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  1. I was running the Secura Penta completely fine, then I picked Gara and everything worked fine until I activated her second ability. The grenades will detonate fine until Gara's second ability is activated. When I do this, the grenades won't detonate, no matter what I do. Not even the alternate fire works and the grenades will stay like this FOREVER. And the even bigger problem is that when the ability turns off, the grenades will stay in this dead state and basically you can't shoot any more grenades thus the Secura Penta becomes useless. So please fix it as soon as possible, I'll try to upload the video in the bug report forum too.
  2. Why would we want to manually detonate the grenades? This is not a stealth game, this is a run and gun game. It's annoying to be constantly pressing fire and alt fire all the freaking time. Make them auto detonate always. Removing an annoying feature from a cool weapon is always a good idea.
  3. It happens exactly like it used to happen with Atlas petrify, but only with secondary status effects. I'm using a Weeping Wounds with Blood Rush build with Viral being the main elemental and heat being the secondary. 12x combo so the status chance is sky high. Hit a tarjet WITHOUT being hold by the Condemn chains, you will see all status proc how they should, full IPS, Viral and Heat(target has the burning animation and all) But when you DO use the chains on the target and start hitting them with the same 12x combo, the only status that affect the target will be Viral and sometimes VERY FEW TIMES, an IPS will proc but never Heat. Even the flames animation won't show. It's really annoying because Harrow's main ability are his chains and if the chains are blocking status, then said chains are becoming a nuisance. So, please check it out and hopefully fix it like you did with Atlas' petrify.
  4. 14% status is still nothing MY POINT if you read carefully is that it isn't a substantial UPGRADE as it should be. why? Because it's a PRIME And no, the Baza was just good against low to mid level enemies. Baza starts to fade as soon as a level 80 comes into place and higher than that it becomes useless.
  5. Yes they should have different rivens disposition if the Prime variants are significantly stronger. It's common sense. If they're going to start releasing weak Primes, then R.I.P to their prime access.
  6. And if that's their new marketing for their primes then they better get use to loose money. People buy primes because they're an upgrade both in a esthetic way and performance way. If new prime variants aren't palpable performance upgrade, then no one will bother to buy them or farm them
  7. Sure fam, go take baza prime against 150s. Tell me how many magazines DIRECTLY to the head you need to take it down without a riven. Go ahead.
  8. They should have different dispositions if all Primes were substantially more powerful than regular counterparts. But in case of Baza and Aksomati? There's no difference
  9. Oh riigh because 20 rounds more are going to help me kill that lvl 130 right? Or 2 tenths of a second less is gonna make feel the reload faster right? And ooooh a 4% crit chance increase from 24% to 28% oh JUICY (It isn't) Oh yeeeaah, Bullet Falloff on a RIFLE that's nice right? But what is this? You didn't make a single mention to the Status Chance and even less about Aksomati. Why is that I wonder?
  10. Man, stop being so mediocre. Players are either PAYING actual money o farming for days to get these and for what? Changes that don't even make primes a different from the regular versions?
  11. They should go to power creep because the game at a certain point if you plag long enough in a mission, it will REQUIRE that power creep. And no, Rivens shouldn't be taken into consideration by the simple fact that a weapon needs to be sufficient with regular mods
  12. Fee free to add it, because yeah, Aksomati design is really bad
  13. I just can't even understand why a prime has almost no difference in stats from the base counterpart. They feel the SAME as their vanilla versions. Primes are supposed to be way more powerful than their vanilla counterparts. Seriously, a mere 2% Critical Chance increase for the Baza Prime? You could have given us a nice 32% to make a difference. And my oh my, the status chance is even worse, you could've made that EASILY a 22% Status Chance but no..... You didn't. Seriously DE, if you're gonna make us Farm/Buy primes, at least make them worth the Money or Time Wasted in farming them. You didn't even touch the IPS, the base damage is literally the same as regular Baza. Like, why? It makes no sense. Aksomati are the same history, they are weak as heck. Same as it regular variant. The stats were barely boosted. Magazine size from 70 to 80? Only 10 bullets, man what a HUGE upgrade.... (not) Like you didn't even touch Aksomati's Critical Chance..... Why? It's a Prime.... It should have higher Crit. Again, WHY? This prime access is the literal definition of not a good Cost/Performance value. You still got time to open the code a type better stats. Please? I swear, it won't even take 5 minutes to put everything together and drop it in the next HotFix. PS: I edited the values, it is even worse than I thought. The critical chance on the Baza was at 26% and for the Baza Prime they boost it to 28%....... Only 2% increase..... WHYYYYY???
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