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  1. Ostron bounties need some TLC. The rare rewards are a complete pain in the ass; and the 1 bonus objective (draw out commander within a minute) doesn't seem to affect your chances at them. I've been farming the 40-60 bounty for weeks now trying to get a single Eidolon Lens blueprint, but it's just been Breath, Wisps, Endo and occasional relics. On the off chance I do see a reward from the "rare" pool, it's always Revenant pieces. I already have Revenant dammit! ARE THE QUILLS HARVESTING BREATH WHILE THE EIDOLON SLEEP?! WHY DO THEY NEED SO MUCH OF IT ANYWAY? ARE THE QUILLS INHALING IT FOR VISIONS IN A CAVE UNDER MOUNT NANG?!! Suggestions time: - Introduce more Bonus Objectives for the Ostron bounties, the same way the Solaris United bounties work. (successful Bonus Objectives = greater chance at rare rewards) - Change the weight on which rewards are given, if you get to 5/5 on your 40-60 bounty make last reward a higher chance for the rare pool. - If you already have Revenant, drastically lower the chances his blueprints drop from bounty rewards. Cephalon Simaris already helps you recover him if he got sold/deleted/punted with malice into a grinner ogma. - Once a day, for 1 bounty of your choice, you can pick which reward from the pool you receive if you fully complete the bounty. Even just once a week would be fine tbh - Allow the Eidolon Lens blueprint to be bought for reputation. 10k each or something. They are already expensive to build, and it's not like you can un-equip them anyway 😞
  2. It doesn't require different bounties. I finally got this achievement 2 days ago by doing the same bounty 6 times in succession. It just bugged out the first couple of attempts.
  3. I recently did the Bounty Hunter achievement in Orb Vallis, getting 6 bounties completed within 44 minutes, however did not receive credit for doing so. Did all 6 in one mission to keep an eye on the timer, and was getting progress tracking up to 5/6 however the final part never triggered. Is there a way to fix this? Possible issues - last mission was past my daily rep cap / final mission completed without bonuses despite tracking saying they were completed. Internet connection was stable, and all 6 bounties otherwise completed without issue. Mission completed @ 44 minutes so there should have been quite a bit of leeway in regard to the 1 hour time limit.
  4. Tried turning those off as well, still happens sadly 😞 If I leave adaptive lighting on I get better chances of it not bleaching. Around 1/5 times I can actually see haha. Thanks for the suggestion though 🙂
  5. When exiting caves / elevator entrance to Orb Vallis, my whole map gets bleached white and it's almost impossible to see anything. Not to mention headache inducing. Tried different graphics settings, turning adaptive lighting on and off, adjusting brightness/contrast to no avail. Happens consistently, not just a once off issue. Leaving: Flying in archwing: Trying to track animals:
  6. Had this issue as well, interacting with the poop didn't bring up footprints, or the location circle. No further progress could be made because the call point never spawned. Could no longer interact with the poop either. Map marker for it stayed too. This was a stover? I think near The Pearl. Also had this issue in Plains of Eidolon, the poop spawn in one of the camps was interact-able once but then nothing further happened. (Grineer camp in little valley SW of mount Nang.
  7. Bringing back resource alerts like Oxium, Plastids, Nitain Extract, and an occasional Forma BP would be greatly appreciated. Nightwave is great for not missing out on timed alerts, but it also means you have to play a lot more for the rewards you want, it's not a jump on, get objective on, go do something else style anymore. Both systems have good and bad points, combining the two could be the answer 🙂
  8. I've been using the starter kdrive to do the races, have had zero issues unless someone was in group with me. If you're standing on the kdrive start point with someone else, the ring shows up for the closest player, not the player who interacted with the vent kid to start the race. Also when in group, my friend was seeing 'ghost' start points, which he couldn't interact with. Was able to point him to the active races though.
  9. Steam update broke the workshop, can't log in for over a day because my other games are getting their mods wiped and stuck in an install loop.... Don't have the data on my internet plan for it so there's going to be a massive Dog Days mission 4 grind when I can log back in. Very grateful for the kills awarding pearls too.
  10. It would be nice if you retroactively awarded pearls based on event score gained before this hotfix. Myself and others have put in many hours already.... It's a long shot I know but most of us can't spend all day just farming this. IRL responsibilities and whatnot....
  11. Also happens with one of the Grineer Arena fighters, forget which one.
  12. ▪ Pool Noodle skin for staff weapons ▪ Arm floaties warframe attachment ▪ Big sunglasses with straw hat for operator ♡ *starts orbiter wave pool with Hydroid*
  13. Still getting the high pitched noise from flashbang. I have sound hypersensitivity and this sound is PAINFUL. Usually need a break from playing to recover whenever I encounter it.... Would rather not have it ingame, or at least a toggle option client side.
  14. Loved the Kela inbox drunk-dial and funny youtube trailer. ❤️ Sadly I'm not getting progress after getting 25/100 towards the event in my first match. Consecutive matches aren't counting 😢 I'm a huge collector so I want all the rewards but dayum it's going to be a long grind with 10 pearls rewarded for every 5 minute match...
  15. My friends and I won't be able to do the Profit-Taker for Nora... we don't have rank 5 with Fortuna faction. It's a bit mean putting a Nightwave quest behind a rep gate you can't obtain within the week. 😢 Otherwise loving the new Nightwave series ❤️ Can't wait for operator suit.
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