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  1. Currently we have 3 mod slots (A,B,C) and only one slots are applied at weapon in game. But how about all 3 mod slots applied to weapon? You could make 6 status weapon, like A corro-blast, B gas-magnetic, C virus-radioactive. maybe giving some chance on low usability mods. Of course, mod overlapping with same mod should be prevented, like you can't put serration on both sentinel weapon and your rifles. (No A,B,C serration)
  2. Interesting but this needs XP grind cuz base percent is zero. And grind reward is not worth it. It should be like 200% at max.
  3. Thats is the key point of this weapon! Because you are high MR, the MR reset of weapon doesn't give a S#&$ to u guyz. Lower MR can still get the MR xp - cuz its reset is daily - and of course the forma jobs are available. As I said above, the key point of this weapon is 'get high MR'. NOT 'Do XP grind daily'. Maybe mechanism should be changed like 'the available mod points are locked up by MR', so players cant be confused.
  4. High spec. But weapon's Mastery Rank goes 0 every day. How could u master it? It resets 'daily'. Not per game. Which means, you can do a Forma also. (changed explanation due to mis-leading concept I just wanted the fluent for low MR, but i admit that this would bring bad culture.) + Weapon's max mod points locked up to player's MR. A weapon for high MR players.
  5. Changing daily, weekly automatically with usages data. But it was just another spec-up guarantee mods for 1 tier weapons. You can see these happening with the prices of rivens. Rubico (0.7) is 16k, Miter (1.55) is 4k. Maybe, riven's difference is not big enough to rescue those poor ones.
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