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  1. Revenant main chiming in here. In pubs, thralls don't generally live very long due to, borrowing a line from Kermerros, Tenno murderous tendencies. I think Thrall Pact would benefit from a delay of buff removal on thrall death in a similar manor as Health Conversion buff decay.
  2. Any chance this made the look hyper sensitive as well? I've got the setting all the way down and it's still spaztic. Never mind. Looks like it was a steam thing.
  3. What I mean to say is that, before accepting Xaku skins (to avoid the need for the author to go back to make them compliant with such a model) allow Xaku single-object outer-body parts (not skeletal-body model) to fit within a specified bounding box to avoid clipping (that would not have to be completely filled- see existing Xaku parts where the skeletal model is visible.) The ends being that the player would be able to select which parts from which ever skin that they would like on their toon. More simply, the suggestion was that if each part had a specific anchor point, Xaku outer-shell
  4. I don't like to ping so here's just an (at)Steve... There's been a lot of grievances since the change to texture optimization (and likely compression given the smallening) and it's well known that a lot of people play on systems without dedicated graphics. I know the next-gen hype is bringing a lot of neato things I'm glad to see. The problem seems to be that these complaints have been around since PoE remaster where, iirc, the open zone area was being ran with the updated game engine to the point that some people simply can't play those zones. Panic Button already handles the port
  5. Disclaimer: Not an Artist in any capacity of the meaning; It looks like Xaku is unique in that the composite body appearance is made up of several, self-contained objects. The idle animation makes that much easier to see than trying to when using their 4. What has me baffled is why isn't that being leveraged as a way to build your own Xaku appearance. Since tendrils cannot be edited, it's more likely that openings and connective regions from different TennoGen skins would appear to make a good fit (hopefully not clip). I expect it would mean that each segment would also have to be l
  6. Resolved 29.2.2 TYPE: [Launcher, In-Game, Chat, etc.] in-game chat UI when using a xbox one controller (reload randomly works on rare occasion as well with controller) DESCRIPTION: [Tell us what you were doing when the bug occurred. Details here are helpful] trying to use chat while playing warframe. using the method of typing with hands (both) on a QWERTY keyboard. VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] fairly certain a video of nothing happening is going to be of use to anyone. REPRODUCTION: [Tell us how we can replicate this bug, if known] try
  7. Gilding at SON companion preview shows Mastered before it's been gilded but at r30.
  8. Heart of Deimos: Hotfix LB/RB shuffle through chat tabs works once again. LT still does not open or close chat.
  9. what I fear is, what happens when this gets overlooked on PC and is pushed to cert on console? is there a different quality control team or a completely separate code base (i'd certainly expect not)? Perhaps there is not text chat on console, I haven't looked to be frank.
  10. I'd tried asking in devstream but I couldn't blame anyone for not catching it (or maybe caring to answer) in the madness of twitch chat. It's my understanding that oodle texture is simply a near-lossless texture optimization package that is usually (but not required to be) used with along side with runtime compression (think 7zip/winzip/winrar). In the Ensmallinging post, it isn't mentioned if the data is also compressed which would require runtime decompression. Furthermore, oddle texture will work with whichever compression method the developer chooses (not locking one into a propriet
  11. Previous patch notes indicate that the flower uses the frame's current color palette settings as a memorial so to speak. It hadn't occurred to me why I'd want to do this until realizing that there's not even a way to pluck the flower supposing you forgot to color just one of your frames and then being forever stuck with an eyesore of an orange Grendel flower. I'd suggest a feature request in the feedback area. My opinion is that I don't believe I would be in favor of changing the flower simply due to nature in which they are given (as a memorial), however plucking flowers should be an opt
  12. Haven't logged in since last WED or THUR so I didn't notice until just a moment ago so I complained here then figured I'd use search before making a bug thread. Only thing I think needs changed is that this be moved to the root pc bugs thread and tagged UI or moved to the UI subthread. FWIW, earlier last week I'd also noticed that the appearance options for archguns also no longer worked except only if it's equipped on archwing. (i.e. no mech or gravimag deploy) and may possibly have not been working correctly since then. I don't often open chat except to take it off Recruiting every tim
  13. When using an xbox one controller and opening chat, it used to be pause/hamburger button to bring up ESC menu then LT would open chat. This no longer works (only tested in orbiter thus far) EDIT; using search, found this pc bug report under performance (should be UI or pc bugs root thread and tagged UI)
  14. Can't reload with controllers again. This had been an issue, was resolved, and now again an issue.
  15. While crouched in necromech, aiming makes you stand up. is this intended? Thanks! Edit; Also, it would be nifty if you could void dash into it.
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