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  1. Any chance we'll be seeing changes to the Zarr or Ogris since the Kuva Boom-Bow is so hilariously OP compared to either that it's just sad. Why do you make the Ogris and Zarr sad, DE? Look at them, and their sad faces.
  2. If you see a Red Floating Robot, you should run.
  3. Planes of Eris (PoE): Open-World area of wrecked ship hulls, occasional Infested fighters/crewships that are partially functional but still dangerous. Larger ship wrecks could be boarded for assassinating high level Phorid or Juggernaut, possible supply caches that were locked before the crew was infected and are still preserved, and random pieces of old Orokin tech. Even the sentients might be roaming around.
  4. Wait really? How the **** did DE miss that?!? Make Archwing Melee Gooder Again....
  5. Wait till you fight Lvl 100 Lephantis with extra armor. Oh the joy of bullet sponge TO THE MAX. There are some sorties that aren't worth doing. You've discovered one of them. Make a list, it's useful when you decide you don't want to throw yourself at a brick wall and instead play the rest of the game.
  6. Melee 3.0 bungled it up, I think, because even in NORMAL Archwing missions, there is no lock-on/dash, meaning melee is impossible. I mentioned this in my massive write-up one page back. It sucks. Especially since meleeing stuff is how I scan things in Archwing. Loved the mod, till melee stopped working. 😞
  7. Okay, I guess it's as good a time to write my feedback as any. 1. PUBLIC HOSTING: If you take your ship out and hope to host some folks on your ship, the least the game could do would be not to throw 15 million fighters at you to start off with while you're hoping someone will show up to your Public session. 1a. We need some sort of 'spawn area', or some ability to allow us to 'decloak' once we're ready to attack. This way instead of getting jumped by everyone under the sun, you might see some extra support show up before you kick off the fighting at the very least. Or let the players drop out and take on stuff from Archwing, because early missions are hard to fight even solo from your Railjack because the ship will take damage and then it's a game of jumping off the helm, grab the Omni, use it, then run back for a few seconds to helm again, repeat, recycle, repeat... 1b. Seriously, running all over the Railjack by yourself is near impossible because it was designed for folks to have a crew. LET US get a crew before throwing us head first into the waves of fighters and boarders. Either give us a period where the ship is entering, and unusable, but allows folks to join in, or give us the option to drop into a mission area and let us set a minimum number of Public teamm members we'd like to join us before dropping us into the frying pan. Either way, it's redunkulous. 2. DAMAGE DONE DIRT CHEAP: For a frigate, the ship takes damage like a tinker toy even at low level areas. And the base guns do jack and & spit against Crew Ships. 1 & 2 point hits is common with the base guns, whereas by the time you've gotten your own Railjack, your arch gun can actually punch through said enemies so much easier. How is it a bigger gun is doing less damage than my man-portable GAU-8? Yes there are upgrades you can get, but the base weapons feel exceptionally weak, to the point where it's easier to send your crew out in Archwings than to have them man main battery guns. 2a. Also, seriously, if our guns do so little, why do enemies do SO MUCH? Their ships hit like trucks, as previously stated, even at low tiers. And even in Archwing, if you don't have an Amesha with your 1 at all times, you're gunna die in a single shot or two. Archwings are breakable, but geezus, when the only good Archwing is the one that can tank one-hit kills, you might have overtuned the damage output at low levels. 3. Call me USPS, because I throw loot in the back of the ship and it all fell out: So, when were you gunna tell us that we had to Forge Compact our loot so we'd actually get to keep it between mission jumps? Finding loot can be a bit of a pain, because it's not obvious except as a glowing dot, and after we gather it all, only THEN does it make sure to put all that bounty into our inventories... 3a. A SHARE OF THE LOOT. If you're going to hide weapon BPs and other stuff behind Galleon captains, could you at least make sure that if one person picks it up in Railjack, everyone gets a copy, because you probably got 1 or 2 people manning the ship, keeping your ride back to the Dojo from exploding if the enemy looks at you funny, but you don't give them a copy of the BP of new weapons we're hunting for? Yeah, that seems off to me. 4. Somedays I don't want to go into the office just so I can do some generic BS on my Ride: I want to check how much stuff I gotta get to fix up loot that I've salvaged, or whatnot? But I can't telecommute to the Dojo or ring up the Railjack dock foreman and tell him to let me how I have left on making my ship a bit better. Why can't I get a console for my Railjack from my Orbiter? I just want to do some maintenance work on it, not drive all the way to the Dojo, load in, set up my stuff only to find out I don't got enough to fix it up, leave the Dojo because I don't want to take my orbiter out (see points 1 & 2) yet because if I do a mission from inside the dojo, I'll take my ship out, and so now that I'm back at the Orbiter, NOW I can go join someone's crew.... *pant* I'm doing a lot of running around and not feeling rewarded for it. 5. Looks like a fish, moves like a fish, steers like something that's not a fish but that's okay: It handles fine. That's good. Thank you. You got that part right. 6.Some Upgrades seem like requirements: Seriously, 360 Virtualization side turrets is the best thing ever. It's too bad the damage sucks as per point #2. And Bullet Lead Indicators are SO damn necessary. 7. Can I get that on video?: How about showing us what the weapons are like before we upgrade them? Or buy them? Like with Abilities. Just show us what it does. Please? Sometimes the descriptions are just not good enough to know what it'll be like. 8. Giant Engine? I'll give you 2 Fiddy for it.: 25 of the Grid/Mod upgrade stuff for an upgraded engine that needs some major repair work to be usable? Geez, that's an absolute ripoff. But I can't NOT sell it off because these parts might be worst than later ones and I can only hold a certain number of the salvage even though I've got a epic warehouse of nanospores in my space back pocket. Who wants 100,000 Fieldron Nodules? I think it's in my Space Couch Cushions. 9. Making Archwing Great: Archwing is so much fun. Alas, trying to melee these fighters is a lot harder than it is on standard Archwing missions because the lock-on area is a lot shorter feeling in Railjack. Or ships just go a ton faster. Probably that. But hey, they feel useful now as your own Anti-Fighter support platform of choice (if you have a crew that is). 10. Space Bugs are Big: Sometimes weapons are archwing weapons when you board crewships and since they're archwing and not ground weapons, they do weaker archwing damage than the UNLOTUSLIKE weapons some of us high MR tenno are used to, so taking out a Crewship reactor turns into a chore. Seriously, it really sucks when you're stuck with your guns and swords doing weak damage against high-level Grineer. This isn't fair if I don't have my weapons. How can I commit space genocide without my (totally Honorable) flamethrower that melts through ferrite armor? 11. Eh, I'm going to stop now: Just like I plan on taking breaks from Railjack. It's fun, but frustrating as well. And not always in a good way. Just like providing all this feedback other folks have probably noted before me and with better language. Eh. 12: No, seriously, that's it. Thanks for coming. Tip your waiter. PS Edit: Got more stuff to mention, on with the ranting. 13: Archwing Meta: The Amesha is required Railjacking because it's the only thing that can take a hit with it's #1. Anyone not in an Amesha is probably still on the ship. And don't get me started on how long it takes for a full health fighter to go down to a bazillion bullets from an Arch Gun with a ton of damage... 13a. MELEE IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE (sucks): Did Melee 3.0 change how Melee works in Archwing because trying to melee a fighter in space is near impossible. I wish I could get close to a fighter and latch onto it as seen in the Archwing intro and melee the fighter a few times, like some sort of evil space gremlin. (There's some THING.... on the wing... and it has a sword.) 13a.1. I looked it up: Melee 3.0 broke Archwing Melee. No more lock-on function makes MELEE IN SPACE(tm) absolutely a flailfest. Seriously, fix melee in Archwing so we can hit **** please. So that makes the Melee Mod that gives you an archwing scanner a total waste. 13b. MISSING INACTION: I just realized, Railjack does NOT drop any Archwing items at all. No Archwing mods. No Archwing energy orbs. No ANYTHING. Go play Neptune's Archwing, and you get all this wonderful drops, then do Railjack and wonder where all your drops are. So yes, if you need energy, which you REALLY need in Railjack, there is none. But in normal Archwing... have all the energy drops you would normally expect. 14. Okay, now I'm done for now. Probably. PPS Edit: I'm back, baby. 15. A Fire Marshall would Fine the **** out of my Railjack: As someone who's had to take a building inspector around an office to every Fire Extinguisher, I know how important it is for a fire extinguisher to be nearby & available in case of emergency. So why is it I have to run all the way to the back of the ship to refresh my Omni? Is there no way for us to get a Fire Extinguisher (Omni Recharge Station) Box in each railjack room, and marked so we can run up to it, hold X and get a refill? Having to run down to access the Battle Forge just so I can get a recharge sucks since its on the far end of the ship, and takes precious time pulling the forge down, opening up the UI, recharging the Omni a few times, then exiting, when it should be 1) Walk up to Recharge Station, 2) Press X to Recharge, 3) Wait 2 seconds for full recharge, 4) Use Omni LIKE A BOSS because I didn't have to run all the way to the back of the ship just to fix a hull breach in the front. I'm a Space Ninja Pirate, not an athletic masochist. 16. Earning Intrinsics Isn't Very Intrinsic: How do you earn them? No idea. But it seems that you get a ton just by running around your ship, putting out fires and filling hull breaches, and less from doing stuff like driving the ship or manning the guns or going out into Archwing and boarding crew ships to blow up their reactors because they are impossible to kill without the cap-killer weapons on your Railjack. If Intrinsics are going to be given out to crew doing stuff on what they're doing, could you make it so that there's some sharing of that work the whole crew is doing, and not just rewarding individual effort? Yes, some folks might AFK/Idle to passively earn stuff, but I'd rather be rewarded for doing stuff like providing cover fire from a gunner seat while someone else plays nursemaid for the ship than to have an unbalance in rewards given to the crew because someone does the job that rewards the most while the rest of the jobs suffer. 17. SECRET TUNNEL! Or, How I walked down into my Orbiter and found the door to my Railjack: No seriously, I went downstairs, and where I plugged the Vitruvian into, there's a hatch you can take there (the big circle on the floor) and you can go directly to your Railjack. Okay, this is good. It means I don't have to go the Dojo to go directly to my ship if I want to host a team with my own personal ship. BUT, there are some problems here. 17a. Let me in. LET ME BACK IN! Once you're on your Railjack, there's no way to get back to the Orbiter. That I found. Unless you can use the railjack exits. I didn't check that. I just used Navigation to go to a non-Railjack mission. I'll check that when I get back home later today. Either way, I didn't know about going directly TO the Railjack, so obviously I don't know how to get BACK to the Orbiter. EDIT: Yes you can use the exits to go back to your orbiter if you use the secret tunnel. So yeah, this is okay. 😀 17b. Remember what I mentioned in #4? The "Let me work out my ship loadout without going to the Dojo?" thing? Yeah, okay, so getting to the ship is easy now that I know about the secret tunnel, but I still can't do the stuff I need to do like adjusting my ship loadout and weaponry or whatnot when I use said secret tunnel. So the only way for me to get new gear installed or changed or whatnot involves me heading to the Dojo, which makes the path to the Railjack great if I'm max-leveled out on it, but not if I need to still go to the dojo every single time. Heck, I can't even get out of my ship and end up at my dojo's drydock.... unless I can, as previously mentioned in #17a. Did you do that? Again, if it is, I wasn't told about it, so that'd be great if I could at least pop out of my Railjack but I sort of doubt it would be that easy. Again, I'll check it when I get home tonight. EDIT: You can use the tunnel, then navigate to your dry dock, but that's still pretty round about way to get there, when I just want to adjust what my ship is equipped with, or to phone in some repairs from loot I gathered. 18. Pirating Loot: Phat Ducats or Pocket Change, YOU DECIDE! Can we talk about the end-of-mission rewards? 4000 credits? Really? I could find that much chump change opening a few lockers on Pluto or having a My Little Nekros stand next to me while playing Fruit Ninja with Infested. Where are the bountiful treasure chests brimming with loot? The grateful prisoners I free who would love to become part of my ship's crew? The happy freetrader who can now use the area worry-free now that I've made sure his ship won't get turned into swiss cheese from a giant plasma cannon who will give me a piece of his titanium shipment in gratitude? I feel like the end-of-mission rewards aren't respecting the fact that I had to take down 4 crewship, 60+ fighters, a galleon commander, a few orbital defense satellites, and running to the back of my ship just to recharge my Omni yet again. I didn't spend 6 million credits for a railjack so I could get paid less than if I sold 1 of my 100 spare Oberron Chassis Blueprints. Oh, also I think I got an Oberron BP drop during one of the attacks on a Crewship. I just DOUBLED my take-home profit! 19. Will I think of more? Probably, but time for me to stop for now. PPPS Edit: ONE MOAR THING! 20. Grineer Trooper = Stormtrooper; Grineer Fighter Pilot = Top Gun Graduate. Okay, I know Grineer accuracy is pretty much right up there with Imperial Stormtroopers, but their pilots are downright scary-accurate. Maybe that's why their guns hit like a truck (See #2), because the jerks seem to always keep you in the middle of their crosshairs no matter what you do. Which is why the Amesha's #1 and #2 powers are so useful, since it keeps you alive and keeps them shooting stuff OTHER than you. And don't get me started on their missiles which home in on you. 20a. I want one of those! Why are there no Air-To-Air Archwing Missile Launchers? If I'm gunna have guns with travel time, I'd prefer just bringing an Anti-Fighter Missile Launcher so I could Fire & Forget. Yes, it's a little "high-tech" compared to other things, but we're not fighting Sentients right now. There HAD to have been some Air-To-Air weaponry that involved slinging rockets at enemies. 20b. While I'm thinking on it... Why not have a Warframe that specializes in Archwing/Railjack? You'd think that at least one of those early Warframe prototypes would have been a pilot/gunner-type. No ideas on what you'd do or how to make it. Just a suggestion/idea/concept. 20c. Heck, use this. My old Eiwaeks concept from years ago. Sorry Photobucket decided to be a pain about my images though. Either way, tone down the accuracy or let us have something to make their accuracy worst in Railjack. PPPPS Edit: One from last night.... 21. Let me push the Nav Button! Okay, this one sucked and needs fixing. Finished a mission, but because the Host/Railjack captain's UI bugged out and he lost the ability to see anything, but the game, we couldn't actually EXIT the mission when we were done with it. The Nav console shouldn't be locked to just 1 player, especially if they can hit a bug that will cause them to not be able to use said console. All we wanted to do was go back to the Dry Dock. Usually that fixes weird bugs that happen in Railjack missions. Please let us do that too. Or give players the ability to go back to their orbiter after a railjack mission without "abandoning the mission". Please.
  8. Okay, after a lot of trying to figure out why I was blocking instead of using my Heavy Melee attack, I found out that it's because it got auto-assigned to Mouse 1, which is PARRY, which it doesn't show on the keybind list, but it's Parry. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're having issues with the new Melee system and stuff doesn't seem to work... Default your keybinds. Then change the stuff you liked back to the way you want it. Seriously, it took me till... uh, 2 hours ago, so almost 3 full days, to figure out why Melee Phase 2 didn't work for me right.
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