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  1. Maybe become a better player and stop relying on AoE weapons then, I can only hope they nerf all AoE weapons into the ground. No reason you should be able to hit tons of enemies with more damage than something that consistently gets headshots.
  2. It's almost always a Legerdemain Mirage or Saryn, they do a lot of damage to a lot of things, but they aren't actually any good at killing things.
  3. It won't affect me at all likely, I don't multi stack speed mods, if I want faster melee I play Gauss or Wisp. I don't need to cheat the system to be good, and it seems like all they'll be doing is making things a little more fair, which is the way it should be.
  4. You should literally be banned for such an un-inspired and worthless post. There is no reason your opinions should be validated by letting people listen to them.
  5. If I have my 4 active to increase my melee and fire speed, transfer out, then transfer back in (Usually to hit something big with my operator melee to slow it down) my 4 no longer works. Oh the countdown timer still shows, but hitting 4 again doesn't de-activate it like it normally does, it just re-casts the ability ignoring that it was supposed to already be up. I don't know when it became an issue, but it's completely wrecked the flow of the game since I can no longer fluidly switch between operator and frame without having to re-cast 4 every single time. It may not seem like a big deal,
  6. Don't kid yourself, it's 100% intentional to force people to get the Orb Vallis player count up. They know it's peoples least favorite area to play.
  7. If you can set melee to the scroll wheel then you could just get a mouse that allows for free spin and do it that way. I assume it can be since I have my transference set to mouse wheel.
  8. It will likely take you less time to just wait until you get more creds, the time you waste searching for caches could better be spent cracking relics and selling the parts for Plat. It's just not worth the time necessary to get what you want.
  9. Yeah I think it's pretty disgusting that they're forcing people to play missions for stupid nonsense like this. Never once before this did I have problems getting every kind of bond from ticker, they most certainly had to remove every type of bond from his sell list except shelter and training debt bonds to force people to play these missions. I wont be railroaded into playing missions for this crap, luckily I've already long since leveled and deleted the available weapons for sale. If you need the ignis BP then go find a clan that's giving them away for free rather than do this garbage.
  10. At the moment, since it's always changing for me. Main: Corinth Prime, the versatility of being able to fire behind things I can't shoot through and kill large groups is just too fun. Secondary: Gaze kitgun with max range and status chance (Lasgun, named after the weapons in Dune) It works as a great laser pointer as well when I need to direct new players to things. Melee: Sigma & Octanis, along with the stance mod you get from the silver grove. But also my Balla zaw with Plague Grip.
  11. They want money, that's all the chinese theme they need.
  12. It isn't worth using anyway, just get it to 30 and delete it. Learning to actually aim and use real guns will make you a much better player than relying on this old crutch that every player with garbage aim uses.
  13. Being good makes you a veteran. I just watched an MR28 Frost player drop their frost shield around the elevator on the Hydron/Helene defense map for a sortie. The Defense target NEVER ONCE was in the shield the entire match. In addition, they constantly slowed down EVERYTHING when I was trying to Speedva us through it. In addition, he was using the Ignis Wraith, one of my most hated weapons to see someone use because it's a flashing red warning sign that the person using it has zero skill at actually killing anything and only knows how to wave their mouse around while holding a button down
  14. Look, let's not pretend we didn't ALL know this was where it was going the second we found out about Tencent's involvement. This is the exact proof we all knew was coming, and nothing will change even though we call it out. Bend over and take it people, DE won't risk their money defying their chinese overlords and we'll all grow to hate them over the next few years. The only people with the power to change this is DE, and we all know they won't value their integrity over money, no company ever does.
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