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  1. There's simply too much complexity for the depth of the current railjack combat/content. There are way too many moving parts in just your ship alone, and unless you read at least part of an out-of-game tutorial, very little is immediately apparent upon starting a railjack mission. How to refill omni is not immediately apparent nor is it at all convenient and it just happens to be a key mechanic to any functioning team? This could have been executed with a 1/4 of the moddable parts and things to do on the ship during any given railjack mission and it would still have been able to be made challenging and engaging. Warframe is already inundated with way too many mechanics for players to learn that *are not* explained to them in-game; they are forced to look for explanations provided by the community via external sources. I cannot imagine anybody starting to play this year would find it at all approachable, and this was an issue years ago.
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