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  1. 1. Proto Weapon Skins when? They were mentioned back in DevStream #97. It's now Devstream #WAYMOAR. Give them to me please. 2. Where's that Option to always sprint? Steve said he was going to make a Sprint-Always-On option. That would be really useful for me. Just make it an option in the menu, because I tend to turn it off when I try to roll otherwise. Please?
  2. It only works when you're a host. If you're not host, it won't show up. I posted about this earlier, and yes, it's been this way since Gauss' arrival.
  3. It only works when you're host, and that's usually 1/4 times when you play. It worked when I was host, it still doesn't work when I'm not host. This has been like this since Gauss' release. Please fix. I need to graffiti up my warzone.
  4. Prism glyph gear item is totally broken. This has been going on since Gauss's arrival. FIX THIS DE! I need to post my graffiti in missions!
  5. Glyphs are still broken. Tried to post my glyph my on a pillar or wall in several missions and even other folks couldn't spray their glyphs on the wall. Please fix.
  6. Proto-Weapon Skins. We saw them at Dev Stream #97. This is now 34 Dev Streams later. Give please, or put in the Plains of Duvari. That works too. Pleeeeeeeeease.
  7. Time to farm for my Cleaning Drone. Fashionframe is dead; Ikeaframe is the new hotness!
  8. If host migration is the problem with arbitrations.... Why not make servers to host them so that NO ONE hosts the arbitration, only the server does? How? There are dedicated servers for Conclave. See the following: https://www.warframe.com/news/player-dedicated-servers No one plays Lunaro or Conclave in general (at least no one who hasn't gone crazy trying to farm the amazing skins), so why not make Dedicated servers available for Arbitration? And don't just make it a 'possiblity'. Let folks know YOU ARE ON A DEDICATED SERVER. Give folks good rewards for hosting servers. I'd probably host a server during my work if it meant helping something good in Warframe and it gave rewards to folks who helped provide those servers. Seriously, Dedicated Servers are already available, just make it so it's not Conclave but Arbitrations. Yes? Maybe?
  9. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *sigh* Well, Tuesday was... 3 day ago? And I documented my frustrations with said Wolf of Saturn Six at that time. Link. I ran into him last night on Hydron. Holy ****. Level 75 again, face-tanks ALL the bullets. Luckily I had my ammo-regen Kitgun, but still, 4th time seeing him again, finally I'll get something worth all the time and anguish fighting him. Yeah, my first 3 times all I got was Molten Impact, but no one is that unlucky. Maybe I'll get the Wolf Motor or the Head, or the Wolf Sledge BP.... ........ Another Molten Impact. Who thought giving this guy standard mods as well as rare-awesomeness stuff was a good idea? Even the Acolytes don't do that stuff to players. They show up, they drop mods that only they can give you (even if you do have quite a few because you've fought them plenty of times before) and then they nope out. But the Wolf of S6? Frickin' Molten By-The-Lotus Impact. When he never showed up, I wanted him to show up so I might get the new stuff he has. NOW that he DOES show up, I wish he'd go away because if I wanted another Molten Impact, I'd go run through Eris with my Ember Prime and Carrier. This is not fun. This is not rewarding. This is being handed garbage after beating a human-shaped Lvl 100 Lephantis wielding a sledgehammer. FIX. THIS.
  10. When? Also, can we get a Braton Proto and/or Latron Proto Skin as well? Edit: Seriously, it was Devstream #97 when they were first mentioned!
  11. Go into an Axi Relic exterminate mission, Wolf Spawns! That's 3rd time in... what week is this? Eh, that many weeks. Anyways, LEVEL 75. One team member just nopes from the mission. But, after plenty of time fighting him (and my Kitgun that regenerates ammo), we win! And he drops a Molten Impact. .... Is this your idea of a joke, DE? He couldn't drop mods that are a slight bit rarer than the most generic --- type melee mod anyone ever might need? FIX THIS. THIS IS NOT FUN. THIS IS NOT REWARDING.
  12. Maybe with the increased spawns I'll finally get ANYTHING other than a mod I've got 100+ of in my inventory.
  13. Really? You should have tried it with a Loki solo. Just being invisible all the time works great. Oh sure, the enemy might know something is going on, but as long as they don't see you, you should be fine. Still, what happened to you did sound pretty tense though. Congrats on getting through the mission successfully.
  14. B-E S-U-R-E T-O D-R-I-N-K Y-O-U-R O-V-A-L-T-I-N-E Son of the Lotus...
  15. My big problem with Nightwave right now isn't the challenges, but the Wolf Cred. See, you get Wolf Cred at intervals throughout ranking up in Nightwave, which is GOOD. Every week, there is a new set of look with some unique things (like the desert camos for 2 weapons that change each week). Also GOOD. And then there's the fact that I can't actually buy some/all of those unique things because right now, even with doing all the challenges, only ranking up gives you Wolf Creds, and so you might be able to buy 1 or 2 items every 3 weeks because there's no other way to earn the Cred to buy the items. If the Daily Challenge for Nightwave gave 1000xp and 5 Wolf Credits, by the end of a week, if you've done ALL the dailies and NOTHING ELSE, you'd at least be able to buy 1 or 2 things off the Offerings page. Doesn't even have to be 5. Could be 3. By the end of 1 week, you'd have 21 credits, and that would be enough to get someone an Aura mod. For a new player, being able to buy an Aura mod of their choice would be really useful. It doesn't have to be the Daily. Make a weekly challenge that rewards some wolf cred. Doesn't have to be complex. But it would be NICE. Because right now, it seems pretty lack luster and a bit disappointing to do so many challenges and can't even by the cool cosmetics that I don't have as an MR26 player and will be rotated out before I get to Rank 12 to get 50 more credits.
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