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  1. Gilding at SON companion preview shows Mastered before it's been gilded but at r30.
  2. Heart of Deimos: Hotfix LB/RB shuffle through chat tabs works once again. LT still does not open or close chat.
  3. what I fear is, what happens when this gets overlooked on PC and is pushed to cert on console? is there a different quality control team or a completely separate code base (i'd certainly expect not)? Perhaps there is not text chat on console, I haven't looked to be frank.
  4. I'd tried asking in devstream but I couldn't blame anyone for not catching it (or maybe caring to answer) in the madness of twitch chat. It's my understanding that oodle texture is simply a near-lossless texture optimization package that is usually (but not required to be) used with along side with runtime compression (think 7zip/winzip/winrar). In the Ensmallinging post, it isn't mentioned if the data is also compressed which would require runtime decompression. Furthermore, oddle texture will work with whichever compression method the developer chooses (not locking one into a propriet
  5. Previous patch notes indicate that the flower uses the frame's current color palette settings as a memorial so to speak. It hadn't occurred to me why I'd want to do this until realizing that there's not even a way to pluck the flower supposing you forgot to color just one of your frames and then being forever stuck with an eyesore of an orange Grendel flower. I'd suggest a feature request in the feedback area. My opinion is that I don't believe I would be in favor of changing the flower simply due to nature in which they are given (as a memorial), however plucking flowers should be an opt
  6. Haven't logged in since last WED or THUR so I didn't notice until just a moment ago so I complained here then figured I'd use search before making a bug thread. Only thing I think needs changed is that this be moved to the root pc bugs thread and tagged UI or moved to the UI subthread. FWIW, earlier last week I'd also noticed that the appearance options for archguns also no longer worked except only if it's equipped on archwing. (i.e. no mech or gravimag deploy) and may possibly have not been working correctly since then. I don't often open chat except to take it off Recruiting every tim
  7. When using an xbox one controller and opening chat, it used to be pause/hamburger button to bring up ESC menu then LT would open chat. This no longer works (only tested in orbiter thus far) EDIT; using search, found this pc bug report under performance (should be UI or pc bugs root thread and tagged UI)
  8. Can't reload with controllers again. This had been an issue, was resolved, and now again an issue.
  9. While crouched in necromech, aiming makes you stand up. is this intended? Thanks! Edit; Also, it would be nifty if you could void dash into it.
  10. Reload in archwing not working with controller even after resetting controller defaults.
  11. Firstly, it pleases me to see that my skepticism may be misplaced and I also said that I may very well be wrong. Have you ever had a gut feeling? Events that have influenced my life have resulted in how I perceive things and not for the better. I tried to be clear that this was simply a character flaw of myself and explain why I felt it a statistical probability for the reason my mind allows me to doubt. Edit; My apologies if that comes across as condescending. That wasn't my intent.
  12. We also know that the Helminth strain at least, 1) able to alter Kubrows and 2) at least Kavats have an immunity. That does give us a decent size pool of critters as a possibility. The question becomes, what happens when cross-species transference is attempted. We know that becoming a forest is possible but at a great cost. Ballas was quite clever so I would wonder if transference to a dissimilar mind had some undesirable side effects or if it's simply lore that we could say hasn't yet been revealed.
  13. If you're wanting to get in the same session as a friend, sometimes /join will work. Being able to exit the game without having to first return to your orbiter would be nifty as well.
  14. I'll be honest when I say that I didn't read most of your post but, given your username, I thought I would mention that I am a huge fan of how Destiny 2 handles open world areas. I've since quit playing it for other reasons but I strongly believe that they nailed it by with the client/server-p2p hybrid system. p.s. sorry about trimming your quote. It really was a lot of stuff.
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