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  1. Melee Stance Combos as they are I liked (for the most part). Here is why, When encountering a challenging combo (many of the pause combos for heavy blades and scythes in particular), I actually had to break away from the mindless spam attack mentality and try to master something new. It made it fun and made combat enjoyable. Part of learning a weapon is to learn its various combos and it was always fun when a new stance was released, to learn its combos and its utility. Shooting and jumping around is quite mindless to be honest... Its nice to have some finesse and somewhat of a check in skill. The only combos that I feel were unnecessary were those requiring a backwards input. If I am fighting with melee, why would I want to move away from the enemy knowing that range is already an issue with the hitbox of flying and crouched enemies... Now I read someone make a comment saying well go play "spiderman" or "batman" if you are bored and want some complexity or whatever... But cant someone else say if you want to play mindless shooting fodder go play "COD"? Warframe is Warframe because it allowed people from various gaming backgrounds to adapt to a system that tries to strike a balance between both. I feel however, that balance cant be achieve simply by looking at complexity... For example, why does no one use dual daggers (it's a problem), why does no one use one particular stance over another? The answer is simple, they ones people don't use are boring, low damage, or have no utility. The same is true for certain issues which DE has attempted to address but I feel have done so the wrong way... "Spin to win is NOT fun", but here is a new frame who has a fourth ability which is literally that which we deemed as not being fun... Maiming strike reinforces this behavior "oh lets nerf it". If you take away something relied upon something else will take its place. Instead DE should focus on making other things just as viable.. Ask the question of "WHY" are players doing this and "HOW" to fix it. I'm sick of all of this nerfing just because of "some" players. There will always be those who will find some exploit. But don't punish the general public because of it... (also spin to win initially was for damage due to crappy weapon IPS, hint hint....) Sorry for the rant, but surely I can't be the only one seeing this over the years....
  2. Hitsu-San, you always do an excellent job. But this, this is absolutely gorgeous, and for such a difficult frame too. I will definitely be backing this...
  3. It's important to remember the context of these weapons. Nikana are separate from swords for a reason. They are by technicality two-handed weapons as the sheathe is part of the weapon as well. Warframe has styled these off of the Iaijutsu sword school so, dual-wielding with a firearm will not make sense with their current dynamic.
  4. I have a few fears about this that should be addressed. (if they have someone do let me know) 1. Stance Mods - I heard stance mods were being removed. I love stance mods and stance combos. They make it so people don't mindlessly spam a single button. Some require much finesse which is great. They also allow my weapon to fight different from someone else with the same weapon and gives more freedom to customize your play style. Romoving this without an equal or better replacement system just is not ok period. And lets not even begin top think of all of the players that have invested and fought through hours to days, some even weeks farming for their stance mods that they really wanted. Removing those is a kick in the face to those poor players... 2. Channeling - Correct. Channel blocking is useless. But what about ummm...I dunno….."LIFE_STRIKE"? Not every frame can heal. Condition Overload with Healing return is nice, but what about the Crit Weapons that have low status? Life Strike is necessary and without the ability to control it through channeling it will become obsolete 3. Spin to Win - Hated it, always will hate it. Excellent call DE. It honestly is just an abuse of an exploit that happened simply because you cannot predict every possibility that millions of players can try. 4. Exalted Weapons - So....I was going through mods on my Wukong's exalted Staff.....No "BLOOD_RUSH", No "BODY_COUNT" on what is supposed to be a crit weapon. Yet I can use "CONDITION_OVERLOAD". I thought the whole purpose of separating mods was to make them more relevant? Well with this Exalted weapons are far less relevant than they ever were. Why would I use a weak exalted weapon, when by blood rush and body count standard melee is so much stronger? This should also be addressed in melee 3.0 and I feel like no one is looking at that. Exalted weapons either need to be fixed or replaced by an ability which we can actually use.
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