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  1. I just felt I needed to remind folks that this still needs to happen. I brought it up in Quiet Shy's Pulmonars review in the comments: After just less than 1 day, it has 188 likes. I know the sound team can do good work. I just feel that copy-paste'ing the same sounds for the nunchucks is lazy, especially because the aluminum bat sound is just grating if/when you hit a wall or railing. Make Pulmonars go Splash or Slap or something better than "Thwing!"
  2. Still can't rank up my Necramech in the Endurance because of some unknown reason. That's another 30+ minute run with no progress outside of the mission. Getting pretty sick of this mission type now.
  3. Is this why I lost a bunch of ranks? I tried to rank up my newly forma'd Necramech and got like 20 levels in-game and got back to the ship and had 4 ranks "earned" total. I was using all the abilities but when I get back to the liset, nope. This sucks.
  4. Having similar issues. I went into an Orphix Endurance, twice, and the first time, I got no Rank once I got back to the orbiter (even though it said I had upgraded to 20-ish), and the second time was the same, except it said I'd only gained 4 ranks (to 4 total) even though I'd earned the ability to use Guard Mode and was using it to shoot Orphixes. Very annoying bug. I wonder if it has something to do with why Necramechs aren't accruing ranks properly after forma-ing.
  5. TYPE: In-Game, During Orphix Endurance Mission DESCRIPTION: Was using my Necramech; got stuck with an ABILITY USE PREVENTED somehow, so I could not use any Necramech or Operator powers. Once Necramech was destroyed, I'd be returned to Operator form, and able to use Warframe powers fine. Resummoning the necramech after it finished cooldown periord and reentering it once more trapped me inside the vehicle. VISUAL: No screenshot. Every time I tried to use a power in Necramech it said ABILITY USE PREVENTED. REPRODUCTION: Not exactly sure. Jumping into pits to try and reset charac
  6. Having problems with 2FA as well. I download the launcher, update it, log in with my existing account and then... it's like "Hey, we just sent you an email with a code, use that." I have yet to see any 2FA Warframe Email code in the last 10+ minutes, so probably by the time I get it, it'll be expired. What's going on, DE? Are the servers getting that hammered or what?
  7. I'm not sure if everyone has this issue, but my hands are not as young as they were 7 years ago when clicking was a fun, easy task. Not all weapons need the ability to change their trigger function. Press-to-Charge, Duplex, Auto, and Auto-Burst triggers are fine. Mostly this boils down to the SEMI and BURST-only triggers on weapons, especially ones with high ROF. What I'd like to see is one of two changes to triggers. Allow a Weapon with Semi & Burst-Only to be set to Auto & Auto-Burst (along with a RoF penalty to compensate), OR Create an Exilus Weapon Mod to tu
  8. After having just crafted and used the Pulmonars Nunchaku, I realized they have the same sound as the Ninkondi Prime. What do I mean by that? Get your nunchuku of choice out of your inventory, go up to the Similacrum, and go hit the wall with a few melee swings. What do you hear? I hear an aluminum baseball bat getting hit against something quickly. Now, on a Ninkondi Prime, that might be appropriate since it is made of metal, but the Pulmonars is an infested set of squishy plague orbs on two sticks. Where's the sound of wood against metal or flesh? Where's the splat of a chunky meat
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