueprints. And while I would require further data, at least for these two particular drop tables, I noticed a small pattern: the order of "preference" seems to be equal to the order of items in their table, if the Wiki is any indication. Now with a proper pseudo-random chance algorithm, this wouldn't be an issue. But considering this imbalance, I have a sneaking suspicion that this algorithm has not been implemented properly. As a programmer myself, a rudimentary yet fundamentally flawed implementation would be to iterate over a map of item-chance pairs and to generate a pseudo-random number for every single item, then to compare that number with the drop chance. If number < drop chance, item is returned. Otherwise proceed to the next item. If this is truly the case, which I strongly hope it is not, then the actual drop chances are not 33% per Pathocyst component. Instead, only after the roll for the blueprint failed with 66% probability, we'd have a 33% chance at the subcortex, yielding a cumulative total probability of ~21%. Continuing this to the blades would then yield 0.66*0.66*0.33 = 0.14 = 14%. This would, however, also mean that technically there would be a possibility of receiving no item at all, at a probability of ~30%, which obviously doesn't happen. Another trivial solution to this problem is to simply return the last item in the drop table - but seeing that this is always the rarest item, it makes more sense to return the first item, as that would then be one of the most common ones. Now of course I have no insight into the actual source code or statistics, only a mere suspicion and concern that I strongly hope will be proven false. Correct me if I'm mistaken. Please. Sincerely, A fellow Tenno
  6. Celiste

    Ayatan Stars

    Imma lean out the window and say this is exactly what DE wanted when they reduced raw Endo drop rate. At least from my perspective, this seemed like a nerf not only to counter the new rotations, but to sneakily nerf the farming altogether - although I don't know by how much they've been nerfed. From a more subjective standpoint, I haven't noticed this issue, but I also haven't been grinding Arby's as much. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. You haven't even read and/or understood what I told you, or you choose to single one argument out of the entire batch to falsely invalidate it. Never once did I say it would be tedious due to unnecessarily hard to access. It would be tedious due to the enemies literally just becoming even more bullet-spongey at just earlier levels. As you even said yourself: Yes, your difficulty slider would allow us to enter fights with lvl 70+ enemies (with various additions) "by a flick of a switch", but all that does is bring the tediousness closer to you. Do you find lvl 70 enemies very difficult? Do you do anything else in your strategy to fight them? I, in fact, for most high level runs, see only a select few frames being used, some even with rather specific, almost meta-like builds. There's nothing challenging and/or innovative about that. Playing Nekros, there's no "skill" component that factors into how long my cell can stay in a Kuva Survival. Most missions just boil down to whether your mod configuration can take down hordes of enemies at an arbitrary level. Now I will admit that it would at least allow me to make better use of my lvl 120+ builds (I can't test in the Simulacrum beyond that), but that hardly makes a difference to me. I use the same weapons regardless. Plus, once the enemies leave the maximum efficiency range of my weapons, as ESO shows, I just run into a brick wall over and over until I either give up or run out of revives. There's nothing particularly fun about that. Now if the game allowed me to employ guerilla tactics, and was more lenient about "efficiency", I'd even consider bringing any other frame but Saryn. Adding Ultra difficulty won't change that the only really viable frame is an ESO Saryn. Other frames simply don't have the capacity to maintain efficiency, and on that difficulty especially won't reach that capacity. What I really mean with "tedious" is exactly this above. All your difficulty switch does is bring lvl 100 down to, say, lvl 50. While it does increase "difficulty", all it really does is push some numbers around a bit. People will adapt accordingly, and suddenly you find yourself contributing even more to specific metas that "trivialize the game." This is not the point of difficulty. This is not a challenge. Again, there's more than one way to create difficulty, and pushing around numbers like this is the lazy one. I'm afraid you missed the entire point of what I was saying. I wasn't suggesting that people "get it". I was suggesting, again, that there is little to no skill involved. Spy Missions demonstrate this point the most: lotsa people hate it; I find it trivial. I can take any frame to a spy mission, because there's no enticing gameplay required. I can go stealth, or I can apply the same rule I'm already used to in other missions: excessive force. The only incentive to do it stealthily is to avoid having to kill several enemies at the end. This should NOT be the case. And finally, nobody is forced to keep playing this game forever. Anybody I talk to outside of WF who played WF said things like "One does not simply stop playing WF." People keep coming back to enjoy all the new content they missed out on in the meantime. That's a good thing. A change of tapestry is a good thing. Only an insignificantly small portion of the player base, most notably partnered streamers, are able to dedicate years to the game without ever stopping. But that's not due to content, it's due to their communities and subliminal obligation. The one thing players don't realize is just how much work it is to develop and maintain a game. That's something DE has to live with, and has been living with. You simply can't satisfy the needs of every single player. Not even your difficulty slider can. It certainly wouldn't satisfy my needs, and many others seem to agree with me. It's almost like democracy, except it's technically a dictatorship. All this being said, I'm done with this discussion.
  8. Celiste

    The Gear Wheel

    The Gear Wheel had a great change when it became Spiral and Emotes shifted to a second wheel. But there's two changes that at least I really need: #1) Let me rearrange, for crying out loud! I have around 30 things (3 full revolutions) in my gear, and for the sake of categorizing, I'd like to stuff my three Cetus spears after my Vallis gear. But I can't. And I sure as heck won't remove 20 other gear items and add them back in just to accomplish that! #2) Would help a lot with my issue: Add sub-wheels. Allow us to add a second item to the same slot, which turns that slot into a sub-wheel which opens upon clicking it (or something among those lines). Then the cursor resets. The sub-wheel would, in its parent, receive the icon of the first item found within it. This way I could stuff all open world things into one wheel, all specters into one wheel, all supply drops, etc.
  9. I for one liked the momentum we carried, and now I have to completely relearn how I move with the operator... it's confused me a lot.
  10. TL;DR: I agree the game needs to change, but this is not that change. The changes the game needs stretch far and require a lot of development. Melee 3.0 is just the first change in an entire series that would help towards this end. The game needs finer mechanics, not shifting numbers. The first game that comes to my mind when thinking about difficulty sliders is Age of Empires 1. The game is so old, chances are it's actually older than a solid part of the player base. The largest problem is that at some point the game isn't difficult, it is straight up unfair. AoE1 had the issue that the AI simply got more resources, literally conjured resources out of thin air, spent 50% less and produced twice as fast. Sounds familiar? It should. At some point "difficulty" turns into "humanly impossible", or in this case: bullet sponging. Now the problem with that is that "difficulty" doesn't necessarily equate to fun. Some people certainly derive fun of unfairness, but most players don't. The fun they derive there is from determination to beat the game, despite their inevitable rage. This is why rage games only live for such a short time span, or within dedicated communities. As you pointed out yourself, many players seek a challenge. Difficulty in numbers is not the only thing that provides challenge. Complexity and the necessity of skill does as well. This is one of the main reasons why Mobas do so well. It's not an overwhelmingly powerful enemy that provides you with the challenge, it's the fact that your enemy builds up their own skill which requires you to react and respond appropriately - by changing up your own build and/or playstyle/tactics. The Baron and Dragon would be examples of numbers-based difficulty, but both of these are mere pawns in the greater strategy. This is something that almost completely lacks in WF. Now THIS is more like it, although not the whole deal. Heavy Gunners, Arsons and Bombards for the most part do exactly what you describe: they crank a difficulty slider to the max by increasing numbers. Boring. Corpus Tech & Heavy Gunners furthermore add difficulty by adding high damaging rapid fire. This is yet another boring number. For this to become fun, a "suppressive fire" mechanic would be necessary which in other games applies a debuff of some sort (mechanics, visuals, audio, etc.) to you. This mechanic should work both ways: You can also suppress enemies, causing them to seek shelter and not just run out into a hallway of lurking death. Arsons add a lasting small AoE, which restricts your movement. So that's kinda nice. Bombards have, imho, always been bullsh*t. Their excessive armor at higher levels paired with the increasing health makes them mere bullet sponges, their heavily homing rockets makes them lethal. Again, a suppressive fire mechanic (including taking cover) and dodging (side steps) would help to add skill to the game as now suddenly you can face them head-on and avoid their missiles intuitively. Noxes, Ancient Healers, Leeches, Nullies are great enemies because they naturally become high-value targets for various reasons, but all require you to strategize. Bursas are also high-value targets, but also incentivize flanking them. This is... unintuitive. And it barely does anything in terms of difficulty. So what if the Saryn needs to press 4 now in addition to 1? Most Saryns I see do that anyway. So what if now I need to slice my Memerrax through Frost-frozen enemies? With the amount of bullets flying across everywhere, that would hardly change a thing. Nuke-Banshee literally doesn't even change, because they spam 4 anyway, which counts as 2 different casts and can still kill your enemies. Trinity doesn't even suffer from this due to the lack of offensive abilities to begin with. And what about debuffs like Nova's 4? Ultimately, the game is designed to be basically a Hack'n'Slash&Looter-Shooter. We require these hordes in order to viably grind for certain drops. Worse yet, the game is rather heavily Peer-to-Peer, meaning the AI must be able to run on lower-end computers as well. A difficulty slider isn't the answer we need. The answer we need is finer control and the need for finer control. As Drachnyn pointed out: This is what makes Orb Fights either you destroy the Orb, or it destroys you. Many a times I join a random Profit-Taker and the enemies are already Lvl 70+, then my cell gets steamrolled due to excessive Slash damage. Other times the fight is over in 10-15 minutes and enemies just reached Lvl 70. The fight starts out easy and becomes more difficult the longer you take. At the same time, there's no mechanics that make it possible beyond that mark. There's no cover, nothing to affect the Orb Mom besides raw damage, discouraging the use of a vast variety of frames. Most frames that run around in these boss fights are the same 3 or 4. This isn't difficult. This is just a scripted play. Increasing the numbers won't change a thing. In fact, it would bore, even annoy me. The best Assassination Mission so far imho is Tyl Regor, but he still isn't challenging. The thing that makes him better than others is the "phases". He employs a certain strategy against you. Everybody else just uses brute force. Boring. It doesn't change that we can easily nuke him. As it stands, he's a nuisance because all he does is postpone his own death. Same thing for the Ambulas boss fight. There's nothing interesting about that, just run in, deal massive damage, deal more massive damage as you defend the ambulas, then rinse and repeat. You see what I'm getting at? The reason why FireSegment showed you that video is because the industry has, in fact, learned that a simple difficulty slider is not the answer. All you'd do with that slider of yours is make things a lot more tedious. We already have the option to increase the numbers by just staying longer in the missions. Yet nobody does that. Why? Because the game is centered around grinding and there is no incentive to do so - for most missions. This is by design, as DE stated at some point (don't ask me where...).
  11. Wiki does indeed state that Quick Thinking will stagger you: So that issue is unrelated after all. It still seems to me that the damage reduction from Link is not applied, which may or may not be intended. My operator dying seems like a bug at least from my point of view, regardless.
  12. Trinity's Link ability completely breaks when the player takes lethal damage which is prevented by Quick Thinking The moment the player hits 2 HP, Link no longer prevents status effects (in the video I begin staggering from the Bombards' rockets) and (this appears to be an effect of Quick Thinking staggering me due to heavy damage while it's active, thus probably intended) my Operator's invincibility from Void Mode is even canceled out completely. I'm fairly certain Link also does not reduce damage taken to energy either (which may or may not be intended).
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