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  1. "Dumping Liches would be nice. However in the mean time, you could use some awareness and not accidentally stab one again. It's one of those mistakes that should only happen once. " Well after spending the the previous 2 hours murmur farming, I was slightly Zombie-fied pressing X on a anything with a red mark on its head. My fault, but making a simple mistake should not be so punishing...
  2. So I accidentally killed a lich lava... and am stuck with a lich I have no desire to spend 4+ hours grinding for another crappy Drakgoon i will never use. Please ...please, please give me an option to dump this stupid lich and forgo the excruciating grind to achieve NOTHING.
  3. Any chance to display the lich ephemera (if it has one) on the lich lava, like the weapon?
  4. I redeemed 6 relics pack from red veil syndicate (18 relics) yesterday after Nekros & Oberon were unvaulted but received no unvaulted relics. Is there a few days lag before they are added to the syndicate relic tables or am I just very unlucky???
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