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  1. It doesn't need to cover infinite distance, but it needs to give us more control over when we jump off of it. It's too easy to under and over-shoot when it's a forced distance, and it would feel better if we could jump off early, and have it tell us somehow when we're about to hit that max distance so we can get ready to continue attacking on foot.
  2. It's a little ironic that the little old Panthera's alt-fire is better at being a chain-saw than a dedicated chain-saw type of melee. I'm also disappointed that the only buffs so far are to the stance, rather than buffing the weapon itself. (which also means not gaining any of those buffs if you were to go stanceless) This thing is salvageable, but it needs to attack less like a "semi-auto" weapon and more like a constant "held" weapon (i.e. the Panthera alt-fire) and it needs more QoL and "fun" buffs to it like less animations that lock you in place, and more control over when you jump off the ride animation (i.e. make it constant, as everyone keeps mentioning.) It does not need to be an all-powerful meta weapon, but it needs to be fun and fluid enough to keep using
  3. These mods look fine, but they don't really fix the core problem of the gun/melee imbalance, they only band-aid patch them. Mods like these affect all guns multiplicatively, powerful guns will become far more powerful than a weaker gun ever could with these mods. They're also mods, which means having to fit them into old builds somehow, and that becomes more and more difficult with the same slots. Maybe Steel Path could offer slot extensions, but I suppose that's what the arcanes are intended for, in which case hopefully there will be more selection in the future The initial grind to get them will also be (apparently) intentionally more difficult now if they're Steel Path honors. So we get these mods to make end-game feel more balanced, but you have to play end-game to get them... Unless you happen to have essence saved from previous games. Just seems a little ironic Was hoping there would be a more "initial" buff to guns, rather than mods that offer a small buff with the condition that you "work for" the end-buff. Which I can see as a compromise, just not what I was expecting at the offered solution
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