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  1. Dropping straight into the Open World of Phobos seems to make fishes that are speared kill them instead of catching them. I was playing Ivara Prime, with my fishing Sentinel, would swap to my fishing spear, then select my Phobos fishing spears (either one), and when you toss them at fish, the fish just die. If you go into the area with the Family, and then head back out, you can catch fish normally. I've had this happen twice to me today. I tend to land int he Drift first, so I can mine some rocks and catch some wild animals instead of going to the Necro-whatchamacallit, and I noticed thi
  2. Can the roaming wildlife not all be Sly or Kaisers 24/7? Also, what does it take to get a rifle that helps me find my targets. Oh sure, it has a 150m "ping" radius but it doesn't spot anything outside of 50m. Also, finding tiny glowing items on a map full of glowing sucks. A lot. Edit: And what I mean is the mining radar shows you where mining items are, but conservation does not. Also, with mining, you get a cute little diamond over the mining area (I think with an upgraded mining laser) but the conservation rifle does not. Give me a better conservation rifle already please.
  3. Didn't care for the look of the new claw weapon so I tried the Deimos Claw Skin that came with Nidus Phryke, and the left gauntlet is rotated 90 degrees down and twisted 90 degrees clockwise, having it look like it is trying to claw your own face off. You might want to fix that. This is on PC btw. I'd screenshot it, but it's not hard to test in-game in the arsenal screen.
  4. If I could just get it from Granny, that would be fine. She has a ton of other stuff for sale. Why not Scintillant for the Scintallant Deficient? Also, does it show up on Loot Radar? I'm not sure if it does or not.
  5. My problem with the token system is it feels like delaying rewards. I can buy various rep items from Ticker in Fortuna with either credits, minerals. I can then trade those items straight back to him for stuff and rep. If I go to Smokefinger, I can give him rocks and he gives me rep right away. If I want to do bounties for Eudico, I just go out and get faction rep and rep tokens I can trade back to Ticker or Eudico. And in Cetus, I can give rocks or fish directly to the people who I want to give them to and they give me rep right away. I can deal with one person and get rep from them without d
  6. What do I thing we're getting from Gamescon? I'm hoping for an awesome, customizable ship, with a section similar to Star Fox. Also, a proper cat tail for my Bastet Valkyr. I'm expecting confirmation of the PWE / DE deal and the ruination of the Tenno. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.
  7. I found a good depiction of everyone on the forums right now, waiting for U14. Don't worry, I'm sure if you keep looking, it'll show up. Pinkie Promise.
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