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  1. Right? But all of a sudden a huge ball of light came crashing down and said in this huge booming voice "Fear not, I'll show you how to get super high by huffing paint!!" You know what's way cooler than huffing gold spray paint?( and necro posting) Maybe not responding in a language that the OP did not post in, how would this even be remotely helpful is beyond me. This is like giving a stranded mother money for gas but instead of it being local currency it's all in foreign coins, she couldn't exchange it even if she wanted to. It reminds me of this time my friend was visiting me in Montreal and he needed directions and asked this woman in a gas station who refused to give directions to him in English and kept telling him in French even tho he kept saying he didn't speak it. When asked why she kept talking in French to him she responded in perfect English "I refuse to speak English, learn French or leave"
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