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  1. The soup can be destroyed by hitting it and then it boils away fairly quickly. Between that and only Mutalisk MOAs using it the soup really isn't all that much if a threat... heck if you've got a well-build Zaw and aren't using one of the most frail frames the soup can be pretty safely ignored unless you're facing extremely high level units in an endless mission.
  2. I suggested nerfing punch-through vs Infested because for the most part all they really have is swarm tactics and should they be given more eHP or otherwise made stronger to the point of people actually building for dealing with them at higher levels then punch-through or AoE would again trivialize them unless they were given disgusting amounts of eHP. So since punch-through can be applied to any weapon but other than Gas and Explosive procs AoE cannot I suggested some form of punch-through resist in conjunction with the other changes to reduce the number of simple changes to build design that would re-trivialize them. I could, of course, have erred in my thinking somewhere and if you think so please explain where and how.
  3. A monster like that might be interesting... though it would need to just not have an amount of health at all. If it had any quantity of health someone would eventually kill it and then the method of killing it would be refined until it's fairly easy to kill. I remember when you had to use most of the ammo capacity of some of the best guns that'd been released at the time to kill just one Ancient Disruptor... and now between power creep and knowing how to deal with ancients it hardly registers to me that they're suppose to be dangerous. Some great unkillable monstrosity hunting within Infested locations would also pose a great aggravation to non-stealth players if it were just there and you just had to deal with it or not play Infested missions... and if you can avoid it being part of the mission then for what reason would Tenno induce it to come (honestly asking I'd like to see what you think would be a good reward for dealing with it).
  4. Magnetic rips into shields and magnetic proc halves the max shields of enemies that have them... but yeah Magnetic is the damage type that hurts tenno most.
  5. That would be a great way to make them more menacing. Having to worry about them omni-directionally instead of them all being on the floor or flying just above it in the case of the Mutalisk Ospreys would be great. Infested on the ceiling and maybe trying to attack the Tenno from every direction as opposed to the usual flailing at them from one or two directions at a time would be great. Would make the Infested function better with the tools they do have (though I'd still like to see them get buffs beyond just that). The Grineer have teleporting melee units and every other thing having some type of knockdown/stagger effect, the Corpus have Nullifiers and Comba/Scrambus to screw with us, the Infested having the ability to attack from any direction and trying to swarm from every direction at once would be good... especially if their units remain so frail.
  6. Yeah I should've clarified I didn't mean to suggest the radius of an Arson Eximus, just the radius of the aura.
  7. Don't know if this is the right place for this (first post on the forum) but: Out of all of the factions the Infested are the least threatening. I'll admit it's been quite a while since I was new to the game but with advanced gear the Infested are the weakest of the enemy factions. So to remedy this my friends and I have come up with a few suggestions that could make them more dangerous. 1) On higher level missions divide the Chargers into two sub-groups Lancer-morphs and Trooper-morphs (so designated because Chargers look like mutated Lancers). Troopers being orange, like base Grineer troopers, and possessing the Spine Strike and Sonic Scream abilities of Phorid while Lancer-morphs would have Juggernaut-like abilities except could only create normal infested units, not ones buffed like I'm describing here. 2) Add a technocyte cloud whenever Volatile Runners die, weather to successfully reaching a Warframe or being shot. The cloud causing Warframes within it to be slowed and Infested within it to be rapidly healed and potentially given mild damage resistance. Potentially also cause the cloud to negate the activation of abilities (though not end already active abilities), for example it wouldn't shunt Ivara out of Prowl but it would prevent her from using her trick arrows or the Artemis Bow. 3) Add a magnetic pulse whenever Ancient Distuptors cast their aura functioning like a Arson Eximus' fireball except causing a magnetic proc instead of knockdown. I would also suggest increasing the likelihood that they stretch out a tentacle and tap a Warframe with a magnetic proc. 4) Give all infested some form of punch-through resistance. Either taking cumulatively less damage from shots that have passed through infested bodies or cause infested bodies to be considered more distance than they actually are for punch-through calculations, half again or double should be enough. That's what I've got. Opinions?
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