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  1. Salenstormwing

    Best/Strongest Arcwing Atmosphere Weapon?

    Do you like Sniper Rifles? Velocitius Do you like Assault Rifles/Gorgon? Imperator Vandal (or go farm the Fomorean right now to get the parts right now) Do you like Shotguns? Corvas Do you like weird crossbow things? That one weird thing that I don't care for personally but hey if you want feel free to use the Fluctus
  2. Salenstormwing

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #231!

    MIXER is the place to be for winning, it seems. Congrats, ItsLE! PS Edit: No, I didn't get 100 ducats for watching, but that's okay, I got plenty. Honestly, I need more credits right now.
  3. Nope. Conclave has never been where it was at with Warframe. It wasn't popular when we didn't have Movement 2.0, it still isn't popular, going back isn't going to make it suddenly popular. Only way I see Conclave getting better is going a more MOBA-esque design by adding enemy AI units to help spice things up, but that'd probably go over as well as Warframe Battle Royale (with Cheese).
  4. Salenstormwing

    Profit-Taker Orb - drop rate chance

    Wait, you can get the Bloodshed Sigil from the Profit-Taker fight? Oh, that explains how I got the sigil. I just noticed it while fashionframing my new Baruuk and noticed I had the Sigil even though I never bought the bundle for Garuda.
  5. Salenstormwing

    Grineer Tram = Pet Hazard

    It would be fine if they just got rid of the part that overhangs the stairs because the electric post zaps everything that walks down the stairs but the enemy have enough help to just ignore most of it, but pets, insta-ZAP. Get rid of the part that overhangs the stairs, and it'll be fine. Or make the pet pathing better. So yeah, DE will get rid of the overhang.
  6. Salenstormwing

    Grineer Tram = Pet Hazard

    That tram is a death trap for pets.
  7. Salenstormwing

    Grineer Tram = Pet Hazard

    Okay, I love how the Grineer Tram with the Warframe pod is now electrified, but we need to talk about the end that is next to the stairs, and the fact that it's a giant bug zapper for kavats, khubrows, and moas. 3 Pets all in need of healing, just because of that stupid rail zaps all the animals who come near it and/or because Grineer don't understand what Occupational Safety means. Please fix this railing. The pets you save may be your own. And you'll end up getting zapped when you go near the railing.
  8. Salenstormwing

    PC Controller Bug: Can't Skip Cutscenes

    Hotfix: 24.2.6 Still broke. Can't click fire on Controller to skip.
  9. Salenstormwing

    PC Controller Bug: Can't Skip Cutscenes

    Let me rephrase this; You can't skip the cutscene using the Fire button on Controller as described in the patch notes. K+M works, Controller does not. This is a bug. There might be workarounds, but a workaround isn't a fix, it's a workaround.
  10. That was in the patch notes. This does not work for controllers, only mice. If you have a controller, you can click your trigger mouse button to skip but can not do the same with your trigger controller button.
  11. Salenstormwing

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Banshee fixes half the problem. Use her. It'll help at least with the silent part, or maybe Loki with the Silent Invisibility Augment.
  12. Salenstormwing

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Praise the Lotus! Maybe I'll be able to beat the Profit-Taker now. Patience-Taker was f'n annoying as hell, so huzzah for these changes!
  13. First, fix everything listed in this video. Secondly, get rid of the arbitrary count down timer, because it sucks all the fun out of the fight. Profit-Taker, more like Patience-Taker, because I have none left.
  14. Salenstormwing

    profit teaker insane grind

    I'm with you on this. If DE doesn't want to force folks to buy the new weapons or the new Warframe, they're going about it in a ****y way. Didn't they learn anything about how annoying and broken elemental guardsmen were back during the original Vey Hek chicken upgrade? They weren't fun then, this isn't fun now.
  15. Salenstormwing

    Profit Taker Fight [Spoilers]

    I'd like a strategy where the shield could be hurt when it's supposed to be hurt and for the shield to not be hurt when it's not supposed to be hurt, because right now, both can happen and that means the RNG shield might be RNGlying.