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  1. I like the changes to the Kuva Lich System. The slow grind towards that perfect 60% feels worthwhile compared to the old, "Jokes on you, another 25% roll." I can hunt Kuva Lich's for hours. Blazing through nodes, carving through thralls, trying different requiems hoping to get lucky. Then finally, I figure out the last requiem and...I don't have that one. Now I have to run Requiem Fissures. I suddenly lose all momentum and motivation. Then I log out or find something else to do. The current system for farming Requiem Mods is the last unchanged mechanic of the original Kuva Lich implementation. It was hot garbage then and it is hot garbage now. Drop rates of the relics themselves are irrelevant and the "consolation prizes" for not getting the Requiem Mod you need are lacking. Having to run Fissures completely breaks the Kuva Lich hunting gameplay loop and spending precious void traces on requiem relics feels really, really bad. Potential Solution A (Requiem Relics Go, Streamline the Loop) - We need a quest or something introducing us to the Kuva Lich system. During, or after, completion we acquire one of each Requiem Mod. - Kuva Thralls now drop Requiem Traces in addition to filling up your Requiem Murmurs. Those Requiem Traces are fused with Requiem Mods to "charge them up" for use. - Requiem Fissures, Requiem Relics go away. - Everything else about the Kuva Lich System remains the same. - When you use the last "charge" on a Requiem Mod it doesn't "break". You just fuse more Requiem Traces into it. - If DE wanted to get cute, even failed "guesses" could consume one "charge". They would just have to strike the right balance between, "I'm always out of traces", and, "I have a useless pile of traces". Potential Solution B (Requiem Relics Stay, Better Consolation Prizes) Common Drops Requiem Mod or, Requiem Mod or, 5 Amber Ayatan Star Uncommon Drops 2500 Kuva or, Relic I & II - 2 Riven Slivers Relic III & IV - Sah Ayatan Scuplture Rare Drops Relic I - Orta Ayatan Sculpture Relic II - 5000 Kuva Relic III - Exilus Weapon Adapter Blueprint Relic IV - Exilus Warframe Adapter Blueprint
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