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  1. Can also confirm this bug. Also tested with some other warframes with channeled abilities. Seems to be definitely Valkyr's Hysteria breaking it. Additionally, dying and reviving will re-enable energy restores until you use Hysteria.
  2. Bug is as title. Corinth and Corinth Prime airburst stats are either bugged, or the weapon got changed. Corinth airburst status should be 28%. It's showing 4.7%. Corinth Prime airburst status should be 50%. It's showing 8.3%. I also tried adding/removing status mods; the status adjustment is using those lower values. Please fix this display bug. If it's a change to the weapon, please communicate this in patch notes.
  3. I do like this change to the canister mechanic, having the canisters refill instantly was indeed annoying. 10 seconds is too long though, 5 seconds is perfectly fine. I also think the Rift invulnerability of the Aerolyst should be considered a feature and not a bug. Forcing Limbo to play with a bit more attention (and increasing the mastery level ever so slightly) should be considered a good thing. Overall I think the Aerolyst was actually a mostly fine enemy; it forces the team to adapt to it and burst it down, creating a moment of team coordination.
  4. Perhaps it would be a good idea to identify a player's current Flotilla from the list when selecting the Scarlet Spear node. Whether it's highlighting, pulling the instance to the top, putting a star next to it, or some combination, it would be helpful for players who got disconnected from a Flotilla and need to rejoin.
  5. <post deleted; had the wrong tab open and posted to wrong tab>
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