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  1. Clan Name: Echoes Of The Swarm Clan Tier: Storm Clan Platform: PS4 Clan Role: Founding Warlord (Unable to make the spoilers work for the pictures, tried numerous times in vein. It could be fault to my computer.) Clan Photos: https://imgur.com/a/aLQ1b5p?fbclid=IwAR2sf38pMKVHBEsvc6LS9I7K7G7wZyKZXBYilwJ0HDnmGc9iaKcnNeUvixE Clan Video: Description: We’re a Veteran clan (4+years old). We do wish to achieve the same goals as all the “hardcore” clans, but that isn’t our only thing in mind. Any and all members who join us are considered family. ^-^
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