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  1. When the objectives are completed, yet Tenno is still onboard a crewship when the "return to railjack" countdown completes, that tenno is bugged to disappear with the crewship with no mouse and keyboard control. This happened twice now, first was ignorance and second was getting down while waiting teleporting to RJ. There can be more crewships in battle than the numbers required to complete objectives. And multiple tenno might be aboard them, either hijack-driving or just trying to blow them up in the heat of battle. When the objectives are complete, especially on earth missions
  2. A day has passed, yet there is no solution about this. Phase-1 gets bugged in all different stages. read and see at least how many times I tried and failed the phase-1 * Found the Quill, no further dialogs came out. * after 10s of fishing on these parts, I tried leaving the squad, all 3 parts of the stage came one after another to let me go stage-2 only to be bugged again * Fishing started, passed 1/3, but cant do 2/3 even after 10s of fishing. * cant make it 3/3 even after 10s of fishing. * for a few times , we got lucky to make 3/3, but UI stuck on stage-1 * get
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