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  1. Natah/Lotus: Not Available Despite my name, Space mom, I have never given birth, the Teeno are my children. If you date me, you will be protected by the guardians of the origin system. The .teeno have slain Captain Vor, the Grineer Queens, Ambulas, Juggernauts, Infested, The Stalker, themselves and can basically slay anything thrown at them. My father Hunhow is a very protective dad so don't mind him, he just wants the best for me. And my mom, she is a lovely woman, I promise you. I haven't seen her in a long time though. I am also infertile so don't want any children, the Zariman children are enough. Finally, for our first date, let us go to the Void! It's so beautiful, and if you get injured, I will make you become a Sentient as I did to my friend Ballas. So please, date me 🙂.
  2. Nice hotfix again!!! (Of course, not expecting anything better as u guys are the best) also when going into orb called sometimes there’s black lines? Sorta black lines appearing over the screen
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