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  1. still the same, the difference is you just lie yourself this time. what part did you not understand of this sentence: "before we hit that "quit" button" ?? at least you got some meaning until this line. If you don't agree to a post, either be meaningful, or don't mock the OP. if you choose to mock, then expect reaction. I clearly stated about having a knowledge of the size of update BEFORE quitting the game in the 15 minutes of after-update interval, with a decision tree example. If you don't agree with a suggestion in a post, then leave your opinions in clear sentences, or just leave it alone.
  2. I thought you had fixed the issue, yet here I am with the issue. "blood relics" mission in orb vallis has no body for a 4th agent. or maybe it has no 4th agent at all, because most of solo mission are made to find few less things than usual public plays. though, I am not sure about this, because for each body, Eudico has something to say. anyways, I am playing solo and I just failed a mission because there way no 4th body anywhere in that yellow circle. this had happened before in the same area, possibly same named mission. mission area is around the "grow site". please check and fix the mission phase and/or phases in that area
  3. please read a bit slowly 🙂 I said "my connection is about 1MB/s" then wrote "VPN gives about 450KB/s", clearly implying I don't use VPN while playing WF by the way, thanks for the effort about testing.
  4. I will tell you the same : "I don't communicate anyone outside the game. try to think out-of-the-box before you even attempt to think to write an answer to posts". and by the first comment you wrote, you don't seem to play daily, nor I don't think PS4 gets updates so often as PC does. did you know we just get 2 updates within 2 hours with about 150MB in size?
  5. you satisfied? if not , go find somewhere else, because this post is not for you satisfaction. or you can just stop acting. the sentence you quoted is still true, because otherwise you wouldn't try to tell me those things. with phone data, I play solo with daily average of 3 hours ~20MB and every new update has at least that size of fixed download without the update itself. launcher itself updates first ~10MB and then "checking new content" eats ~30MB, only then update itself comes. and more to that, in just 2 hours, I lost ~150MB of data to two updates. more than a week's worth of play time lost only to updates. besides, I don't communicate anyone outside the game. try to think out-of-the-box before you even attempt to think to write an answer to posts.
  6. I forgot not all players use phone data 🙂 my 3G/4G connection does around 1MB/s, so without a network limiter in your computer it is hard to see what I saw. it took around 60 seconds for me to complete update. if someone wants to try this, OpenVPN client (need installation) and one of freevpn.me servers might do the job. they mostly serve at ~500KB/s
  7. not sure if DEs has read this post, but the newest updates (minutes ago) took place like this: launcher started first ~10MB of download. it was not in "processes with network activity " but in below panel ""network activity", then came ~30MB of "checking content" part and both launcher and warframe64.exe showed up in both panes. it is possible they fixed launcher, or we need to wait for another update to check again.
  8. I don't use any stream you mentioned, so I am sure WF launcher is the only one to get high number of data in that interval. anyways, there is a new update. can you please try to check what I have experienced, as I will now do with this new one too.
  9. so, you know nothing about slow networks and phone data. or at least you didn't read the last sentence. please be sure to understand the topic before writing a comment
  10. if you couldn't "follow", why bother to write an answer anyway? my computer is free of viruses and I didn't complain about used data (I did it it the link I gave). every process to use network show up in resource manager, and if it does not then its behavior is "virus like", especially when you know there is no other program to use network actively at the exact moments launcher runs an update.
  11. hi DEs, let it either be slow networks or phone data, any new update means a panic for players in these categories. slow networks takes really long to get the update so the fun is cut half and maybe the plans these players have at that time slot. phone data users mostly get the updates fast, but the problem is the total quota they have. instead of warning players just T-5 minutes, you may try to warn about possible outcomes towards the end of your fixing process. or even delay the updates like T-15 instead of T-5. besides the timing, it would be really, reeeaaally, nice to know the size of total update (launcher, assets, and hidden/unnamed extras) before we hit that "quit" button, so that we may say "be back in a minute" or "farewell, see you next week/month" to our friends and clanmates etc.
  12. hi DEs, few days ago I posted about unseen update download sizes and impact on phone data usage. optimizing new content checking I had no direct answer but last couple updates had about 30MB, which is way better than old sizes. the problem in the title is about what I saw during the update. I had wi-fi status page is open before I start launcher to see how much data will new update downloads. (good old control panel then network connections and double click on wi-fi) first part was ~10MB launcher update, then another 10MB of unkown update, and after that it started to check for new content. after about 30MB of checking, ~50MB new content is found. it is all good so far. then this happened: download is stalled down to 40KB/s, yet there was a constant stream of data. I opened resource monitor (task manager - performance -resource monitor) and expected warframe or some other program downloading something. what ş saw is the reason of this post: there was no activity from any other program that uses internet, NOR there was no warframe activity. i waited and watched as WF launcher continues to download the update. yet it was not there. it took about 2 minutes to get updated content, and there was no sign of warframe process on resource manager. hence the title "virus like behaviour". oh , by the way, while launcher downloading that ~50MB update, there happened another ~10-15MB extra dat usage. maybe a broken data during the update when it stalled down to KBs of speed. I am just not sure if it was the launcher.
  13. Can you please now add "equipped in somewhere" dot on mods even if we don't have that mod in current loadout !? for these reasons: I cannot see equipped mods on trade screens if they are not equipped on anything i currently use. I cannot see if a mod equipped anywhere else in my arsenal while in mods screen even the best, put the dots aside and replace them a "equipped on …" hover-on warning with persistent background "already equipped" image. just like you already have it when trying to mod robotics&companions with the same mods we use on frame weapons, just add extra "equipped on …" message. and use this also on trade screens. by the way, I am hoping this fix you mention is also about venari versus pets using same mods 😄 yesterday I was trying new mods on my builds and thought it was something you intend to 😛 I will check their mods in a while back in game. and if not you need to check that too.
  14. can you please REMOVE excess "Fomorian Disruptor Blueprint" and "Razorback Cipher Blueprint"? just 1 of each blueprint is enough, yet over the year I started playing, I now have 5 and 6 of them, respectively. also, please let us sell kubrow eggs for credits, or even to other players. because while using a pet companion, it is impossible to breed any new pet. unless … unless you have plans to let us have a pet companion and breed another simultaneously ... one more thing: please fix/optimize solo play mod. many things are not correctly in solo mod, like getting lagged in a solo mission (yep you heard right) and some ghost objects like support capsule in kuva survival.
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