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  1. People usually don’t have Azima, and flechette damage scales with enemy lvl. However I agree with the rest.
  2. I knew you are busy with railjack, but can you care about the Old Blood stuffs a bit? Vauban, Grendel, and specific types of melees are still crying.
  3. Requirements for just one part is too high. I have done over 10 games and finally could make a gun.
  4. I don’t think Vauban rework is not completed yet, but Nyx beside Titania is worse than those succesful reworked frames. Poor cc, poor survivability, and poor protection for objects, compared to many frames, are taking her place in all the game. No where she can shine.
  5. So what does that word mean now. Hot off the feedback train with more to come as we dive deeper:
  6. Railjack has the arsenal but not available in missions. Currently in order to use it and change gears, you have to go back to Dry Deck. I would like to use them in missions so that we can avoid getting bored in multiple runs with same gears.
  7. Sounds good if it comes to real. Hard to achieve due to how much cost it takes to develop and adjust with the fact DE always has been refused making “Revisit” of her. Arch gun seems more practical way to go.
  8. Read above or u can read the Vauban feed back mega thread
  9. that makes sense. Yes, depends on build. His augment can't cover the downside. I don't know what skip/use a trick means, but his 3 augment just let you spam the photon strike every once in 1~2 sec on enemies under the Vortex, and that's all. I just tested your builds. The first one is of course relatively better at using Bastille than my arbitration Vortex build. However, it is still slow to just get 1k armor. In excavation it actually required to throw Bastille in a half way of place to place to just resume Bastille's armor. The second one has more time consuming set up for just 1k armor. But those build are pretty good, so I'm gonna modify them for arbitration Bastille build. I'm glad if you post Vauban's opinion here so that your opinion is considered by DE.
  10. I don't think cold proc is worth to the cast animation, but I will try more. Sounds fun to use in open world. At the first time the Old Blood releases, It detonated only after touching the ground (or seen like that). Possibly a bug, and I want see fixed. I'd say only 1k. In high level mission it is not enough value to survive. Infinite but every time you move to place you have to throw bastilles on the halfway.before the buff expires. To throw multiple bastilles it costs huge energy. And in my personal opinion, strength is always difficult to gain in Vauban build.
  11. People seem to love movement abilities, so I will make an edit. Frost 2 with the augment is not bad, yet normal version is hilarious. Nekros 1 is still a small CC. making few enemies gone instead of kill. Valkyr 3 is useful with its augment, but normal version just let you finisher 1~3 nearby enemies at a time. Loki 1 has extremely low EHP Ivara 1 is basically useful. I wrote flaws above. And in fact, noise arrow is still do great job in Jupiter Interception, otherwise it is silly useless though. Vauban Overdriver has a problem to land allies. Tether Grenade catch only 2 enemies and make them stuck onto obstacles. 3 explodes in air, Bastille's armor buff is slow, weak, lasts short, and it has a limitation of affected enemies. Vortex makes enemies stuck onto obstacles. I guess there is a new category of abilities that are not practically usable without augment. Some of listed abilities can be moved there.
  12. Reducing energy cost is nice, only if I have to use it multiple times. As I tested just now Gauss can ignore last momentum every time activate his 1. But yes, using them in a Jupiter is not a bad experience. Mostly operator dash is enough and safe, but If DE gives reduced cost and better control for Zephyr, increased momentum and some CC for Valkyr, I would love to use them a lot more in normal missions. I hope DE have a plan to fix ash again 🙂
  13. guess I misunderstood how RNG means. maybe ramdom elements are corret. It seems categorize true RNG things with just ramdom situational things into a piece is my mistake. Oh my bad, mirage 3 is not affected by weapon's light as I tested penta's napalm grenade(guess though of it with fire status effect) . I saw the fixed value. It still depends on situation though, its not so random and easy to manipulate. Random terrain is not also correct word. I guess "terrain where the enemies ramdomly goes"? but It seems also situational and not RNG. I didn't challenge you though.... Excalibur 3: Radial mediocre damage with max number of 12. Frost 2: Still cannot find out in what situation you use. If enemies are in front of me, shooting them is enough in most cases. Valkyr 1 and 3: Pointless traversal and the ability to open enemies to finishers for a few seconds. Zephyr 1 : above Ash 4: directly aim targeting system and relatively slow animation. When you can aim enemies you can shoot. I have no complain about energy. Ivara 1: if the zipline are activated or not is situational, but It is still useful. I have no complain about Sleep one, and Cloak arrow is hard to land your allies. Titania: tell me where you need companion damage bonus as much as you want to stay outside of Razorwing. In Razoewing, Razorfly's damage is meh... Loki: yes it is. still doesn't work as decoy though Ash 3: terrain bug is correct word. you right. Mirage 3: yep. Titania 3 and 4: for 3 as I said above. Even with 4's evasion if a bullet hits or not is completely RNG. category 5: As I clearly said, its useful in some situations. I know what you are feeling. I didn't think invisibility turns into invincible as I've seen so many dead Octavias in arbitration, and in my personal experience, stray shots lured by allies oneshot me sometimes. However, your opinion is another way to go. Mesa grants 95% DR only to bullets, so I still wanna see her abilities recastable.
  14. I know those 2 abilities are used as movement ability, and comparing to other movement abilities like Gauss'1 or Wukong's 2, stated those into category 1. Huge energy cost, hard to control(Zephr's 1 with high duration) and weak CC are enough to not use them. Operator dash do better job. Titania - Enemies ramdomly ignore the lantern and start to shoot you even if there is no obstacle. Mirage - The dark form are tied with light condition, and can be disabled by any light, even some weapon's light. You cannot control which and how much effect you receive. Ash - You can't select which types of enemies spawn(same thing as Titania's 2), and most importantly, random terrain easily disables the finisher. Without any proof you call my post as a troll? Be not troll yourself and respectful.
  15. First of all, I'm not very well at English, so please forgive me if I made terrible mistakes. Warframe evolves constantly. There were new stuffs brought to the game in this year including most recent Old Blood and shiny new frames. While new stuffs come and the game shines more, I feel some older things are left collecting dust. In my mind, especially some abilities became obsolete and does not suit in the game now. I think those abilities can be divided into several types following how they are outdated. Below are lists of those abilities for each type. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion, and I haven't tested all 69 frames. Any discussion and addition are welcome. 1. Non recastable duration based abilities - This kind of abilities usually have good self buff and should be activated all the time, yet they cannot be recast while the time counts are remaining. Although low armor frames such as Loki highly depend on this kind of abilities, they can recast the abilities only after the effect expired, making them off guard enough to be one-shot. Considering there are recastable duration based abilities such as Octavia's 3, This kind of abilities should be recastable as well. 2. Abilities with no practical use - Those abilities are basically useless. In any direction I could not find any use. Should be replaced by other abilities. 3. Decent effect abilities with poor utilities - Abilities that have good effect yet with some flaws like insane energy drain or difficult targeting system making them hard to use constantly. 4. RNG Random elements based abilities - those abilities are great if only random elements (enemies type, status chance, etc) are not involved. It's sad and lethal when the effect does not appear as you expected. 5. Nuisance abilities - Counter co-play abilities that making your mates angry. Those abilities usually decreasing kill speed, yet sometimes It is helpful when you don't need kill enemies or you are in danger. 6. Abilities that depend on augments I really hope DE focus on fixing and adjusting old stuffs after the New War released as I remember some games that brainlessly made new stuff and eventually terminated itself.
  16. The problem is ESO system, not Saryn. If they remove the ability cool time, I’m sure some other frames compete and even outperform her. In normal missions, Saryn is just an average frame.
  17. When using archwings, Blink sometimes disables toggled boost. When you tried blink during its cool time and failed to activate it, the next blink has a chance to disable your current boost.
  18. Nagantaka is a compound crossbow
  19. Dust has same effect as evasion and additive to it so they make enemies -100% weapon accuracy. It it similar to Heavy Calibre/Magnum Force. Still RNG things or some enemies oneshot you in late game contents.
  20. Totally agree. If I add my opinion the 1000 armor buff is still not enough.
  21. Lifted Status has “Titania’s Syndrome” for which if you hit enemies, they go away. It just makes harder enemies more unkillable.
  22. Nezha's Blazing Chakram can be detonated by pressing Heavy Attack key in the same way with glaives, yet the explosion has no damage but only cool effect, and makes Chakram return. Also the detonation prevents melee Heavy Attack
  23. Taken away the affection of combo counter, Thrown melee’s throws are totally useless now. With slow wind-up, the throw only hits few time per a enemy (usually only once), and also its returning takes time, resulting too small DPS at all. Now the combo counter only affects the explosion. However, the explosion does not have any Crit chance. While other weapons such as Redeemer P can deal huge damage with the combination of Heavy Attack and True(Sacrificial) Steel, glaives, which were already minor melee prior the Old Blood, gained nothing but only nerf. Please revert the nerf and give them your love again.
  24. Gauss took not so long to become current state. So hopefully, we would see Vauban gets a love in the second half of December.
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