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  1. Yes, let us perform facial reconstruction surgery on our crew. They know what they signed up for
  2. Hmm, I wondered what the, criteria for him showing up was. He does seem to only show up when I got new things for ranking up. That's good to know, if he is indeed counting your Forma. I've actually been visited by all the assassins very recently, all with MR fodder items
  3. Maybe instead of his 1 and 3 being "the same" maybe give 3 ability to eat/spit up items? Like health/energy/ammo, maybe to save them later or for different buffs/damaging spit ups, dunno, but that seems a lil complicated to me. But having 3 abilities about eating/spitting/digesting, and one about rolling around just seems, too much. Maybe 2 eating/spitting/digesting abilities, 1 rolling around and, dunno, something about troll or Oni lore? The digesting ability kinda already has the troll regeneration goin on. I know absolutely nothing about Onis, other than they're Japanese demons or something. I don't think Trolls or Onis like sunlight. Tbh I'm kinda stumped on what his "new 3" could be. Dunno how to turn "weakness to sunlight" into an ability. Unless he can use it to turn to stone for invulnerability for a few secs, and explode the stone statue into damaging shards. That could be interesting. Turn Meat Ball into stone, and explode the boom ball to fly. Actually, that would be pretty badass. New 3, invulnerable statue that gathers damage, and releases it on explosion. Stone Meat Ball would just roll down hills faster and harder, and do a rad "Bounce" when exploded Plus in Smash Kirby does the "become invulnerable stone and smash everything under me" thing
  4. Would be lol if teamwork and another Tenno can run on top of the ball like a clown. Dunno what the, bonuses would be other than lol
  5. Ooh, ima big D&D nerd, this should be fun Ivara as the rogue/specialist. Picking locks, getting sneak attack bonuses on flanked targets, stealing, bow play. Totally sneaky rogue. Maybe Ranger but, Rangers don't steal Harrow as the Cleric/divine spell caster. Would heal the party, buff the party with energy and crit chance, just uhh, "defensive spell casting" type things. Revenant as the Warlock/Arcane spell caster. His 4 is like an Eldritch Disco Blast. Baruuk as the Monk/tank/primary melee combatant. Because Monks are actually badasses in D&D and can punch holes in people
  6. I like the skin. Basic Revenant skin reminds me of the Abyss Watchers, would be rad if he got an Artorias skin
  7. Inspired by The Flying Guillotine, and the ball/chain weapon used by Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill. Attack animations would be like the Kill Bill fight scene, wrapping/unwrapping the chain around limbs to fling the head of the weapon around, mixed with limb strikes. Could be Two weapons, Tenno Flying Guillotine, and Grineer prisoner Ball and Chain. Maybe Corpus could get a version of the Flail weapon type. Flying Guillotine would have some sorta "finisher gimmic" on charge attacks, tossing the weapon on an enemies head. Bonus points if has the Rad Flying Guillotine sound effects. Bonus Points if it has the Rad Flying Guillotine sound effects Bonus Points if it has the Rad Flying Guillotine Sound Effects The Atterax is closest to a "medieval Flail" but behaves like a whip. Was thinking of naming the weapon type Flail or Heavy Flail. Would hopefully be slower than the whips, but hit harder I'm thinking, with similar ranges. What do y'all think? Sounds fun or interesting or cool?
  8. Elite Nullifier, I like that. That'd be a cool "mini boss" fight if done right. Like the Bursas and Stalker used to be when super early in the game lol
  9. Long ago, under Focus 1.0, used to be able to add 30 percent IPS damage each to weapons. Was wonderful on my Ignis way back when
  10. I think the only biological part really necessary is the brain/transference bolt receptacle. Orokin coulda, if they wanted to, I'm sure they had the capability, to slap a brain in a jar with a transference bolt wired to some life support/neural interface, and have the rest of the body "standard giant mech" for giant Warframes. Something like Ghost in a Shell, or the Warhammer 40K Dreadnaughts, tho that'd probably be super susceptible to Sentients. Sentients and their abilities are probably why
  11. Oh my favorite quest was the one with Ballas playing that board game with Dax Bro. I was getting Bioshock vibes throughout the quest, and I found Ballas mentally torturing Dax Bro while his son is visiting him in the hospital genuinely unnerving and spooky and scary and creepy and terrifying
  12. Elite Arbitrations Gotta simultaneously protect a dummy NPC, control 4 radio towers, and protect the life support capsules from demolysts while keeping enemy fire away from a Fomorian Core while escorting Kavor Defectors to safety
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