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  1. Dunno about doubling it, but a base increase across all frames would be nice, especially on the slower ones.
  2. welp, back to re-rolling my tiberon riven for my nerfed crit chance again.
  3. The melee changes made me take a break from this game. I came back to try and retrain myself with the new system, but really to no avail. The new system still somehow feels more clunky. The lack of dedicated block for gliding, the lack of a click to channel (the only button forces a toggle), the inability to draw your melee weapon without swinging it ruining momentum and making air swaps incredibly awkward... I'm sure for something of this scale it wouldn't be feasible to be able to select old melee options as something in the menu, but gosh would I appreciate it right now. Some of my loadouts are built around melee; this makes them objectively worse.
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