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  1. One Umbra forma is often needed when you use Primed Sure footed on builds that can generally go umbral without umbra forma.
  2. No, we didn't go to the hospital. She is fine, she was just having gasses so it took longer for her to calm down and go to sleep. Yes, if you click your profile in the top right corner you can see the drop progress.
  3. I started the stream and went to put my baby daughter to sleep. She is having some stomach ache problems so I had to spend more time with her than usual. When I got back to my PC stream had somehow paused itself and was already 50-60min in so I could only get my Drop progress to 40%.
  4. Welcome to the club. For me I noticed Twitched had paused the stream but it was already 1h in so I was only able to get to 40% before it ended.
  5. Weapons can usually be min/maxed without the use of Umbra forma unlike Warframes which are over 40 at this point. That's more or less 40 Umbra forma and so far I hadn't missed a single one and had like 10 total.
  6. I have a feeling that at the current rate they are increasing Umbra forma availability it will be the next century before we can get them like regular forma.
  7. I need to vent a bit. I had to put my baby daughter to sleep and left Twitch with stream on and somehow it decided to pause itself. When I got back to my PC devstream was almost at 1h so I was only able to get my progress to 40%. This is a pretty terrible way to distribute super rare rewards like Umbra forma that we can get a total of 6-7 a year considering we can't buy them with plat or any other means other than Steel Essence.
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