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  1. i'm at a loss as to why this is happening, and reading the previous forum post hasn't explained it at all, why are you not sending all the items through to console? and as a further point; why aren't we getting them all in one batch like PC?
  2. There needs to be a way to catch up on missed standing, at current if you start three weeks in or you're going on holiday for a while or any other of the events in real life that wont let you play then you can kiss rank 30 goodbye. The one i saw floating around where unfinished weeklies till the end of the season sounds fair to me, and it would also give incentive to new players to progress through the game to complete elite tasks that they might to be able to do at current.
  3. In regards to the FX changes for special weapons like the Jat kittag, could new FX be given to weapon skins from the deluxe bundles? It would be a really nice way to make buying the bundles worth while and it would help give the weapons a nice way to make the deluxe weapons feel like signature weapons of the warframe skins.
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