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  1. are you following Railjack bug reports in bug forums?
  2. TYPE: [, In-Game, , .] DESCRIPTION: ["Devolution" mods are probably working wrong and must be checked. It says "devolves into larvae form upon death" but does not wait for a bleed out to death and instantly kills the animal] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [just have any vulpaphyla with "devolution" mod equipped and let it die to see instant death] EXPECTED RESULT: [just like any animal companion, these animals should have a bleed out timer before the mod activates.] OBSERVED RESULT: [animals with this mod dies instantly] REPRODUCTION RATE: [currently all the ti
  3. sorry i forgot to check for hidden file problem. this TMP file might be hidden, so you may also need to change some explorer settings to show them. the place changes with different windows versions, even for versions of windows 10. for recent W10 versions, it is in the "view" menu section; uncheck "hidden items" box. if you dont see this TMP file even after this step, then you have to wait for another fix 😒
  4. try this with caution: 1- find your warframe installation directory and go to "Tools" directory ... "drive:\whereeveritis\Warframe\Tools\" 2- make sure warframe related files are not running, so check with task manager. "Launcher.exe" and "Warframe.x64.exe" (or Warframe.exe if there are 32bit version around) 3- rename "Launcher.exe" to "Launcher.exe.bugged" ... and then "Launcher.exe~RF19afd7e4.TMP" to "Launcher.exe" (file may have different random letters and "TMP" at the end) ... you may need console skills to rename exe files 4- try running again. above step should work
  5. wish you wrote what you tried and what you see ... what parts you used? ... may be you need to gild them ...
  6. all vulpapyhla does that 😇 they still stay invisible but their timed attacks starts iching the enemy
  7. you guys have possibly missing some other weapon. I have just calculated my my points, and all fits in without a bug. 2.206.273 points in total. missing are 12k from founders pack, 1000 from necramech as it is level 25, 6000 from 2 missing weapon, 5772/27501 from steel path. currently my profile show 584/588; 2 are primary kitguns and other 2 are Athodai and Azima are just missing. what are not shown are founders triplet and necramech.
  8. solution: if you already have primary kitguns maxed, just use them in a fast regular mission, like capture, and they will be fixed to show completed. i had hope they would give extra exp though, and heart broken 😅
  9. TYPE: [, In-Game, , .] DESCRIPTION: [If a client is over their wreckage capacity and host starts a mission, they are just kicked out of the team] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [make sure you are over the wreckage capacity, join a railjack team, and host starts the mission] EXPECTED RESULT: [just like trying to start a sortie with a weapon condition warns players "some player does not have required weapon type", the host should be warned that team members are over wreckage capacity] OBSERVED RESULT: [any client that is over wreckage capacity are simply kicked out of
  10. TYPE: [, In-Game, , .] DESCRIPTION: [Affinity earned during any railjack mission does not update for clients until they go back to orbiter] VISUAL: [Going back to dojo, and clients see no affinity earned] REPRODUCTION: [start any railjack mission with not-maxed arsenal, finish the mission and go back to dojo. open arsenal and see there is no affinity gain] EXPECTED RESULT: [just like any regular mission, affinity earned should reflect immediately after returning to dojo, not until returning to orbiter] OBSERVED RESULT: [affinity earned is kept away from client pro
  11. I tested with a forma'ed weapon. we played 2 missions. I left after going 3rd mission and kept affinity earned with bonuses. It seems rare bug to lose all earned affinity.
  12. see what i mean !? Quassus is marked to be "rare" and Xaku chasis to be "uncommon" in the mission reward list. yet here they have the vice-versa situation, quassus is uncommon and Xaku chasis is rare.
  13. TYPE: [, In-Game, , .] DESCRIPTION: [Using a Necramech can lock the use of Archwing and vice versa, and gives "invalid launch point" everywhere. I normally launch archwing after a high bullet jump, and even that wont work. Some times, launching K-drive fixed archwing lock, but necramech lock stays anyways.] VISUAL: [imagine you get "invalid lauch point" anywhere and everywhere] REPRODUCTION: [I cant tell how to reproduce. in and out of necramech, it just decides to do so, sometimes on laggy hosts, sometimes when I am the host.] EXPECTED RESULT: [I should be able to use
  14. TYPE: [, In-Game, , .] DESCRIPTION: [team of 2 goes into railjack mission for intrinsic farming, leaving the squad open so anyone can join farming. after few missions, random player needs to leave. going back and forth is time consuming, so we decide to stay and tell him to leave when we get to new area. after we see the "mission succesfull" message we go into new mission then he leaves. he messages back and says he lost all affinity gained on his weapons. ] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [I am not sure what happened but one needs to join a session with low level weapons and ab
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