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  1. 4 minutes ago, (PSN)Darmstomp said:

    Can‘t say that people getting mad DE said the next devstream was gonna be about Lavos and then seemingly switching it at the last second, is entitlement. 

    What is it with people who always call out entitlement not being able to see when they themselves are acting like fools defending a company at every turn. DE deserves praise for the things they‘ve done with Warframe, but they deserve criticism as well. 

    Well said. I love DE and being irritated at something is part of what forums are for.

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  2. I love the sound team. The sounds the weapons makes are crunchy and really make you feel like rounds are wizzing by the ambience is some of the most awesome ive ever heard and I love hearing a bit more about them everytime they are on stream......having said that Lavos man. Release a trailer let us know what he does if nothing else is he still coming this year did you force him into the next rail jack whats going on. Not complaining just a little flustered. MAX respect to de

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