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  1. Yes, overall it's not as bad as some games, but it's still there. And these are war machines.
  2. For a long I left everything at default. Part of it was sort of immersing in the aesthetics in the beginning, the way it was designed, that sort of look and feel. Another things is that not everything looks great in the basic colours available and customisation options are a bit of a money sink compared to practical options like slots (especially if you've not decided to commit to the game). For my first few primes the design was so much better than the normal versions I was only tweaking the colour schemes slightly, re-shading everything, but keeping the overall balance the same. That I only did once they were maxed anyway. Weapons I barely ever changed anything, yes a lot of those were throw-aways for MR so there wasn't any point and I didn't have many colours. Mostly I slightly tweak the colours on others where the designs don't look quite right, for example the Kuva-lich weapons are green-grey for some reason when they should really be inverse of the normal kuva style. I have been doing more customisation recently, but nothing to extreme. I think that I'm probably trying to keep everything to that it still fits with the general aesthetics of the game so there's a lot of gold, sentient colour swaps from the Titanin/Limbo skins, and what would fit thematically with the 'frame.
  3. Interesting, I hadn't seen that Paradox video before. I suppose it's the giant void-borne cousin of the Orokin robot fish, a sort of void-whale that filters out debris or something.
  4. So something lives in the Void. Whatever it is...I haven't found any references to it.
  5. TYPE: In-missionDESCRIPTION: Sisters not spawning after G-Void if close to extraction.VISUAL: n/aREPRODUCTION: Complete nightmare G-Void within 200m (aprox) of extraction after completing capture objective (capture, Hydra, solo) and treasurer.EXPECTED RESULT: Sister should spawn between G-Void entrance and extraction.OBSERVED RESULT: No spawn, mission is as normal, proceed to extraction or back towards entrance with no indication of spawn.REPRODUCTION RATE: Common, uncertain about exact distance/tileset pieces needed.
  6. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: 'Join any crew' matchmaking option in Neptune Proxima tries to add you to Sister groups when you have no active Sister/Sister final stage and then kicks you with a message after loading. VISUAL:REPRODUCTION: Use join any on Neptune ProximaEXPECTED RESULT: Assigned/attempt to join to normal mission squad or message saying no sessions available launch in own railjack.OBSERVED RESULT: Mission loading screen, session loads, then message: "Unable to join mission, you must have an active Sister of Parvos who has fled to Neptune Proxima." Mission Failed screen.REPRODUCTION RATE: Most of the time.
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