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  1. Anything to say on Raids? Even if that something is "We're working on it"
  2. Any chance that the VERY VERY noticeable Sepfahn Nikana skin will be fixed before people return from their 2035 🤔
  3. Still confused as to why Chroma and Zephyr were chosen to unvault
  4. Thanks for the fixes! <3 Any chance we'll be getting Modlink for our Necramechs anytime soon?
  5. Are we celebrating the Anniversary this year? Still no alerts...
  6. Hope you guys will be reviewing the Void Storms, outside of Sevagoth farming they are simply not worth jt
  7. Glorious fixes! Also new unvaulting when??
  8. Finally my eyes can rest....(potentially)
  9. Time to complete the quest in 10mins and be depressed again 😎
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