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  1. Anyways, I'm thinking of making a list of things that can help out folks having similar issues. Not sure if I should add it here, or not, but hey, why not here? A video on Steam Controller Turbo Fire set-up: For folks looking for an Ergo Mouse: The Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse: $99 (maybe less depending on sales) https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/mice/mx-vertical-ergonomic-mouse.910-005447.html ConsoleTuner's Titan One Controller Converter for Consoles: $75 https://www.consoletuner.com/products/titan-one/ And if you're looking for something to help with wrist compression (if you're experiencing wrist pain, these are what I wear while working or gaming): 1 Pair of Wrist Wraps for Wrist Support: $14.99 for 2 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TT6X9F9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is just a few things you can try in the meantime if you're looking for a solution and DE isn't saying anything about a future update with this invovled.
  2. Oh, completely. It's just I game pretty exclusive to PC, where the options are more mod-based. It's nice to see a Console version available in some form for others though. I'd hope DE would offer a universal option, especially since I can imagine how bad it would be to use something like an AkVasto on a Mobile Device, trying to fire at someone like a mad man. I hope you like tapping at that screen like a crazy person.
  3. I looked into it. Not sure it'd help me, but for folks using controllers, it's an option for sure. Here's a link to an article about it: https://www.consoletuner.com/products/titan-one/ The fact it costs 75 bucks is a bit annoying. But hey, if there are folks here who want to try something out while we wait for DE to make a choice for giving players options.... Honestly, I should look into macros at this point...
  4. Pandero Prime: exists in my inventory finally My Hand: are you ready for a sacrifice pain? Hi. I'm still here. Still want a trigger mod. Please.
  5. Honestly, that's half the reason I bring this up, because I am a player on PC, I don't use macros, I used to use controller, and I understand that there are plenty of console Tenno out there. I used to call myself a "Controller Game Tester" back when Warframe would release stuff before it would go to PC, and I will say... having no option to select the 5-Key for powers (aka Transference) was rather interesting when trying to play "The War Within". But yes, as much as Macros are available, the solution, whatever it is, should be universal to the game, and not platform dependent. And I do like Tiltskillet's suggestions as well. I also like to offer potential alternatives too. Maybe one of them will be good enough for DE to consider implementing.
  6. Thank you. I'll admit it's a bit annoying I can't bend my fingers back almost 90 degrees anymore on my right hand, but in the end, I have to live with it because it's still considered normal for everyone else. But overall, I'll be fine for now. But I agree, I'd prefer an option to just change the weapon trigger outside the mod system, but I figure if you make the mods free to everyone, you eliminate most of the issue so no "I must farm a mod so my personage at the keyboard doesn't suffer". Hmm. Perhaps you could have both. You either introduce an unlocked Trigger mod slot for every weapon, and give 0-Cost Trigger mods to everyone and make Trigger mods that are actually better. "Want a Trigger mod that'll cost you actual mod points but give you bonuses? Here you go." If anything, it might help bring ranged weapon performance up a bit since Melee is honestly disgustingly OP right now. Auto-Charge might also be fun, for stuff like Bows and some Launchers, where you just hold the trigger down, and your character would just Charge-Fire-Charge-Fire-Charge-Fire-ect till you let off the trigger. And if you're saying "Oooooooo! You can't do that as an archer with a bow & arrow!", why is it okay for archers to do that in real life then? I'm a space ninja! Let me be space ninja cool! I'm Legolas the Jellyfish Frog in Space! Uh, heh. Good morning btw. I'm gunna go wake up more fully now.
  7. My doctor was worried I might be getting "trigger finger" but I gave up the controller (on PC for Warframe) a while back. Honestly, I think with the trigger mods, it could help both controllers and mouse & keyboard folks. But yeah, we all get old, our bodies don't hold up quite the same way. Just as Warframe has grown up and changed, so can the weapons to be a bit more friendly to us Tenno who still want to enjoy the simple pleasure of letting a pair of revolvers do the talking and merely want to hold down the button and hold onto the mouse in an attempt to reign in the power unleashed in a flurry of bullets straight from High Noon.
  8. Hey all! Guess who got to see his doctor about his tendonosis? THIS TENNO! The good news: My right hand is "okay". No need for surgery. A cortisone shot isn't really necessary either. The bad news: I've lost my double-jointedness in my hand and I still suffer if I aggravate my trigger finger overly much. That means while my hand is okay, it's best if I don't overdo it (like with a Zakti Prime after having just built one). Mostly, the doctor said to keep an eye on it. If it gets worst, I can always go back, and see about surgery or other things, but for now, I've got about as best as I can manage with the small bits of tendonitis that do show up in x-rays at this point. And that comes back to what this was all about in the first place.... Trying not to hurt myself for a game I love. I want to continue to play ALL aspects of the game. One of those aspects is a plethora of weapons that are now much more unhelpful for my continued health and wellbeing. I don't want to limit what games I play. I don't want to limit what weapons I can play with in-game. I just want a way where I can enjoy some of my weapons in the least painful way possible. And that's why I suggested the Mod System as a method to allow trigger changes. Because in the end, MODS do change the feel of weapons, and real-life modifications have been done to semi-auto weapons to allow full-auto use. The main issue would be balancing them (maybe as an exilius mod slot or some trigger mod slot), but I'm less worried about that than just the fact that it would allow players to play Warframe the way they want, and maybe when they're my age, they'll be glad to know that someone before said "Hey, can I get a trigger modification so I can continue to use my favorite weapon without future hand pain". Plus I love Auto-Burst weapons in other games. I WOULD SO LOVE TO USE AN Auto-Burst BURSTON PRIME! GIVE IT TO ME!
  9. Which is fine if you're on PC and have access to said functions. Not so much for everyone else. Or folks who really don't want to have to go through all the hassle for an accessibility function.
  10. Like I said, that's not quite my experience. Because my tenosynovitis is different. Here's a small portion of how De Quervain's Tenosynovitis works... Citation - Mayo Clinic So it's not just exerting pressure that causes the pain. It's the repeated motion. In this case... clicking a trigger, over and over and over. That's the part causing the carpal tunnel and sheath to get inflamed and painful. I wouldn't have posted this whole thread if I didn't think this was something of an issue. I can't be the only player in-game who has problems with triggers being Semi and not being able to effectively use them because there's no mechanism in-game to make it easier for gamers who suffer these issues. Plus, if DE wanted to make weapons feel more unique, they could start with changing the sounds for Nunchuck weapons from "aluminum bat" sound when hitting a wall to be more unique. I still have no idea why the fleshy, gooey Pulmonars don't go splat against walls but instead go "tink". A pair of infested limbs connected with tendon should make a 'splack' sound, just like when I move my wrist. So, other than that, I'm open to other people's comments. This isn't just for me. It's for everyone. Accessability is not a negative!
  11. Nah, it's a SPECIFIC kind of Tendonitis. Mine involves having this nerve that goes OVER the tendon sheath that goes up the thumb, and what happens when the tendon gets inflamed (say from playing grineer cookie clicker with a Zakti Prime), the nerve sends shocks up pain up the nerve into my muscle at the base of the thumb up into it. Normally, I can manage it somewhat, but somedays the tendon gets overstimulated (by moving back and forth constantly) and gets inflamed and boom, now my thumb is full of prickly shocks. It's just a bonus to normal arthritic damage. But yeah, my doctor told me about it, and I've since researched what he was talking about, because doctor stuff is sort of complex, no matter how you slice it. Either way, I brought my ergo-mouse home in the meantime. Still, doesn't mean I wouldn't love more options for controls and play in-game.
  12. What I do know is I can hold down a trigger with an Ignis just fine and not feel like garbage while using said Zakti Prime after 10 minutes. And moving a muscle constantly back and forth is gunna cause more issues than merely holding it. Friction is a thing. Either way, I know how it effects ME. Why do you care how an Akvasto feels? I'm asking how it COULD feel for folks who would RATHER have an AUTO-Trigger. I've seen Auto-Burst used in games outside Warframe, and having something like that on a HIND would be great as it wouldn't feel like a useless bagette you have to click to tickle your opponents with. Mods make guns perform differently. Some folks don't mind extra recoil. Some do. With your logic, why have Stabilizer mods when it will effect how a LEX PRIME feels when being shot? Because it's a MODIFICATION. Let players have the option to decide what's best for them. Giving people MORE CHOICE shouldn't be a bad thing. If I wanted a gun to feel "like a pure gun it is", I would have to take off every mod and use it with no mods. And that'd be boring. So again, why does it matter TO YOU if I use a mod to change how I use a weapon I own? Am I not allowed to use something just because I'm 45 years old and I have De Quilvain's Tendonisis? Or do I gotta turn in my Warframe gamer card because I'd like to use more than a specific set of weapons in-game because Semi trigger weapons literally hurt to use for me?
  13. Which is easier to do? Lay on your back, or do a sit-up? Let an anchor with chain stay down on the ground, or move it up and down over and over? When you press a button, you tell one tendon in your finger to contract, and another to release. When you do that over and over and over in short succession, you have tendons going from contract to release or release to contract and it's being worked no different than a mechanism. Yes, a better mouse would still help. But requiring less button presses would also help. If the difference is laying on one's back for 10 minutes and only having to do a few sit-ups or doing sit-ups for 10 minutes almost constantly, I know which one is gunna be less painful over the long run. But beyond that... you know what changes the feel of an aksomati or an akjagara or any weapon in game? MODS. Would I appreciate having an Akjagara have performance closer to an Akstilletto? YES. If I could mod one to act like another, I see this as a WIN. So why not make mods have a single additional function for folks who would LIKE the function? Is it for everyone? NO. Would it be nice though? HELL YES. One of my favorite weapons, the Akvasto, I don't use because it's too painful to use like I used to back in the day. It was fun to feel like a cowboy space ninja filling targets full of lead. Would I like it if I could just hold down the trigger and let the whole thing fire like a normal automatic weapon? YES. Because in the end, I find it easier to use, and less painful as well. This is a QUALITY OF LIFE issue. It might not effect you, but Warframe isn't a competitive game where everything has to fit in a meta like it's meant to balance things. If that was the case, you wouldn't see things like RIVENS in game. And that's why I thought about this whole thing from the idea that MODIFICATIONS (Mods) would probably be the most appropriate form to implement these changes. Otherwise, I might as well just use the previously mentioned Stream Trigger Input Method mentioned in previous posts in this thread to make a "Turbo" trigger that was a thing you could get on a SNES controller back in the day.
  14. I think it can be both a Health/Usability Issue AND a Balance issue. I prefer the feel of Auto over Semi Triggers. The same applies to Burst triggers, where I've seen Burst-Auto vs Burst-Semi (where one is a steady 3-round burst you just hold down while the other requires you to pull the trigger every time you want to shoot a burst of 3-rounds.) I'm not dumb enough to suggest that my usability of a weapon wouldn't be improved by also making the changes that would prevent me from having to constantly click the mouse. So when in doubt, I focus on the issue of BOTH. Because then, at least DE might look at it, and make their own determination on if such changes require a penalty or not. I'm just shotgunning ideas. Okay, that's probably why I don't use it, since BPM felt very clunky when it first came out. Probably totally missed it. Actually, you got me thinking about someone's suggestion about using a vertical mouse. I think on one of the Prime (Home) Times, Megan said she was using one because the charge ran out on it in the middle of the stream, so she had to plug it in. Most likely she was using a Logitech Vertical (which is a fine mouse, I have one at work). So if she's using one, probably because of hand issues being at issue... maybe it would be best to ask her to help promote an alternative-system with triggers being changeable. Or something. @[DE]Megan, can you verify that you use a Logitech Vertical mouse? Sorry, I know this just seems like a random question for you, but I'm curious why you're using one (if you're using one), because I might have to take my own Vertical mouse home at this rate to help with the hand pains.
  15. Why a penalty? Uh... game balance. I'm not opposed to sacrificing a small bit of power/accuracy/recoil/whatever for more functionality. I'd love a mod that just changed the trigger, cost 0, and fit in the exilus slot (if it was open), with no negatives. But I'm trying to think like a DE Dev. I know there are other ways AROUND the issue; the free-floating mouse wheel firing being one of them. I wasn't aware of the Steam Input Configuration Software. It sounds like an old-school version of the "TURBO" button on YE OLDE Nintendo Controllers BY COMPANIES NOT NAMED NINTENDO! Those were the best controllers. And again, I'm not opposed to just providing the option of no-penalty to players. If they did it with mods, fine; if they did it with UI change, fine; if they just allowed us to set certain keys to TURBO mode, groovy; just at this point, I want to offer SOMETHING to DE to get them to do it, because I've played this game for 7 years, and I'd like to continue to play it into the future. It's just every time I suggest this, no traction is made. Maybe if we talk enough, we'll finally get their attention. I used to play PC w/ controller, but that's sort of how I messed up my hand. Been fighting it ever sense. Mouse was honestly the less painful option for me. But hey, if other folks can use the Steam Controller Input to save themselves some hand-ache, more power to you (and them). PS Edit: Sorry I didn't answer your questions in my previous post, but I was most of the way through typing the first one that I didn't want to lose the answers I'd given up to that point
  16. I was trying to come up with a way to both be fair and provide opportunity to have more unique builds in-game. This wasn't about melee attacks, as those are not related to mouse-based clicky-click things unless you have remapped it. As Exilus mods, the mods would still be useable in non-exilus slots, but if you got the slot open, it's a free slot to use. In the end, I'm just trying to find a nice compromise to make the option happen. I'm open to ANY option, as long as it becomes a feature that helps me not destroy my hand. Mods seemed like an easy (and balanced) way to provide access to changing the weapons without having to rewrite the weapon UI. Would a toggle be more useful to change a weapon from Semi to Auto? Yes, but the UI team would have to code that, and most likely they'd want to balance it with some negative, so why not give players the option to customize it how they'd prefer (with slower RoF, higher recoil, less damage or accuracy). All the numbers can be changed, altered, or adjusted. What I want is to bring up that this IS an issue, and I would love to see it DE actually take ALL the solutions given, and figure out the one that's fair to both players both young and old. Again, this is to help start a discussion. Also, if the mods aren't severe in their negatives, people who DO need them WILL use them. Yes, having a built-in function to just turn triggers auto would be better, but I'm not a DE developer. I'm just trying to offer suggestions on how to implement it. Like how Melee 2.0 was a revision of Melee 1.0, and later Melee 3.0 changed how Melee 2.0 worked. This may only be a stepping stone, but I'd like to start building a road. Actually, I have one of those. It's on my work PC. I might have to bring it home, but even then, a brand new ergo mouse is 80-90 dollars ($US), so not everyone like me will have the money to get a new ergo mouse at the drop of a hat. Just a basic mod would be easy for all players to just have and to use whenever. Gasp. That would be awesome. The Vanilla baguette could actually be useable with Burst-Auto... It would be SO MAGICAL. *_*
  17. That's a bad one. Akjakara Prime is another. While I have you here, here's a few suggestions on 0 point Exilus Mods for Semi-to-Auto Triggers: Rate of Fire -33%, Trigger becomes Auto (Less DPS by reduced RoF) Damage -25%, Trigger becomes Auto (Less DPS by reducing Damage) Recoil + 75%, Trigger becomes Auto (Less DPS by making Recoil harder to Control) (Not available on Semi Weapons with no recoil) Accuracy -75%, Trigger becomes Auto (Less DPS by making Headshots and overall Accuracy more difficult) I would TOTALLY give up my Exilus slot just to save myself from having to click to fire constantly with ANY of the above mod options. Call it "Fan the Hammer" for Revolvers, "Illegal Upgrade" for Rifles or SMGs, "Convsersion Kit" for Pistols, whatever... Just make the pain stop please. Actually, Hey, DE, you there? Look up the most popular weapons being used in-game right now. You have the ability to look at in-game statistics because you can see what everyone is using and how they use it and what not. Subtract ALL the Melee (they don't have triggers obviously), Bows (because unless they're auto-crossbows, they're just bows), Sniper Rifles, and... Launchers? Yeah, that should be all of the major items that wouldn't be effected by the Trigger mod suggestion. Now, find out WHAT are the popular weapons in-game by TRIGGER type. I bet ya 50 Ducats, all the big-name ranged weapons being used right now are full-auto weapons, with semi triggers (especially in the Secondary weapon category) showing up much less use. I'm sure I could look up the Riven use, but I bet you stuff with full auto triggers are MUCH more popular than their semi trigger counterparts. I would love to use my old Akvastos, but I'm never going to use them again, because my hand hated life when I used them when I was 7 years younger. Now, I'd be lucky if my hand didn't just explode from the concept of clicking a weapon that much. Plus, it's not like OTHERS haven't done stuff like "Set Their Mouse Scroll As Weapon Fire" and then made their scroll wheel free floating so they can just slap it down and fire their guns like a full auto weapon anyways.... At least I'm offering up negatives to balance the mods.
  18. Oh boy, I got a Zakti Prime! *One 10 Minute Survival Later* For the love of everything good and holy, let me use the pistol on Auto, please. My poor tendonitis has determined Ignis Wraith Good, anything with a Semi Trigger is Satan.
  19. This is STILL happening. Mariana still has the Arclite Landing Craft appear ALL BLACK except for the Tenno Deployment system.
  20. I'm not sure if everyone has this issue, but my hands are not as young as they were 7 years ago when clicking was a fun, easy task. Not all weapons need the ability to change their trigger function. Press-to-Charge, Duplex, Auto, and Auto-Burst triggers are fine. Mostly this boils down to the SEMI and BURST-only triggers on weapons, especially ones with high ROF. What I'd like to see is one of two changes to triggers. Allow a Weapon with Semi & Burst-Only to be set to Auto & Auto-Burst (along with a RoF penalty to compensate), OR Create an Exilus Weapon Mod to turn Semi Trigger to Auto & Burst Trigger into Auto-Burst (again with RoF penalty however DE feels) The first option provides easy change so stuff like the Akjagara Prime pistol goes from a clicky nightmare to something where I'd be able to hold down the trigger and worry amount hitting the target and not how each button press would be a stab along my carpel tunnel. The second option provides the ability to combine the change as part of the mod system, promote the use of exilus weapon mod slots, cost the weapon some extra performance as mod points are moved to a non-meta mod for user-comfort, and allow me to use weapons without aggravating my tendonitis like crazy. Honestly, i just want weapon options. Slow-ROF semi triggers like sniper rifles aren't bad, but High-ROF semis are impossible to use, or you do what some do and you mod you mouse wheel to spin freely and link that to your trigger. Why is it okay to have an external work-around for the issue but we don't have one inside the game for folks who don't want to mod their mouse (or use controllers on consoles)? I'd rather spend the 200 dollars it would cost me to go to the doctor to get a cortizone shot every 4 months on stuff in-game, but that's just me.
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