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  1. Cool event, but takes way too long to complete, the time should either be cut in half, or the game should end after getting a certain amount of kills. theres also no incentive to actually get kills, you still get the same amount as everyone else, Ive had multiple games where there was atleast one person who didnt even score.
  2. They arent options when some augments are bonafide needed for certain frames, either to make abilities useable, or to add QoL
  3. Speaking of augments, With Nyx, Assimilate needs to become apart of her base kit, absorb is a bad ultimate and assimilate is what makes it useable. Mind freak also needs a buff, because even with the increase of 500%, i will never use this augment because enemy damage to each other is pathetically low. Pacifying bolts should also be changed because all it does currently is give you back the old psychic bolts, but without the damage.Her 2 desperately needs a useful secondary effect in situations where armor is already stripped because of a mag/ cp/ etc. Shield stripping is mostly irrelevent since corpus are squishy to begin with, and its supposed to slow infested, but hasnt worked properly since it was last changed
  4. Looking to sell all of these rivens, if you are interested in any of them, PM me an offer
  5. For me, in one of the caves where the toxin tube spawns, I get massive frame drops. The one cave on the bottom righthand side of the map, by the shore line. My fps drops from 72 down to 30 while in the cave, and then returns to normal when I leave it
  6. PM on here if your interested in any of them
  7. Useless Negative and high damage, pm me offers
  8. I get alot of fps drops in the game mode, it definitely needs a little more optimization, it seems as if any time there is a significant amount of enemies on the map my FPS drops from 72 to like 50 for no discernible reason. It only ever happens in this game mode, it makes playing the new mode really unfun
  9. Ok so I just had the weirdest bug happen. I was playing as Nyx fighting the Ropalolyst, during the first phase, after flying the eidolon into the tower, I popped absorb and destroyed the synovia. While still in absorb, I void dashed over to the console and called in the strike. After the strike, I came out of absorb, and all of a sudden became invincible for like 30 seconds and couldnt take any damage whatsoever. My nyx had the mind control notification over her head aswell, as if she had mind controlled herself and not only that, the other enemies in the arena were friendly like they were also mind controlled. In the video below, you see me look at one of the amalgams and my crosshairs turned blue. In the clip you also see I do lose the invincibility, youll see me just eat a ropalolyst beam like its nothing. The bug is in like the first few seconds, the minute I thought to record it the bug fixed itself. I made several more attempts doing the exact same thing that I did the first time and couldnt recreate the bug
  10. Message me on here or in game, Im usually on in the early to late evenings est, in game name Vanilla_Nuka Looking to get 225 plat for the catchmoon, 100 for rattleguts
  11. How about the bug with Nyxs Assimilate augment that allows her to absorb friendly fire damage? This bug has been prevalent for weeks, and makes the augment, as well as absorb, completely useless in a team setting. It incentivizes trolling the last few remaining nyx mains, multiple threads have been made detailing this, but we get a cosmetic fix for psychic bolts instead. Nothing spells fun like suddenly losing all six hundred of your energy because your teammate accidentally, or willingly shoots you
  12. So you fixed a color bug on Nyxs psychic bolts but no fix on Assimilate being bugged and allowing you to absorb team damage? Let the trolling of the 5 remaining nyx mains continue then. I guess cosmetic issues take priority over actual gameplay affecting bugs
  13. Annnnnnd still no fixes for Nyx, PepeHands, lost cause at this point
  14. They prioritize cosmetics over everything else apparently
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