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  1. LMAO really? skins ? and the most ugly ones to top it off?... look i like the arch riven idea but really? i would have put like really rare mods in rather but OKY OKY... you want it to be distroyed and loos players.. ...you do know some Vetran players quite because of this (sorry for lang) Nonsens you guy's are putting in and doing.... hell i am at the point of thinking i wasted money buying plat in this game... there is nothing for me to do except ranking... boring..... i have done end game now if i get to 45min i fall asleep ... you should really REALLY catch a speed boost and start releasing the story lines and make them no no force them to do there quests !!!
  2. lol lucky you !! i had him twice ... the stalker visits me more than the wolf ... and this is suppose to be night wave where the wolf tries to kill the tenno...... lol also how about readjusting the R&G you guy been screwing around with? had nice R&G and some uneducated Tenno reported me for bad language got a warning and you took my R&G from 10% to 0.01%..... atlas will bolder you down for this!!!!
  3. yeah i still haven't recived any of my refunneds or any as a matter of fact...
  4. yay what an update... we want mesa prime!!!
  5. Anyone know what exploite this is as i am in the dark about this?
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