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  1. And when Melee is the only meta of the game and obviously the most typed of weapon used by far due the massive buffs they've been getting non stop, they'll nerf them to the ground so the cycle continues. Classic DE. I can't wait for the next Bramma because if something i learned after all, it's that Digital Extreme never learns from their own mistakes.
  2. They're fully aware of it. Which is they they keep buffing melee every few updates to more and more, but since there is a S#&$load of broken melee weapons now (Range, melee combo and have fun destroying everything easier than any Bramma could do), people gets to pick which one they like so there is not a really popular weapon by landslide. Instead of buffing other weapons to make them more competitive compared to Bramma (which would require more efforts) yet again they pick the LAZIEST option and the most mediocre one while we are at it to just nerf the popular thingy. Why make other Archwing more useful when you can just nerf Blink, why make other defensive frames as good as Limbos when you can simply nerf Limbo and so on, it has been Dev's mindset since this game exists and it #*!%ing sucks.
  3. Meanwhile melee weapons are getting buffed beyond and more. A proper melee weapons leaves Bramma to dust and beyond. But yeah. #*!%ing joke.
  4. Problem is... it wil be a buggy mess delayed or not. It's not the first time that something was delayed and was a buggy mess nor the last.
  5. Of course this gets fixed right away, meanwhile some other bugs have been going for months now. Not mad about this getting fixed but rather how selective you guys are regarding certain fixes.
  6. How to be cynical level 100. At this point we're nothing but clowns for them.
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