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  1. Melee Only, which might be disabled for some Bosses already, but if it isn't, then the logical Weapon choice for a Melee Only Raptor would be a Glaive or Gunblade, ofcourse. (or Contagion, but you'd still have the same problem if it's a 'lacking anything other than Melee' issue)
  2. if this is an issue that means that a Sortie could be softlocked in the future though. and also the game should work either way. so irregardless, would be necessary to fix.
  3. eek, i totally forgot to mention that. yeah, since Radiation Status changes the 'team' that the affected Enemy is on, it's an instant hard counter to any sort of shared buff/debuff effects. anything at all that they'd share, no longer works. that would even include say, Arbitration Drones at the most extreme, because now they're not on the same Team as each other!
  4. Radiation Status is great for when we apply it to Enemies. it's to sow chaos and dramatically reduce the amount of bullets coming towards you. it does that job well. the Damage of it is a joke and always has been. but we don't need the Damage anyways. and what do you mean you don't like receiving Radiation Status? i love when it STILL softlocks Liches and forces you to Abort Mission. that's my favorite.
  5. oh right, the Nidus Passive. i always forget about it because that stupid Camera Zoom totally disorients me and sometimes makes me nauseous DDDD: i enjoy using Sporothrix and having the Electric Status delete things with that, too. without removing or usually even weakening the Armor! through through that Armor. it's not the most practical way to Kill things as a super single target Weapon, but it's certainly damn effective at what it's good at! :) from testing, i've had Elec Status on Sporothrix ticking for well in excess of 100,000, right through the Armor.
  6. there's no shortage of Weapons and Abilities to mix together. when i play snooze path, the only way i can really tell that it's any different than a normal Solar Map Mission is that the Enemies are doing more Damage. and maybe certain Eximus don't faster than i can blink. we have such high Stats in this game, it lets people be pretty creative should they choose to. just like how, on another angle, people complaining about "meta" Equipment for Eidolon Hunting, is just laughable. there's so many meme Loadouts that are still competitive with what those people would say is "the meta". at lower Levels that can certainly help. but the subject of this Thread is Enemies around the area where it's not that hard to take 4 digits of Damage almost instantly. Shield Gating will protect us from that generally, but that doesn't let you use that Energy effect. especially after DR being nerfed. can work Damagewise, but thesedays i wouldn't go to high Level Missions without Shields, that's a deathwish.
  7. i can appreciate that Infested are a huge chore to play against, because of the entire room will be full of Ancients and so literally constant spamming of their homing Grappling Hooks that will apply Toxin or drain 500+ Energy in a single hit. there's things you could do against this, but, it's inherently just dumb. all that ends up doing is encouraging Players to limit break the Enemies and just turn them off before they can do anything (exactly what Digital Extremes doesn't like). that being said, i don't see any reasons to change the Health Types of any Enemies, nor change the Damage Types. people that rely on Viral and Slash Status to deal Damage are Killing things slowly and inefficiently, and that's their choice to take. i wouldn't want to Kill Enemies that slow, but clearly there are Players out there that don't mind being so weak. Corpus have lots of Nullifiers punishing anyone using Weapons that don't have a high Rate of Fire or lots of multi-hits? it sucks that they're so restricting on what Weapons can be viable, but it is what it is. Grineer having Armor? idunno, learn to be a better Player and deal Damage without removing or bypassing Armor. you don't know what that is.
  8. Galvanized Chamber will help make the Augment less irrelevant, so it could be a solid Weapon for those looking for that sort of spamming low Status moderate Damage playstyle.
  9. sure, but i try to ask for "the least" that i can, because asking for significant changes in the favor of the Player is usually not going to happen. so i try to ask for things that are neutral for everyone so that it's just a QoL change and doesn't reduce time or costs.
  10. i wish they were tied to the Tabs themselves, so that you could re-order them. just like.... well, everything else in the Arsenal is. Mods and Arcanes alike all move when changing Tab order, so....
  11. "Soon ™" but like a lot of things, probably never, despite having said in plain words "yes, that is something we are going to do".
  12. based off of the description, that gives me a way to quickly implement such a thing. rolling a Thrall for a Weapon will always Drop some sort of thematically appropriate item. each of those will reduce the Pool by half towards the Weapon you've somewhere in the game chosen to seek for currently. so for Sisters, that would be a Pool of 8 on the first try, a Pool of 4 on the second, a Pool of 2 on the third, and a Pool of 1 on the fourth. for Liches, 19, 9, 5, 2, 1. quick 'n' dirty implementation, and i'd say even with the Pool size of Liches, 5 attempts at maximum is pretty reasonable. granted if these Pools continue to increase eventually it'll get longer, but even if there were 60+ Weapons in the Pool, it'd still be reasonable for both the Player and Digital Extremes, i think (would be a maximum of 7 attempts then, up to about 100 Weapons). there is the strength of the Weapon to grind through too, after all. and highest * 1.1x still means that you'll probably have to get a Weapon 3-5 times to 'be done' with it, anyways.
  13. more likely is everyone else actively avoids shooting through it because they're Pepega that's my 95% of the time result, atleast. i can even spam a ring of them around the Eidolon constantly and people will actively walk around them to not shoot through them.
  14. if you want to make Corinth work, try one of two avenues: Corinth having Corrosive+Fire Damate, use the Grenade to apply Status first, then shoot with the main shot. Melee Weapon with the Armor debuff Status Effects, hit Enemies a few times first, then shoot with Corinth, Modded for Viral or whatever the Enemies' Health is weak to. other things you can mix in if it suits you can include any sort of Abilities which can offer Damage additions/increases for yourself, and/or debuffs for the Enemies. whether that be Armor weakening, applying Viral Status to Enemies, giving you new types of Damage or just increasing your existing Damage. if you mix both Abilities to buff/debuff and using more than one Weapon simultaneously, that'll go a long way.
  15. they have good Stats. none of them are unique enough for me to really bother though.
  16. i'm going to also go with the Lures being too far away. the Lures themselves need to be within 50 Meters of the Eidolon at the point in time that the Eidolon stands back up, in order to trap it. though - note that these beams tend to be unreliable as hell if you're a Client, so only rely on them as a Host.
  17. idunno, maybe maybe not it would actually be helpful. past the very basics most Players can't find their way out of a Paper Bag, and at some point that can't only be the fault of the game. the Player has to take some level of responsibility for not trying things and figuring things out by experiment. for those that want to find information they can stumble across a lot of Game Mechanics just by looking around on the Wiki. yes yes, it's outside of the game. but, unlike what most Players would have for ""advice"", atleast it's not biased and would actually teach the Player how to be good. as most Players currently completely rely on Viral Status and Slash Status to Kill Enemies, even before they leave the Solar Map. >.>
  18. for the majority of 10 Rank Mods, which offer direct simple Stats (Damage, Ability Stats, Et Cetera), not especially. 8/10 offers plenty for the time being. 5 Rank Mods should all be upgraded because i find it hard to believe a few hundred Points is going to be a big deal. however, there are some 10 Rank Mods which if you're going to use, you'd really want Ranked up high, due to offering unique/special effects. and those effects are either there or they aren't, or may be difficult to use without the Stats pushed up as high as they can get. or, most things that stack. for example: Adaptation - yes, yes. this Mod technically still functions if you don't Rank it up. however, most of the time in Warframe you aren't dying to small pin pricks over the course of a Minute, it's short bursts of Damage. if you don't max out Adaptation, it's therefore basically unhelpful against the most common scenario of dying, taking a hell of a lot of Damage in a short period of time. when it is, it can atleast offer like 30-40% protection against the thing that's about to Kill you, so having an effect at making that less likely to Kill you. and it also means that against chip Damage, you'll basically always have those Damage instances maxed out, additionally, each hit provides a separate stack on the Counter. so if you're building the stack at a small value at a time, you have to get a lot of continuous hits in order for the DR to be a particularly relevant strength. up to 90 hits, if it's Unranked, after all. versus 10 hits. unique Mods like Cautious Shot, Primed Sure Footed, Et Cetera. these effects are not only RNG based, if they don't successfully pull off that roll, well, that Mod Slot didn't help you.
  19. sorry, i'm not sure what you're trying to say.
  20. i think the game tries to remove our Warframes from us often enough. it's supposed to be a game centered around them, i'd like it to not move way from that and the Player Movement that is such a landmark unique feature that sets Warframe apart from the rest.
  21. treat it like a traditional non-Crit Launcher, that happens to have free Viral. get the Status Chance reliable enough that you'll apply Viral with every Shot (when accounting for Multi-Shot hits), and then stack the Damage.
  22. i agree with the premise. Volatile is a unique non Endless Gamemode made for Railjack, so it feels alright. everything else is just extra stuff taped onto the Mission for seemingly no purpose. it feels tedious because it's something that we do elsewhere in the game it would be great, if Railjack only had unique Gamemodes. Railjack will become the center of the game in the future probably sure, but well, it isn't now and probably won't be for a long time. so we can't build the game around that today.
  23. just quoting the past :) it's not my problem if you want to live in the past, just don't try to hold other people back with you.
  24. you're right, we should all determine things based on "no it isn't, because i said so".
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