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  1. @TDS-atonement.XX 你想在家里踢足球吗? I believe he is asking for the dog days ball to work in the dojo like it did in the event so he can play soccer/football in his dojo. not a bad idea @DE.
  2. 👍 k. im still going to advertise though. the trades arent honored by DE but arent bannable either. Up to you whether or not you join in it. Clans have contests for things all the time, the trades are given in trust. I have also seen many clans have hema farming competitions for plat, which is similar to this, except im cutting out the middleman.
  3. Thanks for the help Laveillon, looking for 3000 more samples. If anyone is interested, read the top article
  4. Yes, I know they aren't tradeable, but they are donateable. We decide a price on your mutagen samples and then you donate and I trade you plat for your ammo drum. The more you have, the better the deal you will get. You can DM me, reply to thread, or hit me up ingame. Edit: You will either have to join my clan or add me to an alliance to be able to donate to my clan vault. Please keep that in mind when trading. If you have a large amount of samples, i will cover your clan key rush.
  5. Wait... there are other teachers that play warframe? IM NOT ALONE?
  6. Please revert arca plasmors bouncy shots ;_;
  7. Sleep well sweet prince. You will be missed.
  8. I seriously don't agree with extending the Trinity bundle. It has been there for long enough and it should be time to drop it and continue on. But hey, I'm not a dev.
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