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  1. Fixed a few days back, load speeds are pretty good now.
  2. Ever since the last update my load times have become terrible, even basic missions take ages to load. I can't do certain missions like the last Sortie survival since I'm stuck loading for over half an hour much less trying to load into the Plains or Deimos. I have verified the game's data twice, optimized the download cache about 3 times over since, disabled my firewalls and tried just about everything else with no luck. A few may load but the majority won't, just mostly stuck looking at my Orbiter glide through the clouds for a mission that won't load. Please fix it D.E, I'm not the only
  3. Disappointing, looks the bloody same as it does on my PC atm. I was expecting an entire redux of sorts but meh, disappointing...
  4. If content in any game is over a dollar that's a skin then it's too much already. Just because other companies have expensive skins it doesn't justify them all gouging their customers. It seems like a scummy move from scummy people that I'd willingly imprison for life for the criminal scum they are.
  5. Gauss literally caused the Plains to flip upside down with his warp speed before they patched it. Nothing compares, it ain't even a debatable contest heh Gotta go fast bois.
  6. How about you just go play Among Us and not try to shoehorn in the latest trend especially when the only similarity is them being sci-fi/in space.
  7. Space beastiality, can't say I'm wrong either since no one knows and the Biz seems kinda sus 🤣😂
  8. Gonna try this next, after hours of fashion frame attempts and coming up with a Magnum Opus he's my new fave so that should be fun.
  9. Makes me realize that paying slots for Plat feels even scummier than loot -boxes.
  10. Grind some Lith capture and get about 5 in less than 5 minutes.
  11. I stopped caring about what others wanted a long while ago. If it's in the game then it's meant to be used, end of the day I'm just here to relax and have some fun. Plus I bought his sweet af deluxe collection, I'm gonna show that bad boi off every chance I get 🔥
  12. Plus that Kamehameha of her's is actually really fun to use 😃
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