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  1. It's surprising and I appreciate the Lavos changes!!! Handling for Vial Rush is what we really needed! HIs 3rd's increased cool down reduction is also cool!!! I hope some bit tweaks come later. Because: HIs 2nd still disables toggled sprint His 3rd's 10 seconds cooldown is too long so that it kills frequent game play of which Warframe is always proud Still, modding for efficiency is meaningless. It only affects his 3'rds cooldown reduction, yet with 175% efficiency you only can increase it by 1.75 times while normal frames enjoy 4 times smaller energy costs for all abi
  2. Lavos chenges when? He is just another Inaros or valkyr.
  3. Did you fix the issue enemies stuck onto walls and obstacles?
  4. Currently, playing Lavos is not satisfying for reasons. The imbuing machanism is cool, but it requires too many key controls. The inbued element should remain until it is changed. When a secondary element is imbued, imbuing another element should simply overwrite it. Passive is okay but lacks synergy. He has no ability to actively produce energy orb other than helminth abilities. Helminth abilities are hardly infusible as they kill one of imbuing elements, mostly his 1 (toxin) and his 2 (cold) which consist of the best secondary element, viral. His 1's cooldown should be
  5. Overall, cool down are too long, especially for his 1 and 3. Otherwise, just two fixes are needed. First, Vial Rush disables toggled sprint. It’s annoying I have to rehold shift key every time I use Vial Rush. Second, imbuing elements keeps my fingers too busy. You have to rehold keys every time an ability is casted, otherwise every ability damage is 1/2 compared to imbued. I’d suggest that an imbued element remains until it is overwritten by other elements.
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