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  1. i agree, we need some more versions of the Cernos.
  2. hm, i don't follow in your supposed incapability of Shield Gating more than once ever. if your Shields are down, and there are no Energy Orbs nearby - that's the worst possible scenario that we try to avoid ever getting into to begin with. as long as you have some amount of Shields and/or there is an Energy Orb nearby, you can always boost your Shields so that they do not run out. in that light, Hildryn additionally benefits extra well from Shield Recharge Mods, to maximize the amount of scenarios that you will maintain having some Shields.
  3. as aforementioned, there's no clear outline provided by Digital Extremes on how things change, we just know that the Chances for different Login Rewards "gets less crap" the higher your Mastery Rank is. with both Mastery Rank and days logged influencing the volume of your Rewards when you get them.
  4. i mean, why could you not do both? an Aesthetic Theme is not an exclusive thing, and the mechanical themes of Warframes can cover a wide area.
  5. technically you can exceed the 32-Bit Integer value, but your game client can't display it anymore. your Account tracks with a larger Variable size than that. but as far as your game client is concerned, many Players have overflowed that value in the past and caused some issues for the game, which necessitated changing how the game handles that value to how it i just mentioned it. in the past the game didn't handle it quite as gracefully.
  6. i'm just talking about what would make it kinda decent and be quick changes rather than a major rethink and re-creation of the Ability. low hanging fruit that would have a positive effect and solve the main reason why it's garbo now and will always be garbo with similar mechanics, because it directly competes with your Weapons so that means it would have to be atleast as good as them to make any sense to use. so just, not doing that, would make it atleast usable.
  7. difference of something being a Bonus versus a hard number.
  8. that's exactly correct. on average, 1.9x Projectiles means 1.9x Damage. there is no other way to represent it in a somewhat accurate way without making it massively more complicated and adding extra Stats so that it expresses that you will 100% of the time deal __ Damage and 90% of the time deal 2 * __ Damage. there's nothing wrong with how it expresses itself currently. fun fact, numerous Stats are rounded to the nearest tenth or even whole number too. have fun with that.
  9. at this point, might as well. irregardless of the "power" of any type of item, it might as well have something that acts like an Aura. just do it for everything. because again, might as well.
  10. far from every one, too. the 2/3 estimate is even based off of Seasons ending in the usual timely manner, but they usually don't so that means that necessary rate is more around like... half, maybe even less. whether that be do a few things every Week or even skip some Weeks and fully complete some others.... just so many chores Tasks that you don't have to do.
  11. totes, some Players normally Roll a lot or very sparingly, and/or are building towards using Rolls for survivability or just mobility - and so those two ends of the spectrum will prefer different Stats. ah, right! Rolling Guard enables at the start of Rolls not the end. i didn't remember. :) it's a longstanding legtimate gripe that is usually expressed by a Volt casts Speed at an inconvenient time for you and you're suddenly moving at 3x the speed that you were a fraction of a Second ago and you fall into a pit, smash into a Wall, Et Cetera. and then some people actual
  12. the Roll completes faster, we can do more other actions in the same timeframe. that's all. not desirable if one was using Rolling Guard, but for movement speed, i think it's one of those things that you feel neked without once you get used to having it. i can't give you a specific answer to that - i use my tools in whatever order and distance makes sense for the Terrain i'm covering. most of the decisions even get made subconsciously. yeah, it sounds like a good enough bandaid to me to work.
  13. it's a bit vague, but that does give me just enough information to take a good guess at the Processor, so that'll do for that! (most likely either an Ivy Bridge or Haswell Processor) no Images of the inside though, so i can't make any guesses on that. but that's okay, i'll wait.
  14. that is debatable - people building around relying on Rolling Guard for survivability yes, but if you're using Rolls as a part of Parkour to move fast, Amalgam Diffusion is already a must have Mod to, well, move faster. i do not build around relying on Rolling for survivability for that exact reason that i'm Rolling on a regular basis anytime anywhere so i can move at the fastest rate that i can. so as like, having the Sprint Button control it irregardless of what the buff type is? maybe, i suppose.
  15. just don't have Spectral Scream disable your Weapons and don't restrict Movement, and it suddenly becomes decent. free Status Effects and AoE Damage to go with your Weapons.
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