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  1. Lavos is the long awaited frame to me as he is the true elemental master(bye Chroma!) And he is cool! However, as usual as new frame, he needs some tweak to compete with other frames. Feedback's below PASSIVE Imbuing elements are really cool gimmick! This something I wanted since I started the game. It's free and flexible. The downside it is annoying to imbue elements again and again. As we know, we love to spam cool abilities. However, the imbued elements are lost every time you cast an ability, and you need to hold 1sec each time. The extra effort for casting
  2. No Volatile Quick Return change? Come on, +3 is nerf to all glaives.
  3. I agree with you. the radius bonus should be 5 at least, but DE nerfed all glaives while saying this is to prevent increasing Glaives with a high base radius to higher than intended ranges. The only problem was Xoris which had 18m radius with the mod. There is no reason to nerf rest of others.
  4. This is overnerf. Most of glaives have base radius around 5m, so changing to +3 Blast Radius is straight nerf to not only Xoris which has a high base radius but also rest of others. I guess 5m is the best to balance their radius.
  5. I guess it is about bounce damage not heavy attack I still want to see wolf sledge can use glaive mods including power throw, since its throwing is still kinda mediocre DPS
  6. Glaives changes are really cool. I didn’t like the old dual-wielding stance, but it’s gone! Nice Work!
  7. Great Work! These works not only fix the problem that has been since The Old Blood but also improve the old fashioned Dual-Wielding to a next gen! Volatile mods are cool as well. I am happy if Wolf Sledge can use those glaive mods because its throwing is utterly mediocre now.
  8. Dust has same effect as evasion and additive to it so they make enemies -100% weapon accuracy. It it similar to Heavy Calibre/Magnum Force. Still RNG things or some enemies oneshot you in late game contents.
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