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  1. @Birdframe_Prime @Hobie-wan @fr4gb4ll I can feel you too have the same thought deep inside, but struggling or afraid to shove it out: it needs a change. For me, it is the most hated I have that someone makes restrictions rather than finding a working solution, especially when they are in control. Saying again: your are doing to much overthinking. Let DE find a better solution than restricting things. and remember there is always a "beta testing" that can be done with actual players to ease the testing ideas. And also remember, Warframe is not the only game in this planet, let a
  2. depends on your system. try right clicking windows menu button , usually at bottom-left, select "run", write "dxdiag" hit enter. it should show supported DX version in it
  3. check if you have DX11 card because they just removed DX10 from the game
  4. hope it is not related to your display card because they just removed DX10 from game with this update.
  5. you have told in another post to give a date and here, without even a small notice, you removed Direct X 10 support.
  6. this feels it is gonna take forever to download ad the speed goes below 100KB right now 🤢
  7. you are just overthinking about what you cant possibly have a way to be included in the process. DE can deal with these problems simply by changing the rules, just as happening anytime in the game. Tracking players are just a matter of better scripting, and for example clan rewards may be given "after" the event ends while players can have personal rewards their rewards anytime they pass a requirement. The problem of here with players like you is to give up simply saying "this cant be done" and the reason for that is because you are just overthinking. Don't just go denying and try s
  8. I did not say it is a bug, please gain some more english context experience with "should be considered as". and honestly it means for you: I read but I don't care of what you explained because you explained only what it is, you accepted it as status quo and you don't consider this restriction as an ill-handled feature implementation. Chosing easy way is not the fair way to do something, especially when you try to make it fair enough. So again : This restriction is no different than any bug in the game and should be fixed.
  9. I wouldn't know had I not read your post. This restriction does really seem stupid. It should be considered just like any bug and must be handled for future events: Clans should be able to change tiers freely anytime whether or not an event is on.
  10. Ture Master's Blessing cooldown is absolutely non-sense and not a way to show respect to players that has spent so much time into the game. We are players to spend all the varying hours in the game; sometimes a whole day with the sun and an owl only for the next. We should be able to give blessings at any time we are available in the game. so there is one and only one logical choice to make here: Remove the cooldown and make it "once a day" feature. PS: I hope you like and/or just reply so the title stays up until DE hears us and fixes at next patch.
  11. unfortunately "unkillable" is possibly because bug happens. I just had 2 successful practice and then failed killing Nox as the last boss in the test because he was simply bugged to be invincible. Unlike the practice session, Mesa simply was ignoring to shot him.
  12. It is not about when dx10 started, it is about when dx11 become popular among publicly available display cards. thinking about the dates you assume every display card used to play warframe are master of art dx15(!) supporters. but even dx12 was around long enough, few years ago dx11 cards was not that this much popular. I wish amd and nvidia adopted dx11 widely as soon as it came out. that s why dx9 lived a long life. In fact I would rather removing dx10 but still keeping dx9.
  13. nice, I have seen this just now as you only give 3-months notice (though made TBA) for a technology discontinuation that possibly make you lose most of your players making them unable to play anymore. go on and make yourself a small community.
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