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  1. Would have preferred more clarity myself. I never use Twitch, besides an occasional warframe stream I'm actually awake for. However I did a bit of looking around in the comments here and on Twitch itself, and it seems like the place to go will be "twitch.tv/thegameawards/" and possibly some Warframe partners who are streaming it as well. For any Aussies, the stream will be Friday 13th December, 11:30am (AEST)
  2. Just got 6/6 Perfect captures on Sawgaw for the Nightwave weekly quest, only using Equinox's Rest ability. -shrug- Try using Stretch mod if you're having issues with range?
  3. Please check for threads already containing the topic before posting. Also the best work-around I've come across so far is using Equinox's Rest ability.
  4. I had a similar issue that was fixed by changing the language to simplified Chinese and restarting the launcher. It was then able to update. Once the updates were done I changed the language back to English and haven't had any issues since. Hopefully this may help your friend.
  5. Thank-you for the suggestion, I'm getting around 90% success in activating blink using a separate key for roll, instead of 90% twirling upwards. Definitely more reliable than before 🥰
  6. I hate that the new Blink mechanic in archwing is bound to shift. Whenever I try using it, I just end up spiralling upwards for a second and loose my momentum. It's clunky and frustrating! Especially when the original blink was the 1 key. I could use it when I wanted without slowing down to press shift twice.... Please please PLEASE DE let us rebind it to something else.
  7. I cleared all mobs both above ground and below ground, including turrets, ramparts, latchers, all grineer, kavats, vomvalysts and the eidolon lures. I went through the ENTIRE underground cave but I never received an update that I had even landed in the right area, to start the kill x amount. I checked every nook and cranny, including using animal instinct to sus out any enemies that could have fallen off map. It never even registered that I had entered the quest zone. Above ground and below. Even on top of the big building where the extra turret is. Even in archwing there was no aircraft or Dargryn. The quest never started despite saying I had finished stage 1 and went to 2. The only indication that the bounty was still active was that upon leaving the yellow circle above ground, the mission said I was leaving the quest zone.
  8. Plains of Eidolon bounty "Capture the New Grineer Commander" Stage 2: Kill Enemies in Area completely broken, never updates from initial "go to this area" stage. Can't do a thing to progress it, tried caves around and under Mount Nang without any luck, tried killing all turrets and eidolon lures, still nothing. Can't finish bounty at all... Above Ground: Below Ground:
  9. There is a drone stuck in the doorway to the spy vault, which sets off alarms as soon as you step through the door. This doesn't give you enough time to complete the vault because you have to fill it with water. Farming Ivara Neuroptics is impossible because this damn drone is there every single time. So much for the easy Neuroptics farm 😞 Time to go to Sedna
  10. Thank-you for creating this thread for Kuria hunting 🥰 There was quite a few that I just walked past without noticing before checking the guide. Very happy to say my search is over:
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