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  1. Thank you so much to every Tenno that shared their incredible art for Tennotober! For those that participated, keep your eye out for a small spooky treat coming to your in-game Warframe inbox this week. See you next year!
  2. Join in on the fun, whether you're an experienced ink artist or a novice (like me!). Day 1: Mother Day 2: Orokin Day 3: Void Day 4: Flight Day 5: Corpus Day 6: Stealth Day 7: Warrior Day 8: Deimos Day 9: Luck Day 10: Resource Day 11: Infested Day 12: Torment Day 13: Sanctuary Day 14: Ostron Day 15: Lua Day 16: Music Day 17: Swift Day 18: Helminth Day 19: Masterful Day 20: Companion Day 21: Strength Day 22: Kuva Day 23: Viral
  3. Spooky season is here, Tenno! For the past few years, Warframe has been participating in the Inktober challenge, where artists, both new and experienced, create illustrations based on a series of prompts - one for each day of October. This year we would like to introduce Tennotober: a month full of Warframe-related prompts! How to participate: Complete one Warframe ink drawing a day for all of October based on the official 2020 Tennotober drawing prompts. Share your illustrations with fellow Tenno in this thread! Whether you’re an experienced artist or you’re new to
  4. Hi Tenno! Thank you for your understanding regarding the upcoming changes to the Steam Input layer. Having read your feedback and concerns, and looking further at the technical details involved in removing Steam Input support, we have decided to postpone (and depending on what we learn, cancel) plans to remove Steam Input support as we look into ways that we can better improve and optimize support for the entire controller ecosystem. We will update this thread when these exact improvements are confirmed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  5. Hello Tenno! As you may be aware, Valve's Steam Controller has been discontinued as of December 2019. Part of integrating the Steam Controller into Warframe was adopting the Steam Input layer, which also provides support for a variety of hardware configurations and control schemes beyond the Steam Controller. As a result of the Steam Controller's discontinuation however, we feel that Steam Input no longer provides any meaningful additional functionality for the vast majority of players who play Warframe with a controller. Supporting both schemes has for many players added significant conf
  6. The Heart of Deimos TennoGen Prex Cards will be available as Twitch Drops for two weeks after launch! To receive one of ten available Prex Cards when they are live, you will have to watch any Warframe stream live in our Twitch Directory for 20 minutes with a linked Warframe account. More information about the TennoGen Prex Cards will come with launch!
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