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  1. I too have been experiencing this. It becomes difficult to play the game even for short periods of time. Yes I have colour correction off.
  2. Passive: Lose [# or %] energy per second, whenever you pick up an Energy orb gain [# or %] additional energy for you and nearby allies. Lost energy is converted to health with [%] efficiency. Ability 1 (Sow): Low health cost, short range aoe. Summon 'void tree tendrils' and seed enemy units for [#] seconds dealing medium piercing damage. When seeded unit dies [Warframe] recovers [# or %] energy and [# or %] health. Ability 2 (Harvest): normal energy cost, large range aoe. Draw from the nearby enemies and corpses material dealing low piercing damage and reducing enemy armour by [%]. Gain [# or %] armour or damage reduction per [#] of enemies for [#] seconds. Ability 3 (Spite): Drain heavy energy per second drain. [Warframe] ignites the void energy inside themselves greatly increasing their power while dealing moderate [Damage Type] to nearby enemies. Increases offensive and speed stats considerably. Ability 4 (Pandemonium): normal energy cost, medium range aoe. Evoking the powers of the many warframes [warframe] unleashes unpredictable devastating effects onto an area. Deal heavy damage of [#] random elements or IPS with guaranteed status procs. The idea is for a caster warframe that has to constantly manage its decaying energy in order to cast powerful abilities.
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