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  1. Mecha, Good day, I will respond to your comments soon. The couple sentences that I read of your comments, was time well spent. Additionally, I removed some of my comments, to avoid generating responses that might be aimed at a person, instead of aimed at the problem. I have not read all the comments, to determine if that happened, however, I do not want to cause such comments. I will read all the comments on this post. After which, I will add an excel file with suggestions. The aim of the excel file will be to make suggestions to DE. The file will be kept online to collect sugg
  2. Loza, your comments are reasonable. My Thoughts: The changes are in respect to how their programs are written. When they were doing the changes for Hard Mode, more than likely they parameterized, encapsulated, or stored the objects (small portions of the program) in memory. Those storage objects can be manipulated at runtime. Definitely, they will have constraints, however, things like run speed, sprint speed, or idle mode are more than likely able to be manipulated at run time. The runtime manipulations make it possible to (as you would have guessed), pass 2 or 3 as an intege
  3. Hello D.E., Good day, we finally got a hard mode. However, please can you return the shield and armour values of the enemies in hard mode, to the original high level. Their shields and armour were sufficient. Additionally, please improve the enemies as stated below: 1. Improve their shields and armour, as I requested above. 2. Improve their attack speed. 3. Improve their A.I. so that they will be better attackers. 4. Reduce their inattentiveness. So many times they are not paying attention to the warframes. 5. Improve their accuracy. The difficul
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