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  1. Samurai Jack robot gore pls. Wanna decapitate a Moa and pretend I struck oil.
  2. Hmm. It'd get me to fight Profit Taker again, and not just once a month for Nightwave. Don't wanna RNG for those ephemeras. Tho I guess, once I get enough tokens for all the ephemeras, I'll be back to killing Profit Taker once a month again.
  3. It kicks ass imo. The alt fire has excellent range, if you only use it inside crewships. The gun was made for Railjacks, so was made for close range
  4. Hah. Kinda makes me glad I never really went out of my way to grind for that cosmetic. I still want it tho. Now I'll actively grind for it, now that it's not an impossible rng bull-goal
  5. I don't think so, because like in the same transmission, they're saying that it's no big deal that they were burnt to death, but the reason they're pissed is because they can only smell pork. As in, him burning produced the permanent pork smell.
  6. Oh man, I'd say "wack" if the pigs still end up being normal, and not tampered with by the Orokin
  7. I've gotten a few Liches, that complain about the only thing they can smell is pork. There's still pigs around? The dogs and cats are, all weird now. Or is homeboy talking about long pork? Did the Orokin engineer Grineer to be delicious? Do all Grineer smell like bacon when they're fried? Would you eat Ghoul Sausage? Would Konzu? What would a "normal pig" look like in Warframe if Kubrows used to be dogs, and Kavats used to be cats? Would it just be an Orokin gene engineered meat-nightmare with too many limbs to harvest the most meat?
  8. Baller warframe, plays basketball. Joke idea I came up with just for fun. Passive, excess energy and health orbs get absorbed into The Ball. Not sure if there would be a maximum or not. Dribble. Tap power to toggle dribbling. Chance of impact proccing nearby enemies (like melee range) with shockwaves with each bounce. Hold power to shoot the ball, dealing viral/magnetic damage based on health/energy absorbed(viral for health) (magnetic for energy) . Impact proc chance goes up with power strength. Dribbling should be a 1 handed action, can use 1 handed secondaries or glaives while dribbling. Shooting takes both hands. Refresh. Hold the ball above your head and squeeze Gatorade out of The Ball, like a giant orange or sponge or something, covering the Warframe in Gatorade, draining health/energy from The Ball to refill the Warframes health/energy. Power Strength or Power Efficiency might boost the effectiveness, not sure, like drain 100 health from The Ball to restore 180 health to the Warframe. Could also Refresh other Warframes maybe. Slam! Pretty much like the "downwards power attack" but you can also do it upwards, to yeet yourself across the map in PoE or into walls or ceilings or whatever. Slam! into enemies for viral/magnetic damage, and to knock them into air. Slam! viral/magnetic damage based on absorbed health/energy. Slam! into The Hoop to knock enemies in wide radius into the air+the normal fire explosion. The Hoop. Summon a hoop. It will draw agro and nearby enemies will shoot the hoop, attempting to destroy it. Shooting The Ball into The Hoop releases fire explosions, centered on both The Hoop and Baller. Fire damage is based on The Balls combined Health/Energy, multiplied by 1/2/3/4 based on distance from The Hoop when shooting The Ball in, or Slam!ing The Ball in.
  9. I'd say risk of failure for me is time wasted. I only have so much time during the week because work and irl, so rather not waste that time I can play getting zero-rewards.
  10. I've been getting 1st place on a bunch of K-Drive leaderboards, come back a week later when that race is back, but they reset when they rotate in/out? Or are there different leaderboards based on which mods are installed on the board? Sometimes the leaderboards have blank spaces that weren't there before
  11. I'm just starting to get into the K drive races for realzies. Not just for MR rank, but for fun. I'd be down for a special Warframe with a passive that let's it use secondary weapons while on the K drive. Even better if we can boost and melee the enemy. Bonus points if Sk8rFrame uses a skateboard as an exalted weapon and beats up Grineer with it
  12. Alright, as long as they don't touch the flux, I guess it's a direct upgrade, even if get lowest roll
  13. Wack. It also had +240 flux, which I'm guessing is the max? Will that get rerolled too? I think I had almost perfect roll Zekti, if +240 flux is the max.
  14. Huh. I had a 49/50 Zekti reactor. The new values are now 70 to 80? What will happen to that Zekti reactor? Will it still have nearly the best values, like 78/80 or 79/80? Or will it become crap 70/80?
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