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  1. DE specifically stated that it can be an unranked warframe! So that's good to hear. Hope this helps!
  2. Hey dude, not sure how many people told you this, but I used Vauban with max range and duration. Throw down your four and wait. His second ability (tether I think) allows you to tie them down. Just keep going from one interception point to the next. My friend used Nidus with Max range so that he can use his spaghetti meatball. Hope this helps!
  3. It might also be that OP had seen the hate Wukong had before his rework.
  4. Strange, I got the statue but not the staff skin. Oh well....
  5. 1) Go to any available relay 2) Pause your screen and click on fast travel 3) Select Cephalon Simaris 4) As soon as you travel there, go to the right. 5) Find the MR 6 test... 6) Before selecting it make sure to equip an automatic weapon (Braton for example) 7) Press X at the MR 6 terminal and choose practice. 8 ) Practice, practice, practice.... 9) Go do the test again legitimately. 10) Grofit?? I hope this helps Tenno, don't get discouraged!
  6. I think what you can do is to choose a sentinel and it should be in status. I am doing this from mobile rn so I might be wrong...
  7. I basically used a Harrow and a Volt specter to beat it. Still took me 20 minutes to beat it. Although I would recommend an Umbra Inaros or Inaros prime due to that sweet health. As long as your weapon has a moderate amount of radiation you should be good. Try to use the operator arcanes (I think they are called magus nourish) to replenish your warframe health. Dont use the Zenurik focus tree on Ropalolyst cause it doesnt work anyway. I suggest Naramon to get that combo counter up... I hope this helps!
  8. I use the Protea, Hildryn and Saryn specters. All of them should have exergis and then whatever else you desire...
  9. Thank you! Looking forward to it.
  10. Darn, was waiting to test my own build in the Steel Path on my own. You ruined it 😞
  11. Ah! I see another fellow Tenno wants to get some toroids/somachords. Let me answer those questions: Like Am_Sha3gar had said above, toroids are randomly thrown into caves upon loading into the Orb Vallis. Those Loc-Pins will NOT affect any spawns. I am also happy to say that the Loc-pins stay permanently between sessions as stated on the Wiki https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Loc-Pin. Loc-Pins do not set your instance inside of OV or POE, it simply stays at the location it was last been at. Hope that helps 😄 Good luck Tenno!
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