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  1. After many more failed attempts at trying to get a larvling to spawn, I decided to use a freshly crafted frame that I have never used to hunt for a larvling and got one to spawn. Apparently I cant use any frames that Ive already used to spawn a lich anymore to make another spawn. For example, the last lich I had, I initiated it while using Khora, and killed it using mesa. If I use Khora to try and get another larvling to spawn, it glitches out, and wont spawn the larvling.
  2. I have run Cassini on saturn about 10 or so times, and run separate sabotage and exterminate missions on Saturn & Sedna, with not a single spawn. I get the screen flicker, but no kuva guardian dialog or larvling spawn, its very frustrating. Doesnt seem to matter what frame I use, Ive used Ember, inaros, and umbra so far
  3. Prior to this update today, I had an active Lich, after the update went live I preceded to kill it, since then ive Run multiple missions on Saturn and Sedna and no new lich larvling will spawn for me. I get the screen flicker notification, but nothing spawns, and Im checking every nook and cranny of every tileset looking for these things, anyone else having this issue?
  4. Hey to each there own, if thats what you like to do then do it, I never use more then 160% range personally because typically it isnt needed. Natural talent is a personal favorite of mine, because I hate how long her casting animations can be
  5. You typically dont want that much range because your neutering your strength in the process, which will drastically affect your 2 and 4 lol.
  6. Ive killed terry with Nyx lol and the ropalolyst, actually isnt that bad, havent tried the other 2 eidolons though
  7. This isnt necessarily true, using her 3 during defense mission will slow the mission down because instead of coming towards the cryopod they fight each other. I actively avoid using her 3 in defense mission unless the cryopod is completely getting stomped because my team sucks at killing
  8. Shes far and away from MR fodder, shes a tank, has good cc, and can have fairly decent damage output, its all about how you build her, I do sorties and kuva siphons/floods daily with here and have absolutely no problem staying alive. The last QoL "rework" she got was actually beneficial for the most part. The main thing she relies on for tanking is the assimilate augment. The main things she needs right now, is to have the AI properly fixed on her 1, have her 2 have a secondary effect, so its not useless in games with 4 CPs or a mag, and have her been given a different 4, since its trash with
  9. That happens to alot of drone missions in the plains of eidolon, they just get stuck randomly for no reason
  10. Gotta keep bumping all the threads til someone at DE says something. Wonder how many threads it will take, guesses anyone?
  11. So the last few times Ive fought the exploiter, and did so during the bounty, eudicos face bugged out every time. Her dialogue would continue as normal, but when her face would pop up, her head would move but her lips wouldnt. This happened on, and off host.
  12. Honestly, Id rather they just remove the trash mods nobody needs, and just keep the weapon drops as is. Its annoying to want a wolf hammer part, and get my 5th cryo rounds mod from him. Those mods just further dillute the drop tables and make getting what you want more tedious then it needs to be. There spawn rates are already low enough as it is, if I kill them, I want to actually be rewarded for it
  13. Well Ive never seen that stated anywhere so I didnt know, thanks
  14. So i noticed a bug while messing around with mods on my Oberon build. While using both streamline and fleeting efficiency, your supposed to have 90% with both mods maxed out. In my case I have a maxed streamline, and a 4 out of 5 fleeting, which should give me 80% more efficiency, but the game is only showing 175, not 180, Ill take some screenshots later to show what I mean and update this post.
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