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  1. When using archwings, Blink sometimes disables toggled boost. When you tried blink during its cool time and failed to activate it, the next blink has a chance to disable your current boost.
  2. Nagantaka is a compound crossbow
  3. Dust has same effect as evasion and additive to it so they make enemies -100% weapon accuracy. It it similar to Heavy Calibre/Magnum Force. Still RNG things or some enemies oneshot you in late game contents.
  4. Totally agree. If I add my opinion the 1000 armor buff is still not enough.
  5. Lifted Status has “Titania’s Syndrome” for which if you hit enemies, they go away. It just makes harder enemies more unkillable.
  6. Nezha's Blazing Chakram can be detonated by pressing Heavy Attack key in the same way with glaives, yet the explosion has no damage but only cool effect, and makes Chakram return. Also the detonation prevents melee Heavy Attack
  7. Taken away the affection of combo counter, Thrown melee’s throws are totally useless now. With slow wind-up, the throw only hits few time per a enemy (usually only once), and also its returning takes time, resulting too small DPS at all. Now the combo counter only affects the explosion. However, the explosion does not have any Crit chance. While other weapons such as Redeemer P can deal huge damage with the combination of Heavy Attack and True(Sacrificial) Steel, glaives, which were already minor melee prior the Old Blood, gained nothing but only nerf. Please revert the nerf and give them your love again.
  8. Gauss took not so long to become current state. So hopefully, we would see Vauban gets a love in the second half of December.
  9. It seems there is a bug that Critical Damage Multiplier does not apply on the explosion.
  10. I agree with you. The inertia so much restricted her movement, but now I am freed from sluggish acceleration delay and forced forward moving while aiming/shooting. However as soon as I press Shift key, again, the forward moving destroys my control. DE’s anti retreat forces are watching us.
  11. For passive, I would like to have 100% reduced gravity during aim glide. The current passive is just nuisance as it is one of bad effect in Nightmare missions.
  12. Thank you DE for removing S#&$ty inertia where every time I use aiming forced me move forward regardless of last direction. Now there is an another problem. Every time I press shift key to use boost/rolling I am forced to move forward. DE, are you Soviet anti-retreat forces? Also Razorwing movement speed is too slow outside of it’s augment or boost(only works forward). In addition, I can’t appreciate the nerf to Itzal and its last girlfriend Blink. Now Itzal has the most useless ability for archwing, and Blink has 3 seconds cool time which is eternity in Warframe, resulting huge time loss in Eidolon hunt.
  13. As far as I know Hold Melee is not applied on Prisma Skana. Maybe overall sword category.
  14. There seem to be only two solution for this problem. A. Making Vortex LoS based. B. Making enemies pulled by Vortex ignore terrain completely. A makes Vauban more vulnerable. B sounds bit overpowered (edit: but adoptable considering the current poor range)
  15. His battery maintenance is still a thing, and in fact he is still squishy to elements some deadly enemies use(which is why many Gauss suddenly die in high level missions), but those are not to discuss here. I really hope the next Vauban adjustment is more than Gauss's one.
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