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  1. The burden of proof is always on the person who brings a claim in a dispute. This is all it is. Perhaps discussing abstract scientific concepts is too difficult. Let's talk apples. I may or may not currently hold an apple. It may be difficult to grasp, but claiming i don't hold an apple requires just as much proof as proving that i do, because what you are proving is not the "existence" but the claim itself. You, obviously can't prove it, so why are you concluding i don't have an apple? Understandable so far?
  2. I wasn't arguing, i asked whether the poster talking BS by claiming god doesn't exist. And it looks like he was. You are actually arguing. So yes, drop it.
  3. You misunderstand what burden of proof is. And i don't see anyone here claiming that god does exist. Only people making statements without any reasoning so far.
  4. I don't care, WindigoTG made a claim that god doesn't exist, and i would like to know what scientifically based reason he has to say this.
  5. Agreed, force these Elitists to play with the OP. How dare they not carry him and his mote amp excal.
  6. You can't change gender.
  7. Why did you kill Arbi Disruption DE? It was fun.
  8. After awhile you keep all of them because 12p is no longer an issue.
  9. It's not that simple. First there are cases where these mods aren't needed, most notably Chroma. Second it would make the game harder for beginners, who do not have maxed everything and these mods provide them with a simple and easy to understand way to power-up their guns without delving into the complex mechanics of what damages what. Third, what specifically is the problem? It just takes up a slot, what you are basically asking is an extra weapon slot, which would require total re-balancing of everything.
  10. Saryn is not a dps, and Chroma is not a nuker. Neither is Mesa. A nuker is someone who does aoe damage. None of the discussed frames do that as their main job. Saryn is a DoT DPS. Hey day job is not to damage but to run around spreading and refreshing her dots. Chroma is a support frame. He just happens to buff himself. i'm struggling to classify Mesa to be honest, because her 4 is very selective in what it targets without asking the player.
  11. Goss is easier to pronounce than Gauss, so i would go with that. Remember English is just a broken German.
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