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  1. lich/sister stabs either double stabs the first two mods or does not apply them at all, especially the 3rd mod preventing to continue to showdown. and you still don't have a proper fix for this.
  2. keyboard functionality loss still a problem. today, in deimos, after spending some time in missions, i just decided to catch a fish before going to exit. it just turned to horror movie. all keyboard funtionality to use warframe/operator (or anything not a menu nor chat related) just got removed from the game, leaving no choice other than aborting. if you are not gonna fix this stupid bug, at least add a command to restore keyboard if at least chat is still working, just like an "/unstuck" command
  3. pretty much the same, but picture this with 2 more attempts of that same sequence all missing the 3rd. I posted a support ticket with screenshot after the 3rd lich having this same bug. don't know if they are working on a fix as haven't got any reply of the solution
  4. what is the use of "on kill" mods if you simply can't kill anything with those weapons?
  5. you have like a minute to reach and deal with sister candidates. after that they just run away. if you play capture missions like i do, try first capturing target, then go for the granum void.
  6. it is also true for vice versa. i joined a team in a sister hunt node on phobos, and we hunted grineers and thralls. in second mission, thralls were mains along with some sister dogs, and at the end my sister came so i could finish her.
  7. when you do left+A, then you need to press and hold both left and right clicks. do not release left click.
  8. this has happened twice: once on a sister and 3 times in a row, and then on a lich. all mods are already made known and the sequence is correct. when the time comes stabbing, 2 are applied and 3rd stab is just made empty stab. first time it happened on a sister hunt, i thought it was just bad luck. then it happened 2 more time in next 2 encounters. i gave up and use oull mod instead. later the same thing happened on a lich and as it seemed a repeating bug, i just used another oull in place of the 3rd. UPDATE: happened a 3rd times, but this time 3rd mod was Oull. I am waiting for next encounter with/without knowing revealing 3rd mod. UPDATE 2: this 3rd lich is now seem to stuck on me because even with all mods are know, 3rd mod is not applying.
  9. (head note: this happened twice, so not a rare thing to happen in deimos) Hi DEs, first of all, K-Drive accidents are exaggerated very much. even the slowest crash one can send a player off flying uncontrolled for many hundreds meters away. and then, just because everything is uncontrollable, player can diffuse into texture from any point of contact with it after fly ends and this results in very-very-long drop off the game area. controls might work or not during this fall and all can do it watch the game area disappear into a tiny dot up on the sky(?!) these two things can even "go for over a minute" before finally getting on feet and try driving again. and the comes the automatic fall detection system into help (mostly comes very late) and finds a nearby safe spot to put the player on so they continue playing. but this "nearby safe spot" is unfortunately not always a really "safe" spot as it happened to me moments ago. it seems the nearby safe spot was one of the vaults I haven't unlocked (because I came for a k-drive race only) and trying to reach mouth-lock on the to exit just teleported me back to safe spot again. as a side note, and a physics lecture, the momentum gained by k-drives should not be even able to send off players 10-20 meters away from crash site as most of the game still applies real physics. so please first fix this "find a safe spot" rescue algorithm and then also please do some rework on k-drive crashes. PS: falling through the map mostly ends up by the death of the player, which is also not something desired i guess
  10. did you add item/enemy radar mods for k-drives? I feel blinded both on k-drives and merulina without radar mods. please add them if you haven't yet.
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