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  1. So i bought one of those display pieces that baro sold today and wanted to use this piece of fan art that was selectable, its one of nyx. From even the slightest distance the white section is very bright and the closer you got to the display, the clearer it looked, and its not even just in this location, in others aswell. This also happened with a few of the other codex images you can use, is it supposed to be like this?If you compare it to the fan art in the tab, it looks too bright, I tried min/maxing the color correction, and tried some of the other filters with no luck
  2. I work from the audio cues aswell, but when your in the middle of fighting enemies it can be tricky to actually discern where the grenade is in time. Ive run into multiple occasions where Ill be standing somewhere shooting enemies, and randomly just get downed, and then when I look up to see if I adapted to anything, it was an explosion. It wasnt a bombard rocket, clearly a grenade, thats why a visual icon would be a nice addition, its annoying to just get randomly downed by a grenade I never saw nor heard
  3. I dont know if its just me, but in warframe, I get downed more often by random enemy grenades then by anything else, and its fairly annoying. It has an audio que, but alot of times I either dont hear it because Im too far away and manage to bullet jump near it, or I hear it and have no idea where the dang this is, so I jump around frantically trying to avoid it. Would it be possible to add a visual representation of where it is? Like an icon or something? I feel like every shooter game out there has something like is, call of duty has had it for years, I get its an fps but the same standard should still apply since warframe is a third person shooter. It would be a nice QoL change, just today alone I got downed 3 times from random grenades I neither saw, or heard
  4. So on the login screen, on Nyx anyways, the Wolf of Saturn Six shoulder armor clips into the chest piece. Its a minor thing really but looks weird. Its look worse when she starts doing the idle breathing animation thing, idk exactly what you would call it. Edit: Changed the title, it doesnt just happen on the login screen, the clipping happens when aiming and during other animations. Atleast on nyx, the shoulder plates are just a tad too close to the chest piece
  5. I have an imperator vandal, modded specifically for radiation and crit, and it tickles sentient wolf while in a group, but absolutely slaughters jordas golem and the profit taker when I mod for them
  6. Ive run into him multiple times over the last few days on hydron, while leveling trash weapons. He is much easier to kill solo, but in a team, hes much harder to kill. I even fought him with my Rubico eidolon sniper, and at level 70 and in a team of 4, it barely did more damage then my corinth. He moves around alot in a group setting, so lining up headshots when hes aggrod on someone else is difficult. While yes, hes super easy to kill while playing solo, and having all of the necessary gear to strip his armor, hes a monster in a group. Ive killed him multiple times with Nyx mind you, and the only time I ever got downed was because of the bs fire bombs, and the slash thing he seems to do which one shots most frames.
  7. Ok so after learning that nyxs 2 is spammable, I was using it alot. It seems that if you activate psychic bolts multiple times in a row, the audio breaks and gos silent, after a few seconds it catches back up. It seems to take like 3 or 4 presses in a row to get it to happen for me
  8. I know, I just changed everything. I dont have the ability to read everything the day that it drops. Just wanted to share my excitement :🤷‍♂️
  9. Ok so, I just now read that Nyxs 2 is now spammable, no longer are the days of holding the button and waiting, and it seems its even targetable now! Ive been asking for this change for a long time, Im super excited about it Edit: didnt see the patch notes from wednesday. actually just read them, but this is awesome, changed the title
  10. New wolf cosmetic clips through my operators chinOne is with the hood open, the other closed
  11. Yeah because of the power strength requirements Ive had to change alot of stuff in my build, I actually switched her to an umbral style build, because she benefits greatly from vitality and intensify. I agree with assimilate becoming an exilus slot, because that would definitely free up a slot for me, I actually just forma'd in the double dash because I literally dont use an other augment. Id love to be able to use mind freak, but I just cant think of anything I would remove to use it. The thing is with nyx asssimilate, you can move around quite easily by taking advantage of your operator, pop absorb, kill the targets, and then void dash to the next group, it makes up for the huge mobility lose. I actually have a regular nyx for situations like your suggesting, for testing certain builds and such that I cant be bother to forma my nyx prime for, I had a previous absorb build, but I can definitely build another to see how high I can get the conversion rate and efficientcy. Think the highest Ive seen it get was .06, and there have been situations where Ive gotten 200%+ extra gun damage but it doesnt happen often. I agree, absorb is still really bad as an ultimate, the math changes they did to it didnt change anything, and the gun damage buff they gave isnt beneficial to how shes played. I was mostly just suggesting things that could be changed without having to completely rework a skill, I would love if Absorb was changed to actually be useful
  12. I dont play valkyr all that often, but those builds seem pretty fine to me, basically what I would run on her. Maybe drop Blind Rage for Transient Fortitude so your efficientcy isnt so low, gonna make those casts take more energy, and maybe get a hold of primed continuity when it comes around. Your venka build though, why blast and not something like corrosive or even viral? Corrosive is good on everything, and viral synergizes with the high slash value better. Berserker would also be good, as well as blood rush, those are staples for crit melee weapons
  13. Yeah but id rather not be forced into using only certain weapons, I like variety, and psychic bolts allows me to strip armor from a considerable distance. Yeah the sarpa exists, but I like using zaws, and other fun melee weapons Someone mentioned earlier about the mind control ai change, and man I love the fact that the ai carries over between waves now. I have noticed though that the AI is incredibly derpy and spends alot of time running around or just standing there. With my Corinth, I can get the target to do upwards of 1500% more damage, and man its hilarious watching a trooper gun down his friends
  14. Yeah ive noticed that, its seems really hit or miss, most of the time from my experience, the mind control target would just seemingly wander off and not stay by my side, which is kinda annoying. I havent noticed the target transitioning through defense waves though, since most of the time in defense missions i almost never get a chnace to use my 1, and i avoid using my 3 unless necessary because it lengthens the waves. Shes actually really good for assassination missions because she can strip armor which is highly useful, but i get what you mean overall, in those situations her other abilities arent as good, though her 3 is great for add control. She really shines in excavation, solo survival, defection, and mobile defense, because she gets to use her whole kit. I almost never use the explosion from absorb as cc, with assimilate the range is pretty abysmal, and more then 75% of the time, i either die coming out of it because of the long animation, or i take alot of damage. Adaption has really been my go to for increasing her survivability outside of absorb though
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