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  1. In celebration of Sisters of Parvos, we commissioned 5 community fan artists to create 3 new glyphs and 2 new displays which are now in-game! Acquire them with Platinum individually or as part of the Sisters of Parvos Community Art Pack in the Market. The pieces will also be available via a Twitch Drops Campaign beginning soon - stay tuned! “Yareli Community Display” by Trash Frame “I've been creating Warframe content since roughly mid-2015, so I've gone from being the weird teen with doodles of Valkyr and Oberon in my high school notebooks to being given an opportunity to have something of mine implemented into the game. It feels like a fulfilled dream. My favorite part had to be painting in the material of water!” -Trash Frame “Vala and Parvos Community Display” by Finlaena “Ever since I was a kid, I've had an intense fascination with religious artwork and iconography, ranging from biblical paintings from the Masters to statues of Greek and Roman deities. The ethereal nature of those types of paintings have always been a huge inspiration for me, and knowing that Parvos Granum has an almost "messianic"-like reputation amongst the Corpus, I wanted to try and convey that here.” -Finlaena “Gara Prime Community Glyph” by SpaceWaifu “The best part about creating the piece was that after being a part of the Warframe community for so long, I could finally give something back to the players; and the most challenging part was coming up with a composition that fitted Gara Prime while staying true to the Warframe theme. In the end, using my knowledge of the game that I played for so long helped me to overcome this. I really look forward to seeing the players using the Glyph in their Orbiters and in other forms!” - SpaceWaifu “Yareli Community Glyph” by Joriale “Pablo's "Kawaii" description of Yareli during her Devstream reveal gave me the kickstart for what I would do in my Glyph design of this little Warframe. Of course, I'm a fan of all things cute so it was no difficult task to get into it. The best part about creating a glyph for Yareli? Limitless ideas! I love Yareli's design and water-based skills. It gave lots of choices about what I could draw. What about the challenge? I could only make one Glyph for her! I'm grateful I had an amazing person from the Community team to help me choose the best one!” -Joriale “Vala Community Glyph” by FrostyNovaPrime “Vala has struck me as a strong and determined leader ever since we met her in the Call of the Tempestarii quest. I wanted to play into the wonder that comes with her mission to avenge her Sisters. It's really humbling to know something I've created is featured in the game and to see others in the community enjoy it as much as I do.” -FrostyNovaPrime
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