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  1. this can be solved by adding a visual about forge resources. besides, I don't think all engineers do think the same as you.
  2. in my original post, I gave the example enemy names wrong. I edited them now.
  3. 2 reasons I use steam for: all my 500+ games are residing in steam whenever I want to reset my system, delete the game from system for a while or move the game installation between my many computers, it is as easy as moving back and forth the game folder to a another disk.
  4. It was, until Empyrean was out 🙂 we were trying to get like 100 for hours in vallis and plains, now they are still rare but just not in Railjack missions.
  5. Everyone knows that if we collected a rare resource or item, they are shown in bottom left of the screen in a special boxed view. that makes us feel special finding that resource. but, what about if that resource is not rare anymore? Railjack missions are the ones that really get annoying after a while. For every resource we collected, these messages flow continuously on left side of screen, with almost no stopping. I even had to move my chat window far to mid screen. Carbides, Copernics, Cubic Diodes and Pustrels are no more rare resources in Railjack missions. They should not be shown to be specials any more. Even new resources Titanium, Asterides, Brachons and Isos are not rare resources in Railjack missions. A "rare item" is always meant to be found a few over all the mission completion, not hundreds or thousands. SO Railjack missions need a touch about showing these materials. they can still be shown as rare outside RJ missions, like plains or vallis, but not in RJ missions.
  6. Since new year's updates coming out, I noticed there is problem with Liches; when they spawn into missions, they don't convert enemies around into thralls as consistently as before (an important part of this cat-mouse game). At first I thought DEs has changed the mechanics. Yesterday I did a solo/video hunt too see differences. I got a mission of 19 murmurs with my lich in it. so it is clear the numbers didn't changed; 10+10. also 100% is still about 60, and murmurs collected is still off few percents (ie, last murmur of 2nd circle carried over a little to 3rd circle). then I noticed the conversion animation on one of the enemies: Guardsman. this enemy is look-alike of prosecutors. I was using loki, and there were no thralls around to use blind effect. so why this enemy was having this animation? I waited and watched and saw my lich tries to convert that enemy. but he is certainly resisting to conversion. and my Lich insist doing that which causes no more thrall spawns. I think DEs set our indestructible enemies, like prosecutors, to be restricted but forgot to tell Liches about these restrictions. I recorded my whole hunt of about 3 hours, so it would take some time to find that part of hunt. but I am sure DEs would be faster to conclude on the matter without me giving evidence. Edit: I gave the enemy name wrong. They are Guardsman, to be look-alike weaker executioners Prosecutors, not a Marksman. There is not even an enemy type named by that 🙂 Edit: I don't know what got into me. I even gave the wrong comparison names. They are Prosecutor, not Executioners.
  7. Dear DEs, you nerfed Cryophon series too much. They are slow and unlike other weapons have single damage type. If I would invest in such a weapon then I expect it to deal more damage than multi-type damage weapons. for example: zetki apoc mk3 can do 25 shots in 1 go meaning about 7k plasma and 3k particle. zetki cryophon mk3 can only shot 2.5 times to be 7.5k damage. this might seem a fair trade but it is not. slow rate of fire means we don't have luxury to miss shots in a fast-paced fight and single-type damage means we wont be dealing much damage to most enemies. to compensate this, cryophon series should have higher damage values. or you may advance in technology to either decrease heat accretion or increase efficiency of polar coil. before you ask, even gunnery 7 is not enough to do the job, I cant imagine those below gunnery level 6.
  8. Today, I tried to transfer bonus damage of my Kuva Brakk, and I get an error that says I was trying to transfer a bonus lower than the current one. I thought it was a bug, because my current weapon was a 25% flame, as I read from the name of the Lich I get it from, and the other has 30%. I even posted a bug report in bug forums. Few minutes later, I wanted to see what would happen if I try to transfer to new weapon, and only then I saw that my current one has 55% on it. Appearently I already transferred another bonus damage and forgot about it. It is really annoying, because it really becomes hard to follow the liches I hunt when their numbers goes over 40+. So, it would be really helpful to see kuva weapon bonus damages on their arsenal stats screen.
  9. Oh my. It is really hard to follow the transfers of weapon bonuses. It seems I previously transferred 55% heat damage from another weapon I tried to transfer the bonus of my new Kuva Brakk and I have this error message: "Cannot replace an innate damage bonus with a weaker damage bonus of the same type." The bug? My current weapon has 25% flame damage and the one I try to transfer has 30% flame damage. Last time I looked at math 30 is greater than 25 😅 Please fix the problem. PS: I could not decide where this post should go as the categories available didn't seem to suit this one. If a moderator reads this, please move it to a suitable one, if one exist.
  10. I have 2 Toxin and 1 Pull ephemeras I want Flame and Shockwave ephemeras edit: I traded pull for a flame
  11. I have 2 Toxin and 1 Pull ephemeras I want Flame and Shockwave ephemeras I have all ephemeras now, I might sell them later on a new post or in-game. pm me in-game to check.
  12. Avionics page plays hide&seek. wrong capacity, invisible/disappearing mods etc even when moving between railjack menus. It mostly loses the inserted mods; either just gui bug or affects the mission, cant say the outcome. with this problem, I cant even remember what was in that slot so maybe I could replace them. Capacity show full or not full depending on its mood 🙂 with disappearing magic act of mods of course. this is why I concerned it may affect the missions. and statistics. with one or both above presents, it also differs to show base or fully modded umbers. And last, mods hesitate to show their full potentials on their upgraded slots. sometime they show base/upgraed values, sometimes they add slot levels. checking before and after missions, or leaving/reentering dojo gets me the same thing: all the above happens randomly but consistently. It is rare I got fully functioning page. edit: avionics page has a lag issue to load what I really have, and it is not related to my network speed. It does randomly even while switching menus. If I try to change something forgetting about this, all my mod configuration is gone. sometimes waiting a bit fixes, sometimes exiting railjack menu does so.
  13. When the objectives are completed, yet Tenno is still onboard a crewship when the "return to railjack" countdown completes, that tenno is bugged to disappear with the crewship with no mouse and keyboard control. This happened twice now, first was ignorance and second was getting down while waiting teleporting to RJ. There can be more crewships in battle than the numbers required to complete objectives. And multiple tenno might be aboard them, either hijack-driving or just trying to blow them up in the heat of battle. When the objectives are complete, especially on earth missions with no ground objectives, all enemy ships are just disappearing away from battlefield after the countdown "return RJ" finishes, so the tenno inside. this bug happens only at the end and to a tenno inside. It can be prevented but accidents happen. So best to be fixed.
  14. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1146614-nightwave-acts-reset-to-not-completed-points-are-preserved/ This problem is still not fixed. All completed missions are still showing incomplete, at least 2 hours of play time. Mayb that "Monday" hotfix broke them
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