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  1. It took me a total of around 80 liches to get all weapons to 60%. Granted this includes liches I did before valense fusion and before the increased ephemera drop chances.
  2. Even though I managed to max my intrinsics enough to have for Command before the cap hotfix I still think that the cap is just stupid.
  3. Engineering 10 is fantastic. I can repair the ship from the pilot seat when there's no dedicated engineer.
  4. I think unlike Khora's Whipclaw Landslide can't benefit from crit on stat sticks so all you want is flat damage. Your build should be something like: Primed Pressure Point, Augment (e.g. Blade of Truth), Spoiled Strike, Primed Fever Strike, Primed Heavy Trauma, Buzz Kill, North Wind, Riven Riven stats should be: +damage, +IPS damage, +elemental damage, good negative
  5. Take your time, better postponed than unplayable. We know it's not easy to have to work from home. We can wait, take care.
  6. Git gud. Seriously, this is the first time I am using this phrase and not joking. Learn how to mod properly. Skiajati is a top tier melee. Don't believe me? Check sakai's tier list: https://www.cephalonwannab.com/ https://overframe.gg/build/28753/
  7. You are calling landing craft skins Orbiter skins. The landing craft docks at the Orbiter and is much smaller.
  8. I absolutely love Railjack but if it were released today in its current state as a standalone game it would have to be $5 to be a good deal and no more than $10 for anyone to buy it. Currently it's just a fun mode to hop in for a few hours and that's it, nothing more than a small indie game. With that said I've probably spent 200h (over 2000 missions) in Railjack but that's simply because I love Warframe's combat and mobility system. I crafted 2x of every single Mk3 weapon from every house and so on. A fully modded railjack is lots of fun to play with. The mode introduced harder enemies that don't get oneshot, Pennant - one of the best heavy attack melees in the game and some new cool sabotage objectives. Also the sentient anomaly ship design is superb!
  9. Non founders are 6k away from MR29, exalted weapons don't give affinity.
  10. I guess "The church of no longer the top tier melees" was taken? Anyway hope we see zaws get a buff soon.
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