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  1. Only just now getting in flight after reading up and picking through ticker 10* stock. I guess I expected that NPC's assigned a role would fulfill secondary roles other than defend. Why shouldn't my engineer go get in a turret in standby state? Why shouldn't I be able to command my pilot by, if nothing else, a task? I understand plotting a point to send them in 3d space might not be a fun UI to make but I should be able to say, explore x structure or search for breakables. EDIT: I also used to be able to cycle to my Tactical abilities after the last Battle. Now I cannot set a tactical as
  2. If you've ever wanted to run WF without also having Steam running, telling all your friends that you're in game when it's still updating or racking up steam hours that don't count (etc), it looks like simply yanking out one argument from the launcher keeps it from talking to steam. There is no Steam overlay and expect controllers to not work correctly should you choose to play without the Steam argument. To my mind however, it's another tool in the pursuit scheduling updates when you're doing other, not-Warframe things. Like sleeping and thinking about Warframe... Original command based u
  3. Just happened in Ki-Teer relay 3 with drop chance - 12MAR21 12:26CST(-6 GMT) Edit: I've got an NVIDIA replay capture if it would help. not really much to see about a thing not happening.
  4. Issue with xb1 controller; transference goes into aim having not pressed LT. happens both in and out. Seems like there were a couple other things doing it as well but I can't recall. Happens sometimes with bullet jump causing it to become an aim glide. When i do the same button combinations, it doesn't bring up chat like a press to LT would
  5. seems like a good way to automate random drawing (plat/p.access) prize winners as well...
  6. Some talking points are here as well from yesterday morning; https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1248299-nemesis-system-now-trademarked-by-warner/
  7. A method to switch to free aim mode should be doable. It would have the same aim penalties for hip firing scoped weapons however.
  8. I realize that it's a distant cousin but what I was poking at is we've already seen big name companies throw good money after bad, even when there are obvious dissimilarities. For whatever reason they might be motivated by, it can still be tied up in court with the defendant forced to cease until a resolution has been made. I'm not saying it will happen, I'm saying it could happen. Also wanted to mention, some pretty good talking points in the replies. Constructive criticism is always a good teacher. Thanks!
  9. Not by the original creator. A patent could historical be filed for any preexisting process/technology by any individual and awarded, causing grief for the original creator. In present times, they will almost always be denied but there are historical cases of early inventors getting the shaft that way.
  10. Gas in this case is more like a contagious cloud and less like a methane plume. It really should be more explicit. To second language speakers, it might also be interpreted as petro gasoline.
  11. Very good example of how punctuation changes everything. I glanced over it quickly and thought I read "you shouldn't take screenshots..." then my brain let me know that there's a damned comma there dork, try again. So yeah, I lol'd at my own expense.
  12. Np! The commands that the launcher last executed are in it's log file. Had I known that, I wouldn't have needed to use procexp64. It only saves the last launch so if you manually execute verify and optimize, you'll have all the cli with args as it pertains to your config in the launcher (localization language, engine, dx version.) I'm fairly certain that the launcher itself is responsible for fetching game assets since the update applet it calls makes no reference to aggressive downloading. It does make sense, sort of, that the launcher handles the asset download. Since it supports peer c
  13. What could this mean for Warframe? Has DE or Tencent entered into talks with WB about potential ramifications? How long until WB comes after the Lich System? Steve left no illusion that it was heavily influenced by the Nemesis System. It's my understanding that's more than enough grounds for WB to choose to take legal action even if the patent was filled after DE implemented the Lich System since WB can prove that they were the exclusive creators but I'm no Patent Lawyer. To be honest, it's really beyond me that an AI adaptive, enemy/character generation framework could be blanket pa
  14. Sys [Error]: Ignoring unknown arg: /Tools/CachePlan.txt There's also a few other things going on in the log but there are already older, unresolved posts in reference to error opening large files and so forth.
  15. I'm a Rev main for far to long now. The Draugen V3 looks nice. The other helms, I'm not so keen on and the short swords holding the syandana looks good but I don't think I'd use it even with the frame skin. And not for any particular reason that makes sense. Having mained him so long, I think I'm just more picky about pointless crap. Like the default helm should not even exist. Vania just looks far better. Personal taste is such a bother :/
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