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  1. Soloed him with a Revenant + Redeemer Prime in about 10 mins. Steel path still sucks, meh...
  2. Try using a crit build on the Redeemer prime, use a Sacrificial Steel and a Amalgam Organ Shatter and you can use it's alt-fire like a regular gun. This for me always results in red crits and wicked damage. Anything that does heavy damage works so the Corinth prime/ Redeemer Prime are both good ways of killing him without depending on a frame's abilities.
  3. Ahh not a cheese tbh, just makes it more fun to solo since I couldn't find a squad. If you want a really fun challenge then try Harrow, between his 1 and 4 it's doable but much much more demanding.
  4. Then go in with a paper frame and try to avoid death as long as possible I guess heh.
  5. So the Zealoid Prelate was a tough battle at first for me until I remembered that I have my trusty boss-humiliation frame, Revenant 😄 His 1's debuff makes most bosses a joke and his 2's sleep makes it even easier even if it doesn't last as long as on regular plebs. In fact when using his 1 on the Zealot it seems to let you bypass the whole first bit of the fight and gets you directly to the last stage in which you need to get the lamps and use em on the Prelate (bug maybe?). I used a Redeemer Prime, it's alt-fire absolutely rips through the Zealoid Bastions. After that you just let your 2 stun the Prelate and alt-fire attack him, when he teleports away a bit use your 3 to reposition and repeat. When he goes to heal your 4 will do the trick to clear the room. Holding down your left-click will enhance it at the cost of more energy but it decimates everything he could heal from in seconds. I also noticed that the Prelate tends to target any Specter you use instead of you once you're a few meters away so even if you don't wanna use Revenant it's a good alternative to keep the aggro off of yourself. Keep away a bit and he'll always go for the Specter. It was surprising how easy this fight became with the right tools, Revenant still ranks as a fave and now even more so since he absolutely decimates Steel path with his 2 and CC debuff. Since the Derelict is gonna be retired after Deimos launches on the 25th this would be the time to finish it off for that MR.
  6. Yeaahh it definitely sucks, not loving that change either. You can drop a medium & small energy pad too though so it ain't too bad.. It's enough to get the job done with not much stress.
  7. Tbh I think it works regardless, when I encountered those I ended up wasting a few Teleport finishers by using it again too quickly, gotta wait for the animation to complete. Tried it on every Demo from Nox variants to the MOA types, works on all of em for me thus far.
  8. It was the easiest example that came to mind, comparable since they both embody the definition of a slot machine system that plagues the more predatory games. Everyone knows that D.E isn't a charity, their prices however just doesn't seem as excusable anymore since they're now an established and profitable game company. Many other games survive on $1/5/10 cosmetics and are very profitable while many aren't as a big a company as D.E. If D.E wants to maintain their 'good-guy' persona with the gaming community then their prices should reflect that and be the same as other F2P games that aren't predatory. Again many of those are very profitable, heck even the Witcher 3 being a single player game without a need for constant monetary investments for cosmetics made enough over the years to make CD Project Red one of the biggest European game companies and has given them enough funds to make whatever they want for the foreseeable future. If they can do that with a game that's heavily discounted by now then you'd expect a game that's been around for years that has reasons to constantly reinvest would be profitable enough to not fleece it's fans. Especially, again, when so many others are profitable with much cheaper prices for cosmetics and such.
  9. I just made a thread on this, basically just use Ash + Fatal Teleport + Energy Pads + Zenurik and it's easy to solo 🙂
  10. I was attempting to clear Apollo, Lua, doing the Steel Path and between not being able to find a squad and finding squads that then all fail to defend every single point from the Suicide Squad I got a bit frustrated after failing multiple times xD Then I realized that all along I have been worrying about DPS when I could just stop the Demolysts from moving and wait out the 2 minutes timer. Thankfully I have that good ole shinobi, the shadow himself, Ash. Fatal Teleport is all you need, simply drop an energy pad just before the Demolyst after you've spotted it and spam your 3, if it doesn't die after a few of those then it's enough to keep it completely immobile while the timer trickles away. Between the animation of the finisher and using the ability again there isn't enough time for anything to damage you or really get your shields down, especially if you have an Adaptation on. Drop another pad if you run out of energy and spam away, it was enough for me to easily solo the Lua Disruption mission. Also using Zenurik focus + Energizing Dash would help with energy for your 3 a lot. Maybe a Covert Lethality too on a nice dagger if you have em, it certainly would make things go faster. I'll test to see if it's the same elsewhere when I'm there but it should be the same regardless.
  11. My country's marketing? Dude, D.E does that marketing. I can assure you that my country/region has no fingers in D.E's pricing/marketing pot, it's all them.
  12. You remember the last slot machine they made with pets? They themselves admitted it was predatory and removed it, the kuva slot machine system is the same concept.
  13. Wow, so because you disagree I should be shut down? That says more about you than it does me, I have no need to even try and insult you, you've already done that yourself xD
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