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    Limbo cataclysm bug?

    Update and response, now this has happened in both grineer and infested missions and not just sorties so it’s not a nullifier or at least not always. Also no I’m not running max range limbo unfortunately can’t seem to get the mods I need to do so. I’m also aware that stasis is half duration of cataclysm but I have used both stasis and cataclysm first and it still ends with cataclysm having to be immediately recast
  2. (PS4)rchoy554

    Limbo cataclysm bug?

    Happens when no enemies are spawned like at end of wave as well as during, also I don’t let nullifiers get close enough It’s not stasis that ends just cataclysm
  3. (PS4)rchoy554

    Limbo cataclysm bug?

    Ok for the past few times I have used limbo, always in sorties, something has been happening with cataclysm. What I will do exactly is just cast stasis then cataclysm and it will sometimes work just perfectly fine for a bit but then I find myself having to recast it immediately after I just used it and having to repeat several times. I see that the timer has 51 seconds then it deactivates without me deactivating it myself. This is causing me a good deal of trouble with limbo and I’m wondering if it’s a bug, nerf or just something I’m doing wrong that I don’t know about