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  1. frame buffer and video memory are two different things, the latter contains the former and the reason why amd drivers are heavy on the cpu has nothing to do with any charts but due to architecture differences and driver team competency, it's all common knowledge really, for example:
  2. What nonsense are you talking about again. The benchmarks actually show higher cpu utilization with nvidia because it utilizes all available cpu power efficiently, where AMD crap drivers bottleneck the system. Nor do you understand how little the "frame buffer" is ( hint: it's a couple of megabytes) Vram usage skyrockets with antialiasing, except no low end gpu will use AA. And texture resolution, this gpu is not powerful enough for that either. It would also be good if you would educate yourself on what bandwidth is and why a 2080ti with memory throughput of 616GB/s can handle ram better than a 1050ti with 112GB/s. ( to put it in laymans terms, all that space is dead weight). But sure amuse me and show me a single benchmark where an rx570 uses more than 4GB vram while keeping 60fps. 15 euro is 10% of this user's budget and you call it nothing and advise to literally pay the fool tax. Some people...
  3. 8GB of video ram on a low end card will never be useful. They neither have the power nor bandwidth to handle this much data. It's a marketing trick to cause the ignorant to spend more money. And what "years" are you on about. These gpus are already insufficient today, even consoles have gpu's twice as fast.
  4. Yes there is. What you are forgetting are the drivers. AMD drivers require significant cpu time to be operated, which is why you see users here reports fps drops on a weak system like OP's config, which is pretty much a dual core cpu,( i'm mentioning it in case you are not aware that pre-ryzen amd "cores" are not the same as intel cores) and does not have enough processing power to do things.
  5. You could get a 1050ti, it uses significantly less CPU power to be operated, as do all nvidia gpus. It also uses significantly less electricity to be operated, as do all nvidia gpus. And it is capable of doing constant 60fps in warframe. The downsides are, it's more expensive and is it slightly weaker than the rx570. But you are still within the 175euro budget with 145euro+15euro. Purchase online, and if it is not powerful enough you have 2 weeks return right according to EU laws. ( double check that in the store) 8GB video ram is not needed because neither of these gpus are capable of utilizing this much before it hit its limits. 8GB of system ram is important to get. 8gb vs 12gb of system ram is a very tricky question actually, and can't be answered in a single sentence
  6. 175 euro should be enough for an rx570 (120 euro) and 4gb more ram (15 euro) for a total of 135 euro
  7. Mirage costs 35p, Loki costs 250p. Make conclusions.
  8. Yes well, i'm not quite sure what the OP actually wants because i have troubles believing a Konzu pickup game will dissolve unless they all die, and what force does prevent the OP to type "H 3x3 tridolon random frames"
  9. The term "Veteran" has two meanings, the literal and the implied. The literal one, from Latin "vetus, old" means "been there" with no strings attached. The implied part here assumes participating = knowledge. There is no metric to judge knowledge so the closest approximation is used. But we all know participation does not equal knowledge. Same thing with "pros", from professional, implying doing something for a living must mean you know what your doing. But this is also far from the truth. We do know, however, that the term for people who participated, but still don't know anything is "noobs". Therefore we can easily define "veteran" through contraposition. A Veteran is everyone who isn't a Noob.
  10. Every frame is viable. And that's one of the rare cases where this statement is actually true. Because the tools needed to defeat Eidolons are all frame independent. what you are seeing in rec chat aren't Eidolon hunters. They are speed runners and do not have troubles defeating Eidolons with any frame either. So your question is inherently faulty, and implementing your suggestions would put these frames into the same position as Limbo and people will still leave. The issue with speedruns is that there will always be one that is the fastest, so changes will only change the meta, but not broaden it. The fix here is actually quite simple. Limit the number of Hydrokills per night. As for right now, hunters are trying to push as many caps/night as possible. With a killlimit, there wont be any pressure anymore and the difference between the worst team and the metiest meta team will be reduced to literally a few minutes. -This change will make all frames viable, while keeping the challenge -no need to nert snipers anymore -no need to nerf Itzal anymore -reduces toxic from this quest -goes in line with the rest of the game, gating stuff left and right
  11. Ah ok i see where the confusion comes from. The thing is, there is no relation between your hardware, your OS, your random numbers, and reality. The reason some 32bit OS can see more 4GB is because some "32bit" hardware internally operates at more than 32bit, namely 36bit. 2^36bit is 64GB. Worth noting at this point that some do more and some do less. And with a few hacks it can be put to use, given proper support. But it literally has nothing to do with your claim "32bit can use 64GB". And especially not with "hack your windows for moar ram." Which is why nobody bothers.
  12. No, you obviously don't do math. 32bit is 2^32 which is 4GB, there is nothing "self imposed" about it. It's math. Furthermore windows limitation is 2GB per app. 3.5GB is not a limit at all. it is 4GB minus the video ram memory, which is why all but very few GPUs during the 32bit era had at most 1gb of video ram. It also didn't fit into the windows 32bit box. What you have heard somewhere about using more ram is paging, in some very specific and unique server windows versions, not for normal users, and requires application support, which Warframe doesn't have. I haven't looked what DE have removed to be honest. I have not used a 32bit anything for an eternity. I'm just saying no-32bit-OS support, literally means just that and says nothing about the actual app.
  13. Warframe can still be 32bit. 32bit apps are small boxes holding 4GB of data. The problem is if windows is 32bit too, it can't hold Warframe, because they are the same size, not to mention other apps want in too. The advantage of Windows 64bit is that it is a giant box which can hold 4 billion 32bit apps at the same time. Warframe itself doesn't need to be 64bit, or do anything.
  14. Battle royale on the Plains? This sounds like a great idea.
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