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    Looking for a nice PS4 clan

    Damn I guess I won’t find an active clan. And as far as the ignis wraith bp Being tradeable I can live with or without it but it would be nice to have it. As I said the main thing for me was activity and people helping others and being chatty.
  2. (PS4)rchoy554

    Looking for a nice PS4 clan

    It wasn’t the lead thing for me hence why I said possibly, the thing I care about more is the activity and the size of the clan is of little matter to me. I just left a clan with a lot of members but the majority were inactive and as such unable to help
  3. (PS4)rchoy554

    Looking for a nice PS4 clan

    I’m looking for a PS4 clan that 1 has a lot of active members at most hours of the day/night and can help when needed and 2 possibly has the ignis wraith available. I really liked the ignis and since I found out that it has a wraith counterpart I have been looking for it