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  1. Feast: a great CC and dps ability, the energy drain though is very crippling, 175 efficiency is the only way for the ability to feel less energy devouring, needs some kind of buffer to help store some enemies for his 2nd ability without vomiting them all out ... Norish: its fine for a supportive ability but could use some buffs to feel more "impactful" Norish energy- Grendel and allies gain passive energy regen, probably regenerate around the same amount as energy siphone Norish armor- retaliation toxic proc from nourish armor has a 75% chance to stack its damage with each hit Nourish strike- (note: I'm not sure if this increases Pulverises damage, if it doesn't, It would be a great buff if this ability greatly increased its damage) Possible synergy: activating nourish pauses feasts energy drain for 5 seconds. This will allow Grendel to sustain a large amount of enemies to gain all his buffs from and avoid loosing all his energy during the process HUD improvements: Grendel can cycle enemies in his gut by holding down the button, though the chosen icon is hard too see behind the duration timer. Haveing a ability HUD like vauban and Ivara would fix this issus Additional suggestion: allow nourish to cause a quick radial stagger when Grendel stomps the ground, the quick CC would be very convenient when refreshing your buffs during a fight ... Regurgitate: this ability would be great if the blast radius was heavily increased, currently i only use the ability when I have to many enemies in my gut and want to tone down the energy drain without loosing them all Suggestion: heavily increase range, and enemies who survive being regurgitated leave a large noxious aura around them that deals constant toxic damage to surrounding enemies. Toxic damage stacks with each aura on an enemy Additional notes: regurgitate is how it is because it has 0 energy cost. with these buffs, a small 15 energy cost would be pretty fair for the ability ... Pulverize: this ability is fun, but needs just one little bit of synergy to be affective Suggestion: the energy drain of feast is reduced by half while in pulverise, activating feast while in pulverize will devour all enemies in a small radius. This will allow Grendel to sustain pulverizes damage while also increase it along with his size ... How have you been enjoying Grendel? I've got about 5 forma on him already and I'm excited to play around with some more builds. He's so fun to use Imo. If you have any thoughts, please share them
  2. Grendels extreme energy drain on his 1 is still an issue What if when he activated nourish, the energy drain for feast paused for 5-6 second, allowing him to regen energy quick and make better use of his feast
  3. Just some things I want to suggest -Remove shields and give Grendal passive regen that increases with each enemy devoured. Devour should have a flat energy drain that doesn't increase with each devoured enemy. -Nourish energy should give him and allies a high boost of energy. Nourish shields toxin damage should stack with each hit on Grendel, nourish damage is fine Regurgitate, I had 2 ideas -regurgitated enemies who survive the impact have a large aura around them that deals continual toxin damage to enemies in a large area, when regurgitated enemies die, they deal a large blast of toxin damage that leaves a large pool of corroding acid on the ground Or -regurgitated enemies transform into smaller version of pulverise and devour one enemy, hold in button to return all regurgitated enemies including the enemies they devoured. -Pulverises damage should increase with each enemy devoured. activating devour while in pulverise should devour all enemies in a small radius Edit: I had an idea for a new passive "Grendels size makes him a threatening target, causing enemies to focus there attacks more on Grendel and less on allies"
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