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  1. STOP 50% CHANCE Parazon mods such as Malicious Code and Blood For Energy should have guaranteed effect on Mercy kill, otherwise nobody would use those mods on purpose because it is simply waste of time when you could not activate effects. 100% chance will never be overpowered with such mediocre effects.
  2. At least you should explain why you need On Kill condition which already annoys us here. Why?
  3. Regardless of how much stat those new mods have, guns that have neither decent crit nor decent status chance like TIgris Prime keep underwhelming thanks to multiplicative system. Reworking shotgun status formula was big mistake.
  4. I really really want to enjoy this tactic but 50% chance to get the effect forces me hesitate. Energy could be mine only with a 50% possibility.
  5. No, it's not. The Gunplay falloff is entire game problem. Non AoE guns always suffer due to their inability to kill multiple enemies fast. If you think adding new Upgrades behind end-game content systems can actually solve the problem, sorry, you are wrong. Also, On Kill condition is not balancing but just a source of frustrating. Why not at least On Hit condition or let us enjoy maximum stat without really slow and unreliable build-up.
  6. You mentioned “more reliable”. Then all Parazon mods should have guaranteed activation on Mercy kill instead of something like 50%. It’s so unsatisfying and frustrating when I did Mercy kill but got nothing. Otherwise, I can’t find any convincing reason to use it outside of liches.
  7. I can safely say that On kill: is the most hated trigger mechanism in the game, especially Headshot kill.
  8. All parazon abilities should have 100% chance to activate its effect. period.
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