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  1. I will friend I will. Hopefully it happens. I'm not religious but Amen to that. I'm just a player with little above 800 hours in this game, but hey, I guess my opinion doesn't matter if I don't 5k hours invested. Take care and I bless your soul for having the patience and endure this.
  2. They called me toxic because I told them the game was dying, but they completely ignored when I said that DE had made an amazing job at Reworking melee, frames and so. Also, they ignored when I told DE to seek for assistance. People only read/listen what hurts them the least I guess.
  3. Keep telling to yourself this game is ok just because you have spent 3.000 hours playing and you refuse to accept its decline. Hopefully DE will ignore the blind fanboys who are killing this game and start fixing stuff.
  4. That's also a reason for me to leave. The white knights of this game are a key part of why the game is declining. Warframe community is nice UNTIL you make a post or comment about something being bad or wrong, then all the white knights jump like flies on rotten meat telling to shut up and leave. Warframe Empyrean has one of the lowest numbers in all of Warframes expansions and that's a clear message to them. Look at all those blind players telling me to "shut the door while at it", they clearly didn't even read the whole post. Warframe community is full of toxic players who can't withstand someone criticizing their one and only beloved game. Hopefully people begins to understand that this behavior is not healthy for the game lifespan, because if they don't, I'm afraid this will no end up well.
  5. Guess I'll take another 3-6 month brake like the one I returned 1 month ago. This just got way ridiculou. Empyrean is not even a 0.5v of the supposed 1.0v. Broken and full of pay2kill forced mechanics. The lich system is also way too heavily monetized and currently in a state that is way to annoying to be fun. The farming of the liches just burns you way too fast. Same with Empyrean, watching those repairing costs with the low amounts of resources we get from missions. Missions being the same exterminate skirmish OVER and OVER again. No squad link, no fighting against the Corpus. This is probably the buggiest mainline update in all of Warframe's history. See you back in 3 months or 6, the time needed to see this thing fixed.
  6. Literally made a post about how DE's decisions are killing Warframe and they deleted it. This just shows how bad the thing is.
  7. Listen, I don't know if MultiDynamic is the one forcing you to make these terrible decisions; but something needs to be done ASAP. You got in trouble a couple of years ago for the exact same reason as today. DE Steve, my man, seriously? Putting a New War key quest behind RNG? Now that's a new level of "GrindFrame" I wasn't expecting. You seriously need to put your stuff together or else, this game won't last 6 more years. I thought you were going in the right direction when such amount of needed reworks arrived. Melee buffs and rework, bow buffs, forgotten frames brought back to life, balancing of overpowered mods, archwing fixed (in a way). So much stuff that it's being shadowed by this terrible stuff you just did right this week. You're a abusing the patience of your loyal community, you think the "White Knights" of Warframe will be always with you. Truth is, even a lot of the so called "white knights" are becoming mad at you, and that should be a really clear sign for you as a company whose ONLY IP is Warframe. Do you even understand that if you kill Warframe, you don't have any other IP's to use right? If you kill Warframe, Digital Extremes as a company is over too. And all this is without including the terrible reward amounts RailJack gives. 4.000 credits or just mere 15 poor postrils, while the cost for repairing and crafting is insane. You should know better already, you have 6 years of experience in this. Think about it, speak with your higher ranks. Consider using third party developers to help you release content in a short-mid time spawn or to at least fix unbalanced/unfair/absurd grinding and bugs. Fix your most important column or else the whole house will collapse.
  8. 14% status is still nothing MY POINT if you read carefully is that it isn't a substantial UPGRADE as it should be. why? Because it's a PRIME And no, the Baza was just good against low to mid level enemies. Baza starts to fade as soon as a level 80 comes into place and higher than that it becomes useless.
  9. Yes they should have different rivens disposition if the Prime variants are significantly stronger. It's common sense. If they're going to start releasing weak Primes, then R.I.P to their prime access.
  10. And if that's their new marketing for their primes then they better get use to loose money. People buy primes because they're an upgrade both in a esthetic way and performance way. If new prime variants aren't palpable performance upgrade, then no one will bother to buy them or farm them
  11. Sure fam, go take baza prime against 150s. Tell me how many magazines DIRECTLY to the head you need to take it down without a riven. Go ahead.
  12. They should have different dispositions if all Primes were substantially more powerful than regular counterparts. But in case of Baza and Aksomati? There's no difference
  13. Oh riigh because 20 rounds more are going to help me kill that lvl 130 right? Or 2 tenths of a second less is gonna make feel the reload faster right? And ooooh a 4% crit chance increase from 24% to 28% oh JUICY (It isn't) Oh yeeeaah, Bullet Falloff on a RIFLE that's nice right? But what is this? You didn't make a single mention to the Status Chance and even less about Aksomati. Why is that I wonder?
  14. Man, stop being so mediocre. Players are either PAYING actual money o farming for days to get these and for what? Changes that don't even make primes a different from the regular versions?
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