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  1. Time to farm for my Cleaning Drone. Fashionframe is dead; Ikeaframe is the new hotness!
  2. What's the opposite of Synergy? Because that's the word you're looking for. But yes, I know it effected how others were damaged because it's now just a wave, but I loved the effect that your power DID effect the surrounding environment as well. It made your frame SEEM powerful. Yes, your frame MIGHT be very powerful indeed, but just the fact that you got a shower of sparks and burned out lights left in your wake just made you feel like your Volt was a walking electrical storm. No household appliances were safe from you frying things! That's what I thought was cool, in that I just want those visual effects back because the visuals were the best part. It's like if they did the same for Gara or Hydroid, I'd want their powers to leave stuff covered in molton glass or wet from water. Just imagine hearing your feet tapping against the wet deck floor where a puddle of water slowly dries away, or the crunch of glass against your heel from where a bit of excess molten has become a crunchy bit of debris underfoot. Yes, yes it is. It's not a bad different, but there are some things I do miss fondly; like Pre-Loading Mission Scenics where you'd see your Warframe posed in part of a scene with your fellow tennos' Warframes.
  3. I can only assume it has something to do with the Melee 2.999-rework. For some reason it just plays weird with Hysteria.Something about letting you use weapons and going instantly to melee and then back to your primary and secondary makes it all... weird. Frankly, I wish if I was in my #4, I'd be stuck there. I don't need an option to get out of it, DE, without hitting the 4-button again. Seriously, make it a toggle, I'd be okay with that too. Just as long as I can control when I enter or leave Hysteria/Nyx's Absorb/whatever other power.
  4. If host migration is the problem with arbitrations.... Why not make servers to host them so that NO ONE hosts the arbitration, only the server does? How? There are dedicated servers for Conclave. See the following: https://www.warframe.com/news/player-dedicated-servers No one plays Lunaro or Conclave in general (at least no one who hasn't gone crazy trying to farm the amazing skins), so why not make Dedicated servers available for Arbitration? And don't just make it a 'possiblity'. Let folks know YOU ARE ON A DEDICATED SERVER. Give folks good rewards for hosting servers. I'd probably host a server during my work if it meant helping something good in Warframe and it gave rewards to folks who helped provide those servers. Seriously, Dedicated Servers are already available, just make it so it's not Conclave but Arbitrations. Yes? Maybe?
  5. I haven't used Valkyr much since the ability to use weapons while in Hysteria turning off the power but still being "active" change from a path or two ago. Either way, using it against the Wolf of Saturn Six, if you try to exit the power by hitting 4 at times, it'll just stop but also leave you without any weapons you're carrying. I either had to turn hysteria back on, or go to Operator mode to reset the frame (more or less). Also, Gladiator's set bonus does not apply if the set is on your Hysteria claws, only your melee weapon (and warframe). Having the gladiator melee mod set bonus work when you're using Hysteria would be nice. Lastly, sometimes I'd try to bullet jump away and that would take me out of hysteria's invulnerability mode even though I wasn't firing. If I'm not shooting, don't take me out of Hysteria. I just want to go someplace to preferably rip off someone's face so I can heal, not so I can become vulnerable to the fire I was standing in and stuff. Having to hit Melee just to become invulnerable because I made a button press I didn't want shouldn't be that bad. Either way, that's all. Just noticed the issues now that I had to show Mr. Wolf that Misses Kitty was a better animal.
  6. Bah. Mirage doesn't need a Simulor to make your PC weep.... Behold, the glory of Mirage, a Prisma Tetra, and the Tetra Augment! Everything is now PINK.
  7. Yeah, I can only guess that it had something to do with visual performance. Maybe it just wasn't worth coding EVERY single light on the theory that one frame's 4th ability would be used at some point and cause lights to shatter. I just wish there was some specifics on why from the Dev team. I could only imagine what LUDICROUS particles + old 4th ability VFX would look like. Probably a shower of electricity from every outlet. It's just something I miss is all, because sometimes dark maps are cool. Looking back at some of the profile videos, you can hear those old Lotus voice filters, but also you can see how much darker the game was back then verses now. If you look at this Banshee video, I see several locations that I know are fairly well lit now but are pretty dark originally. It was a really cool look. Here's the vid:
  8. I don't know when it happened, but back in the day Volt had a minor visual effect on his "Discharge" (back when it was called Overload). If you were in a tile, and you hit your 4, you'd send out a giant shockwave like you do now. But it also caused some/most/all of the lights in the nearby area of Volt to pop as he surged power through the area, causing them to explode in a shower of particles and what not. I remember this because I remember playing Hydron back in the day when you'd hit 4 and end up with a Cryopod in darkness instead of all lit up. You can actually see it on the original Volt Profile trailer video. Let me time-stamp link it here: Why did this get changed? Did the Corpus make surge-protected light sockets? Did Nef invest his Bursa money into light bulbs that were impervious to EMP blasts? Did the Grineer decide replacing lightbulbs wasn't worth making a whole vat of tubemen just to do the job so bought Nef's super-light bulbs instead? Inquiring veterans want to know! Also, I miss mission dioramas on loading into a level as well. But that's a different kettle of norg to fry.
  9. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *sigh* Well, Tuesday was... 3 day ago? And I documented my frustrations with said Wolf of Saturn Six at that time. Link. I ran into him last night on Hydron. Holy ****. Level 75 again, face-tanks ALL the bullets. Luckily I had my ammo-regen Kitgun, but still, 4th time seeing him again, finally I'll get something worth all the time and anguish fighting him. Yeah, my first 3 times all I got was Molten Impact, but no one is that unlucky. Maybe I'll get the Wolf Motor or the Head, or the Wolf Sledge BP.... ........ Another Molten Impact. Who thought giving this guy standard mods as well as rare-awesomeness stuff was a good idea? Even the Acolytes don't do that stuff to players. They show up, they drop mods that only they can give you (even if you do have quite a few because you've fought them plenty of times before) and then they nope out. But the Wolf of S6? Frickin' Molten By-The-Lotus Impact. When he never showed up, I wanted him to show up so I might get the new stuff he has. NOW that he DOES show up, I wish he'd go away because if I wanted another Molten Impact, I'd go run through Eris with my Ember Prime and Carrier. This is not fun. This is not rewarding. This is being handed garbage after beating a human-shaped Lvl 100 Lephantis wielding a sledgehammer. FIX. THIS.
  10. When? Also, can we get a Braton Proto and/or Latron Proto Skin as well? Edit: Seriously, it was Devstream #97 when they were first mentioned!
  11. Go into an Axi Relic exterminate mission, Wolf Spawns! That's 3rd time in... what week is this? Eh, that many weeks. Anyways, LEVEL 75. One team member just nopes from the mission. But, after plenty of time fighting him (and my Kitgun that regenerates ammo), we win! And he drops a Molten Impact. .... Is this your idea of a joke, DE? He couldn't drop mods that are a slight bit rarer than the most generic --- type melee mod anyone ever might need? FIX THIS. THIS IS NOT FUN. THIS IS NOT REWARDING.
  12. Maybe with the increased spawns I'll finally get ANYTHING other than a mod I've got 100+ of in my inventory.
  13. Really? You should have tried it with a Loki solo. Just being invisible all the time works great. Oh sure, the enemy might know something is going on, but as long as they don't see you, you should be fine. Still, what happened to you did sound pretty tense though. Congrats on getting through the mission successfully.
  14. B-E S-U-R-E T-O D-R-I-N-K Y-O-U-R O-V-A-L-T-I-N-E Son of the Lotus...
  15. My big problem with Nightwave right now isn't the challenges, but the Wolf Cred. See, you get Wolf Cred at intervals throughout ranking up in Nightwave, which is GOOD. Every week, there is a new set of look with some unique things (like the desert camos for 2 weapons that change each week). Also GOOD. And then there's the fact that I can't actually buy some/all of those unique things because right now, even with doing all the challenges, only ranking up gives you Wolf Creds, and so you might be able to buy 1 or 2 items every 3 weeks because there's no other way to earn the Cred to buy the items. If the Daily Challenge for Nightwave gave 1000xp and 5 Wolf Credits, by the end of a week, if you've done ALL the dailies and NOTHING ELSE, you'd at least be able to buy 1 or 2 things off the Offerings page. Doesn't even have to be 5. Could be 3. By the end of 1 week, you'd have 21 credits, and that would be enough to get someone an Aura mod. For a new player, being able to buy an Aura mod of their choice would be really useful. It doesn't have to be the Daily. Make a weekly challenge that rewards some wolf cred. Doesn't have to be complex. But it would be NICE. Because right now, it seems pretty lack luster and a bit disappointing to do so many challenges and can't even by the cool cosmetics that I don't have as an MR26 player and will be rotated out before I get to Rank 12 to get 50 more credits.
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