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  1. he told me to leave the clan i was in to join this one so i told him i left the clan I was in to get an invite
  2. i meant i left the clan i needed to leave to join the new clan(this clan)
  3. 1 Drazurd. 2 MR 12. 3 Asia. 4 I have been playing this game since september (when rhino and nyx prime got vaulted) have 200 hours played. 5 Im looking an active community and a nice community I hope I can make some friends. 6 I play everyday the only time I cannot play is when I’m on holiday, 7 I have been in a clan I left because the community was really toxic they didn’t like me because I asked too many questions,
  4. Hi i live in asia and i am mr 10 i would like to join in an active clan in the clan i am in its not that active
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