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  1. Is the railjack ship going to part of using a story mission in the codex, or free on going event
  2. What update is first on the 3 part update for railjack ? right now because i was wondering if we making the drydock
  3. I really cant wait to see the next warframe update but right now i want to enjoy these new things that been happening since warframe brought us alot of experiences to us this far
  4. I dont say this insult to anyone else but you do have point about that but now is not time for people to be to be having negative comments about this but some change has can or cant be good for sometime
  5. nobody cares its way better anyways if you dont like it then it alright in the end
  6. Hey did they annouce the winner of the sweepstakes to goto out of space ? Because i didnt hear anyone get any info or whats so ever
  7. i wonder what going to happen in october ?
  8. Dude stop worry about it the more you get more you talk about it the more your going to see like that so shut up and relax
  9. Looks like somebody snapped for no reason and look like their on new medication
  10. Okay i am not trying telling anyone or get hype but we need to give the DE staff break sometimes, i really wanted railjack to come out last month but, I think that would be too soon for all of us who play warframe, All of us are getting riled up because we really want railjack to come out. In fact i was getting very impatient when right now. i wanted to ask but i had to stop myself from asking them for that i think it that we would just make them feel too much pressure now for them, not mention it could them make mistake and upset them in any kind of way, So i think of staffs over there really need a vacation right now so they can release and get their minds off of something. i am not saying its coming out this month, and i dont want to get anyone hyped up for nothing. I dont when its coming out and they dont know when will be come out, the other players including me dont know when either, we cant just guess about it being release in 2019 or 2020. they have other staff working on the progress while the others are working on this expansion/ update. My heart tells me that never have doubts about the DE progress, and every day i wake up in the morning And i get this feeling like my future railjack ship warframe calls me every morning saying " Tenno listen me if you want me be with you and ordis will be coming soon, we will travel through orkin system and defend the galaxy from every evil that approches us and defeat the sentient and bring back the lotus and take back what was ours" "tenno have fate in me i will come to you one day and i will help you with your space battles destroy our enemy if they get in our way or to rule the galaxy and bring chaos". Those are the words of my railacks Cepholon and he wont be complete with out me. So DE when you hear from your coding saying that it will be release in 2019 or 2020 or any other years maybe even longer but you send notification of release Lets not mad about this anymore let them do their jobs on the this game. are we going to let the evil sentients destroy and conqure the orkin system or will we stand our grounds against them and live for another? our guide maybe gone now But our warframe are still hear we dont just use them we unleashed them to show our enemies that tenno our back and better then ever. When sentiants come from the new war update, I want to hear every tenno say this We are not letting you destroy everything we protect We going take everything you took from us make sure you will never hurt anyone ever again. we arent afraid of you we are alaways win the end. WE ARE TENNO. AND THIS OUR HOME
  11. um should i just get that topic off because i think may of upset you guys
  12. Uh thats just messed up to me right now to me and please tell me this is a joke right now
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