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  1. It blows my mind how many people do not know, that riven dispo nerf/buff is based on weapon popularity...
  2. I am not criticising effort to reward new players. I am criticising absolute abandonment of players, who already have most of the stuff and favouring only new players. There is no endgame. Same trash rewards are every rotation in endless missions. Same rewards we get in a form of Nightwave. You forgot fee economy is a thing. But yeah, I am full of S#&$ for suggesting something other games have for decades. P.S. Why should people, who never hunt Eidolons, get a reward, that should be as an achievement for dedicated Eidolon hunters? Is this to protect someone who is not able to play properly during those hunts?
  3. If you think hard enough you can realise, that everyone can come to an agreement. There are many people, who will agree to make a skin for 5000 or 10 000 plat. Some even just for fame. Making a cosmetic is not that hard. Especially when the most job is already done by fans and just agreement need to be struck.
  4. Ok, I wanted to say A LOT of bad things, but then realised it is not actual Nightwave. GG to all new and very slow players. This is just for you. Stop with trash like Orokin Cells and endo. If a player needs Orokin Cells then he is totally doing something very wrong. Tell them to stop living at Hydron and SO... And Endo is everywhere spoiling useful ( lol ) reward pool. What about making MR scalable rewards? The higher the rank they more/higher chance to get whatever and less chance to get trash like 150 endo in a mission reward. What about making more ranks but with NW exclusive TennoGen season reward at the end (learn this from other games like WoW). I want to see a reason for me to invest time in this game any further. Please, DE. Cosmetics will do. Anything will do. Just not garbage like Endo, few 1000 of kuva and so on... Would you work overtime for an Onion Sandwich? Because that is how I feel grinding and getting fed daily.
  5. @[DE]Rebecca There are some valid points in this thread regarding positive ways of allowing exploit use to some extent. Just like hackers get hired by governments - so you can utilise such players. If they are repeated offenders, that means they have a good sniff for such game breaking and enraging bugs. And let us be honest - this game breaks and things get repeated and unless it is some competitive event like this - it stays in the dark. Coop players do not care about most of such things. I didn't - I knew about this but got annoyed only when it actually affected me by seeing scores. Lock them from leaderboards if they exploit repeatedly, but give them a rewarding way for finding such exploits. Some cool looking dark accolades or whatever. Yes, they made me angry for being 100 times better than me. But I will never be as good as them regardless of them cheating or not. They know the game better than me or even better than any of developers making this game (Maybe except Pablo - I heard everyone loves him). But if you do not actually have playtesters - those are your best choices. In coop game, there is little need to ban players for breaking some mechanics. It is better to turn this into some nicer way as giving them on profile Mark of Dishonor and that mark would be visible on leaderboards.
  6. Very very nice. What? Why not both? Leaderboards are amazing (not what is in the game right now - as a concept). People might be not amazing. But if this will be sorted out like this case - it is ok. I can understand it cost a lot of stress and other things for devs, but with some polishing, it can be shaped into something really fun. First days was amazing. Until exploiters came in. So no. Keep leaderboards, and @[DE]Rebecca big thanks for working hard!
  7. Resetting Loki top scores would be nice as well. They knew what they do is broken and they did this not once and not twice. Anyways huge thank you for fixing this and not leaving as it is. My schadenfreude has been slightly tickled.
  8. Resetting Loki top scores would be nice as well.
  9. Dear Devs, might be I am overreacting (surely I am) and just falling for some mild public outrage and conspiracies. But... I love your game, but really hate some of its parts (excluding fact of absolute lack of endgame. Tridolons are a joke). So - What is the point of the leaderboard in this event? So that we know who has most patience to sit for hours in this mode? How can abilities be overlooked? For me, the excitement of some group activity faded a little after seeing those 200k scores. I was playing this mode just for the leaderboard. Rewards are garbage as usual and that is an old and painful problem this game has. You need to do a total rework of this. Just make some MR scalable drop chance multi-purpose drop: tokens/currency/toenails that can be used to upgrade relics, exchanged for endo, used to upgrade mission starting level, buy built forma, catalysts etc etc. Implement something from Diablo III like Greater Rifts. Leaderboards are a very fun and interesting way to interact with friends and clanmates by competing with each other, but not when it is totally dominated by one or two frames. Just like once again - invisible frames in survivals or interceptions. You know they are overpowered cus for a very long time you ban and then unban people running those frames for "suspicious activities". And after reaching 2mil points in this event no one wants to push that score any further - they say "what is the point?". We have ~40 frames and over 300 weapons. Make us use them or make leaderboards filterable by frames (Just make god damn leaderboards useful). I like the way Arbitrations do it. But... Do you know what Host migration is? Do you know how old Host Migration problem is? And why the hell leaderboards reset every week? They are useless this way. Leave some of them as All-Time Best with a full or at least a lot larger list of participants and more details as what frames was used and so on. They are soooo underdeveloped. Kudos to high scorers. I think this being exploitation of some sort, but considering how old it is, it is already a feature I guess. Sorry for the salty random rambling and broken English. This is my first clan event and excitement playing and competing with clan was something I forgot in this game for almost half a year. As a player, I was born after the mythical Raids. God, I am too old for this... But was fun to try at leat.
  10. Thing is i want to kill him. I need blueprint. But it is hard when everyone just runs away screaming and pissing themselves. Such laziness. Farming while standing and slight challenge and "oh noes", too hard.
  11. I am seriously tired of this god damn Wolf at Hydron. Want to farm him? Go there. He spawns every few missions and it is not that he is annoying, but players, who leave on the spot leaving him alone for me to kill with 100% HP. Because you know - host bullS#&$ - host leaves - everything resets including enemy HP, the host leaves - you lose buffs and so on. This is the third time in a few hours he spawned. And every single time those 3 immortal nonsensical immortal demi-gods keep melting cryopod and I have to go back and slam them away and come back for the wolf. This is seriously annoying. Do I seriously have to keep bringing weapons just for him when he spawns so much? this is ridiculous.
  12. Why Arbitrations are still 10 minutes long? And do not, DO NOT make those revive tokens auto pickable in arbitrations. I have no intention reviving someone who goes there just to leech and demands to be revived.
  13. Well not so sad for me and the bright side is - money I put aside for Warframe Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals I used for Beyerdynamic DT 990 600 Ohm headphones. Always wanted to get something like this. Thanks, DE 😄
  14. Damn... Was looking forward to Black Friday, but if this is it then it is just sad.
  15. Goddamnit... Devs, please stop nerfing just cus someone starts to cry over something hard FOR THEM. Everything in WF is too easy and there is a lack of any good challenge in a whole game. Arbitrations are not it. Fortuna is super easy and when someone says enemies there are OP I am just mindblown with such statement. Also any group challenging content in some distant future? I am not talking about same old defense/survival style where to reach something challenging takes 60 minutes, but something like raids or intense boss fights that are actually somehow scaling up with squad level based on their stats. Not sure - dps or ESO rank or whatever. I heard there were some raids long before, but I play this game just a few months so do not know. And yes, there are many bugs after Fortuna, that transitioned to plains of eidolon as well. Like not being able to use 1-4 skills, go to operator mode, use arch wings and so on. Skills are unlocked by calling K-Launcher and disengaging from it. Anyway - after this massive update it is understandable and I do not care if it will take a long time. And please for the next big update does not use Corpus as an enemy. Most people I guess hate them. They are annoying and not fun to play against. Just my feelings and impressions from chats and clan mates opinions.
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