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  1. ash prime blade storm ability keeps moving making very slow with every time cast blade storm
  2. I wonder if they even know when is the paradox going to be done and where are they going to place in when its done?
  3. And i dont think there going to be talking about the new open world either
  4. By the way are going to be level up or something or need materials for upgrading them and what about corpus will be upgrade like grinder get up turn into the old blood
  5. Okay why are you guys getting mad because we of the ammo and the resoruces that you need to make your ammo for railjack I dont understand that but i love a challange but, This is my oppertunity to show what i m made of as tenno
  6. That's what makes it fun anyways you can complain all you want but if dont want to build your railjack that's fine but you won't be able play the new war with out or what ever steve said they were going to call it so have fun
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