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  1. Clan name: Echoes Of The Swarm Tier: Shadow Platform: PS4 Clan Roll: Founder My clans decor is mainly Orokin and Tenno, given the limited assets (Absolutely no infested assets which it’s honestly dumb af, you forget about the infestation when you gave us the updated assets or what? Tf?) I still managed to create some (As close as possible) rooms themed after Starcraft2 (Heart Of The Swarm) the name is also inspired by Heart Of The Swarm. I will try to make this list of pictures coherent as possible. https://imgur.com/gallery/c1oWagp https://imgur.com/gallery/AKw9OoG Video:
  2. Can you guys make it to where The player can choose which form they want to appear as in the dojo/relay etc. i feel this feature would greatly improve the Overall playability of equinox. Many like myself don’t really like the way equinox’s standard form looks and wish we could change the forms at will.
  3. Thanks to your careless act of making this update SO DAMN HUGE i’ll Literally probably never get to play it again. day 2 and I haven’t even gotten a Gig downloaded. Thanks for wasting a thousand hours of my life. DE
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